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Thread: How to identify chunks and replace/repair them

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    How to identify chunks and replace/repair them

    I hosted a server and a region of the map doesn't generate correctly. You bounce off invisible walls when you cycle there or fall through the floor when you walk. Also you can see the buildings in this part of the city changing (one moment a house, next moment a ruin, next an empty space) before your eyes. When the building dissapeared an area void of any blocks is left. You can walk to the invisible edge and place a block there, but nothing inside the area.

    I concluded, that this "area" or chunk is kinda broken. I would like to try to repair it. As admin I have some tools to do that, like the commands:
    repairchunkdensity <x> <z> [fix]

    Additional to that, I could delete or change the .7rg-Files under Saves/<Name of Game>/Regionname/

    So i went to the area in question, chose a coordinate of the broken area and used
    rcd <E / W> < N / S> to find the broken chunk
    rcd 1864 -645 (645 South / 1864 East)

    I received a message : 15 issues found in this chunk
    I checked for a few sourrounding chunks by increasing and decreasing the coordinates in steps of ten meters and found others with issues, without knowing if they are still in the same "chunk". How large is a chunk anyway?

    After that I used
    rcd <E / W> < N / S> fix to repair this chunk
    rcd 1864 -645 fix (645 South / 1864 East)

    I got the message: Chunk at 1864 -645 repaired. Leave the area and come back to reload the fixed chunk.
    Rinse and repeat for the other chunks.

    Left the area. Came back. Buildings still disappearing. Left the area again, restarted the server. Came back. The area is still broken, but rcd shows no more issues.

    Now I have 2 questions:
    1. Is this even a possible way to fix this problem? Or has the chunk density nothing to do with the experienced problems (invisible walls, dissapearing buildings, falling through the floor, etc)

    2. If I need to replace the .7rg-File. How can I identify the correct file and repair/replace it?
    showchunkdata gives as output something like "chunk_117, -40" and the
    the .7rg-files are named something like "r.7.-4.7rg" Is there a logical connection between those?

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    To reset a chunk or small map area without having to reset the entire region.
    chunkreset <xstart> <zstart> <xend> <zend>

    Will ONLY work on chunks that are not currently loaded.

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