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Thread: Official Forum Rules and Guidelines

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    Official Forum Rules and Guidelines

    *Updated December 6th, 2018*

    These forums are for the discussion of 7 Days to Die, including advice, feedback and general game play talk. We ask that all posts are civil, respectful and constructive. This ensures all visitors can enjoy and benefit from these forums, plus we can more easily collect feedback (be it positive or negative) to help make a better game for all of us.

    To this end, there are specific forum rules covering the sort of behavior that is and isn't acceptable here. While the general guideline to treat others as you would want to be treated applies, all visitors must also abide by these rules. If you do not do so your post may be moved, locked or deleted, and may also result in a temporary or permanent ban.

    It is your duty to familiarize yourself with the forum rules. There is no excuse for not reading the rules. If you break a rule, you will not be let off the hook simply because you "didn't read them."
    Use of this forum is a privilege. Not a right.

    To report a problem visit the Help & Support section.

    Online Safety
    We strongly recommend you do not arrange to meet anyone from these forums. Always consult a parent or guardian if appropriate or speak to a Community Manager. You should also not give out personal contact details, including real name, phone number, email or home address.

    We advise that you always use a strong password for your account. We cannot be held responsible should your account be compromised/hacked. Your account is your responsibility.

    Inappropriate Content
    Gamers of all ages view these forums. As such, any posts/signatures containing excessive profanity, obscenities, vulgarities, insults, personal attacks, accusations, pornography of any form, or abusive language will be edited or deleted and will result in a warning or ban from the forum. Please keep the age of the community in mind when posting commentary or links to adult themed topics, as excessive adult themes will also be removed. Should anything illegal be posted, your IP address and any other information about you may be sent to higher authorities should the need arise.

    This forum also uses a language filter to remove words that we consider inappropriate for use here. Such words will be replaced with asterisks (*) or other characters. Working around this swear filter in any way, including using asterisks or acronyms, is still considered swearing and therefore not permitted. Signatures, avatars, banners, titles and other images must also follow these rules.

    Racial, religious or sexual slurs are likely to result in immediate banning. Discussion of software piracy in any of its forms is strictly not allowed on these boards. Piracy includes links to illegal downloads of games or methods by which to circumvent copy protection mechanisms.

    No Flaming
    This includes any kind of personal insult, flame or intimidation. Responding in kind to a flame message is viewed as equally unacceptable, regardless of who started it. If you believe you are being insulted or otherwise flamed by another poster, please PM a forum moderator or admin rather than responding. This applies to both written text and image posting.

    There is no need to turn disagreements into heated arguments. Rather than letting these threads become flame wars, please agree to disagree, or the thread is likely to be locked.

    To sum it up, if you do not have something nice to say, don't post.

    Do not harass any user for any reason whatsoever. This also applies to any of the staff. Doing so will get you a warning/infraction or even a ban if you continue to do so. If you have nothing better to do than try to cause drama, we ask that you leave and find somewhere else to cause trouble.

    Blocking Users
    If you and another user arenít getting along, you have the option of blocking specific users so that you donít see their posts. On the official forum, block or unblock a user by going to Settings -> My Account -> Edit Ignore List. On Steam, go to a userís Profile -> More -> Block All Communication. Understand that by blocking users, you may miss out on important parts of a discussion.

    Any threads asking for the game, or begging of any sort are not allowed. Your thread will be closed. If you continue to make new threads, you will receive an infraction/warning/ban. Do not post in beg threads either. If you flame/troll a begging thread, you may also receive an infraction/warning.

    Do not troll the forums and/or its users. Simple as that. Doing so will get you into trouble.
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    Official Forum Rules and Guidelines

    Closed Threads
    If a thread is closed, do not make a new thread trying to continue a discussion. The thread was closed for a reason, and restarting a discussion or continuing one will more than likely get you an infraction/warning or even a ban if you keep it up.

    No spamming
    Repeatedly posting the same post or topic in a forum, or across multiple forums, is considered spamming. Such posts will be locked, edited or removed. Intentional off topic or nonsense posting is also likely to be considered spam and will receive the same treatment, especially if this takes an existing thread off topic. This applies to both written text and image posting.

    If you think of something else you want to add to the thread, please use the Edit button rather than making multiple posts in a row as this may also be seen as spamming, whether intentional or not.

    Spam threads and posts
    Please do not post/reply to spam threads/posts. Simply report it and move on. Replying to them only keeps the topic at the top of the forum for everyone else to see.

    New threads/topics
    Please do not post a new thread about x topic if there is already one made. Instead discuss what you want to discuss in the other thread. Making new threads when there is already a thread about x topic is pointless.

    Stay on topic
    Please make sure your post is going in the correct forum. We have specific forums for each game, some of them with their own Off Topic area or Community Help section. Threads that are off topic, or become so, may be moved or locked.

    No Advertising
    Please refrain from advertising your own website/forum and any other places. It is fine to link to a 7 days to die group for a clan or your website in your signature you've created. But anything else is not allowed. If you are unsure if you are allowed to link something, please send a message to one of the forum staff.

    Please only share your videos in the Pictures and Videos section or the Content Creator section of the forums if it relates to the game. Do not post your youtube in other threads/sections. You may link your media channel in your signature if you like.

    No bumping
    Making short posts made with the sole intention of keeping posts near the top of the forum is called "bumping". This raises forum traffic and clutter unnecessarily and moves more active threads down the page. As such it is not allowed and may result in the thread being lost and persistent offenders may have their posting privileges removed.

    Getting Help and Reporting Problems
    If you encounter a bug in the game and/or need support, you may report it here on the forums in the appropriate section. We encourage and appreciate your bug reports. Please observe the specific rules and restrictions for each section that may be set in sticky threads, such as "Read before creating new threads".

    If you need support with an issue outside of the game itself, such as with your key or with forum registration, please use the support page.

    Cheats & Exploits
    Do not discuss the details of cheats or exploits, or third party tools or sites that facilitate cheating or exploits, in public posts. Due to the negative impact cheats and exploits have on the game and community when widely disseminated, any cheats or exploits you discover should be reported to a moderator via private message. If you are unsure if an issue qualifies, contact a moderator.

    As this forum is managed by the Fun Pimps Forum Administrators. We ask that all posts on this board are made in English so we can effectively moderate. We also ask that you avoid �txt spk� or posting in all caps as this can be considered rude or make posts difficult to read. Continuing to post in another language may warrant a "forum warning".

    Reporting Posts
    If you see a post that you think needs moderator attention, please report it using the exclamation mark on in the bottom right of each post. While it is not always possible to deal with a reported post immediately, all reported posts will be dealt with accordingly if they require it. Abuse of the reported post system is subject to the same rules as abuse of any other system on this forum.

    External Content
    Anything linked to from these forums must follow by the same rules as any content directly posted here. This includes signature images, links and images.

    Signatures and avatars must not exceed set guidelines for both dimensions and file sizes. If they do so they will likely be removed by a moderator or admin, as will avatars or signatures using inappropriate images. Anyone re-posting an image, signature or avatar that was removed by a moderator or admin risks a temporary or permanent ban.

    Duplicate Accounts
    Creating an extra account is not allowed on these forums and second or further accounts will be removed. Doing so to get around a temporary ban will also result in a permanent one. The only exception is if you wish to start a new account to change usernames (and therefore stop using your old one), however please notify a mod or admin before doing so. Character accounts (i.e. creating a duplicate pretending to be a fictional or real person), or accounts impersonating a Fun Pimps representative, will earn an immediate ban. This also applies to using existing accounts to post lock messages or other actions impersonating a moderator. Ban decisions are also final and not up for discussion.

    Warnings Bans and Appeals
    Whenever you break specific rules in the forums, in most cases you will receive an infraction/warning to your account and a message stating the reason why you received it. After 30 days of no warnings/infractions the points will slowly decrease to 0 again. If your account reaches the maximum amount of points your account will become banned. Do not discuss moderation matters in public. If you have an issue or dispute, talk with the admin directly.

    Private Messaging
    In addition to adhering to the same standards for acceptable content and behavior as public posts, private messages are meant to be seen only by the intended recipient, unless the sender and receiver agree otherwise. However, moderators can review all private messages that are reported.

    Abuse of the reputation system will result in a ban.

    Cheaters/Griefers/Server Admin Abuse
    Do not name/shame/report griefers, cheating, or server admin abuse in the forums. There is no way to prove they were cheating/griefing. We want to keep our forums flame free and naming/shaming just causes problems.
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    Uncivil/Abusive Commentary
    Please make sure your expressed opinions on topics on the forums are done so in a civil, constructive, and respectful manner to the community, developers, and moderation team. The Fun Pimps want you to feel free to express your opinions regarding the game and other matters discussed on these forums, but refrain from doing so in an offensive or insulting manner. Negative feedback should be delivered in a professional and constructive manner.

    Restricted Topics
    Please refrain from posting religious or political views in all areas of the forums. This is a gaming forum related to 7 days to die, and while there is an off-topic thread, these subjects are restricted there as well. Furthermore, any topic the developers or moderator teams have closed or restricted in response to community behavior must not be continued nor should additional threads be opened to bypass a thread lock. Commentary on forum moderation must be done by direct personal message to the mods and not as public posts in the forums. Negative feedback about the game is welcome as long as it is delivered in a manner consistent with the rules.

    Release Date Harassment
    Please refrain from spamming the forums requesting information regarding update releases. Civil discussion regarding updates is allowed, and The Fun Pimps want the community to be excited for future updates, but request that you do so in a respectful manner and do not continually request information that the developers and moderation team have already answered or placed a restriction on answering. Furthermore, please do not private message the developers or moderation team requesting information about the update's release schedule. This information will become available with time, and will be available in the developer diary section of the "News & Announcements section of the forums for that particular update.

    On Topic/Off Topic Threads
    Do not post comments on the status of threads that have gone off-topic. The Developers and Moderators allow a certain level of leniency with off-topic conversation even in official topic specific threads, and will address the issue should it get out of hand. The Developers and Moderators will dictate when a thread needs to remain on-topic and will warn when off-topic discussion is getting out of hand. The Development and Moderation team will also dictate which topic is currently considered the on-topic subject of discussion as threads progress should off topic commentary occur. If you feel a post has derailed a thread simply report the post.

    Doom and Gloom
    Do not post predictions of failure regarding the future status of The Fun Pimps LLC, and their games. Statements about the company or its games failing are demoralizing for the community and do not constitute constructive negative feedback. Do not post accusations of any developer lying to the community or planning to abandon the game. These are libelous comments and unwelcome on the forum and will result in an automatic 3 day suspension from the forums.

    Goodbye Threads and Posts
    Do not start threads or create posts for the purpose of saying goodbye to the community or announcing that you are ceasing to play the game any longer. People come and go on the forums and start and stop playing the game for a variety of reasons and there is no need nor desire for an announcement every time this happens. If you create a goodbye thread/post it will be closed/deleted and you will receive an infraction and/or ban.

    Meta-Forum Commentary
    Donít bring up that you are blocking a particular user, or unsubscribing from a particular thread. In general, do not post about your (or any userís) specific past, present, or future use of the forum software. This is not relevant in a discussion, and it is not the concern of other users. The forum features provided to users are not be used as provocation, leverage, or talking points.

    Developer/Community Post Commentary
    These forums are primarily for feedback and discussion related to 7 days to die (excluding off-topic discussions). As many members are also from different locations around the world; correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are not required and any individual commenting on such will receive a warning or ban in severe cases. Focusing commentary or opening threads on how a developer words their posts is also not a topic for discussion and will result in a warning/ban. The Off-Topic section of the forums is not an exception to this rule either.
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