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Thread: Game stuck on Loading Screen

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    Game stuck on Loading Screen

    Hello! This is my first time posting any kind of bug report or such on any forum ever so bear with me. I occasionally come and play this game for little sprees of time. This time, however, I was stumped short by a bug. I was riding my minibike around collecting drops and all of a sudden I noticed the plants in the desert were not loaded for quite some distance in front of me. I got off my minibike and ran into the strangely loaded area, I glitched around and ran back. I figured I could just leave the game and come back and it'll be properly loaded, only, the game wouldn't load back. I get stuck in this loading position and the only thing that the console thingy repeats is the "VehicleManagerSave" bit. To me (Not an expert on anything) it is acting as if I am loaded into the game. Everything progresses normally, I occasionally hear supply drops as you can see. The sound is normal, crickets, plane, new days, etc. The last message I saw in the middle of the screen was "Building Environment" but that has long since disappeared. I have made a copy of the world and still had the same problem. (It also says in the console thingy stuff about wandering hordes periodically) I attempted to add the screenshot of the console commands. No idea if it actually worked. Any help is appreciated.

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    Could you post the log via Pastebin?

    Instructions are in the Sticky thread.

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