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Thread: General Problems Solved-LOOK HERE BEFORE POSTING ISSUES

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    Exclamation General Problems Solved-LOOK HERE BEFORE POSTING ISSUES

    Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it meant to be. This is common problems, their solution, and some other good to know info.

    Always post system specs in bug reports/general support requests! This cannot be stressed enough!

    If you found a fix for a bug/issue you are welcome to PM me and I'll post it here.

    Crashing/freezing/lag Quick-Fix Section:
    1. If using x64 installations, ensure you install to a non-native directory e.g. Desktop, C:\7DaysToDie, etc.
    2. Ensure you meet the minimum requirements which are listed further down this page.
    3. Ensure you have run Windows Update to get the latest version of .NET Framework 3.5.
    4. Try running the game in Administrator mode i.e. Right click->Run as Adminstrator.
    5. Update all drivers.
    6. Turn down view distance to about 5 or so, turn off AA, reflections, and shadows, run in windowed mode and at a smaller resolution. This will get you as small a footprint as possible without upgrading your computer.

    Cannot load 'monoxxxx.dll'

    Download the Microsoft 2010 C++ Redistributable here:

    If you set the game resolution and now it won't load up:
    Run regedit by searching regedit.exe
    Find an entry called HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die
    On the right hand pane you will see a list of values, near the bottom, you'll see something like this:
    Screenmanager Resolution Height_***
    Screenmanager Resolution Width_***
    Change the values to something that works, e.g. height 900 width 1440

    Create socket or thread failure
    Open your task manager by either right clicking on the taskbar or pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and closing all instances of 7daystodie.exe

    Delete saved games
    Locate your install directory and navigate to \7DaysToDie-Alpha\Data\Worlds\Navezgane\Saves. All saved games are located here, so delete away.

    Current Minimum System Requirements (due to stability issues, may be higher on Mac)
    • Windows XP SP3/Vista SP2/Windows 7/Windows 8/Mac OSX
    • At LEAST 2GB of free RAM
    • 256MB Graphics card with DX9 and shader v3 support
    • Dual Core 2.2Ghz or better processor
    • About 1.5GB of free HDD space
    • Broadband 1MBit up/down speed to host games

    Where's my Key Doc?

    Key release has streamlined in the past couple weeks, if you're still having trouble getting your key, please head on over to and click the "Lost Key" link. Put in your email address that you bought the game from, and it should dispatch your key to you soon. Ensure that it isn't lurking in your spam folder among the penile enlargement ads you swear you didn't ask for. Should you get a response that there are no Alpha Transactions associated with this email, check for more info.
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    Steam Game Will Not Start
    You may be running the 64 bit version of the game on a 32 bit system/OS. To fix this follow the below steps:
    Right click on 7 Days To Die in your steam library

    then click properties

    click the "Local Files" tab

    click browse local files button

    double click Install_32bit.bat

    play game

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