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  1. Mechanics Glitch in Forge
  2. Other Floating Ground
  3. Crash Server Disconnected You: Kicked by Steam.
  4. Crash index out of range exception after xml edit
  5. Graphics FIX for low FPS, flickering/black textures.
  6. Multiplayer Zombies only spawning on one player...
  7. Mechanics Action mouse buttons not working
  8. Mechanics Night Hordes not spawning?
  9. Graphics Minibike green placement picture remained
  10. Crash Game all of the sudden wont run
  11. Graphics Ground modification artifacts
  12. Graphics Ground modification artifacts #2
  13. Mechanics Wellness reset to default
  14. Mechanics Bugs Related To 7 Days To Die Dedicated Server Alpha 14.7
  15. Other Missing Terrain (Failed setting triangles. Some indices are referencing out of bound)
  16. Mechanics Dedicated Server Block Instability Bug
  17. Mechanics House Block drops 60% strength when upgraded.
  18. Multiplayer Hackers with admin powers
  19. Mechanics Weak structure
  20. Mechanics Weapon quality huge level jump.
  21. Mechanics Zombies have really large Melee range.
  22. Crash Program freezes when quitting from menu
  23. Crash getthreadcontext failed message?
  24. Crash 7 Days to Die crashes upon loading world. Details within.
  25. Crash Can't start Linux Server
  26. Other Two Issues When Using Antibiotics
  27. Other Issue with Process Ending in Linux
  28. Mechanics Zombies Sometimes Spawn Around Player
  29. Other back pack
  30. Crash Getthreadcontext error (Please help)
  31. Other Not a bug report persay, but more of an unfair game mechanic
  32. Mechanics Med Kits sometimes do not work.
  33. Mechanics Loot Respawn
  34. Graphics Pink Screen on startup
  35. Graphics see through large spikes
  36. Multiplayer Floating Character Model Glitch MP
  37. Other Dropped fridge sound bug
  38. Mechanics - bow - bugs after opening/using the radial menu
  39. Other i cant open my cragting menu
  40. Multiplayer adding friend in game he gets kicked off the server
  41. UI Weird map issue
  42. Mechanics Broken and a Sprained leg at the same time.
  43. Mechanics minibike died
  44. Mechanics Weapons assembly bug
  45. Graphics Over Saturated Lighting on Linux Mint 18
  46. Mechanics More info on underground base
  47. Other Food and water bug
  48. Multiplayer Map shrinking, replaced by endless desert.
  49. UI Basic Survival Quest Bug
  50. Mechanics Collection of Bugs I've found.
  51. Crash Resolution Error on Startup - Game Crashes & low FPS
  52. Mechanics Plants destroyed right after planting
  53. Mechanics NullReferenceException when trying to drink goldenrod tea
  54. Mechanics Allowed Upgrade bug
  55. Graphics 3440*1440 Ultra Wide - image is absurdly stretched
  56. Graphics - mining artifacts
  57. Crash Crashing in every version
  58. Mechanics Underground Bases - Gamebreaking PVP Issue
  59. Mechanics - a zombie fell into my kitchen
  60. Multiplayer kicked from multiplayer server after large zombie spawn
  61. Graphics X-ray underground glitch that break the multiplayer. You can see all hidden base
  62. Mechanics Physics problem
  63. Mechanics A way to delete/bug a trap door
  64. Graphics Nvidia DSR support?
  65. Mechanics Null Reference and Escape Key minimizes
  66. Crash Hornet Spawning forces shut down dedicated linux server
  67. Graphics Zombie nurse popped through wall
  68. Mechanics Recipes needing Clay
  69. Mechanics Perks reset on level gain
  70. Graphics Textures seem to flash
  71. Mechanics Score inconsistencies
  72. Other Alpha 15 Bugs
  73. Multiplayer Kicked by Steam still there
  74. Crash Alpha 15 Experimental Mac OSX immediate crash initializing graphics
  75. Crash Can't Start SP Random Gen - A15 Exp
  76. Other Keyboard Input Breaks
  77. Graphics A15 EXP Linux GFX upside down when using anit alias
  78. Other Variable? (unity) - Rare bug constant stun on a player
  79. Other A15 b78 7th day horde 777 zombies
  80. Other Audio Issue (Alpha 15)
  81. Other experimental a15 mouse problem
  82. Other Translations problems
  83. Mechanics A15: I can't map run to my middle mouse button.
  84. Graphics Perpendicularity of random items to the ground, or lack there of
  85. UI Keyboard mappings...
  86. Other A15: Hangs when I quit the game in Windows 10
  87. Graphics A15 Exp - Linux/Nvidia - AA flips image
  88. Mechanics A15 Experimental - Painkillers
  89. Mechanics A15 Experimental - Burned wood block upgrades to wood frame?
  90. Other stuck on Minibike assemly (A14.7)
  91. Crash NullRef after drinking/eating
  92. Other ALpha 15 Way to hot all the time. RG
  93. Other Can't start a new game, can't load a new game in Alpha 15
  94. Other Alpha 15 Sound Bug - Pain sound not playing when colliding with wood spikes
  95. Mechanics Chemistry Station
  96. UI A15 experimental key mapping UI bug
  97. Mechanics Running near wood or metal
  98. AI A15 Experimental: Dog Horde on Day 1 and NullRef!
  99. Mechanics Cold beer sign needs a book to craft.
  100. Graphics Severe lag while playing
  101. Graphics Trees not rendering
  102. UI Alpha 14.7 NullReferenceException when...
  103. Other A15 EXP Surround sound
  104. Graphics A15 SSAO lag
  105. Multiplayer (A15e) Cant play MP (either dedi or P2P) on Windows
  106. Other generation_distance from rwgmixer not work
  107. Crash Crash To Desktop A15 Experimental
  108. Other A15 experimental - Bugged chunks display when on border of biomes
  109. Crash Experimental A15 MEMORY FULL once I Die and SERVER + GAME chrash // Double Death bug
  110. Other A15 exp - all sounds muffled/too quiet
  111. Mechanics A15 exp - zombies sense me if they are anywhere near my house on "Normal" agro
  112. Other A15 - Game won't load SP, can't join MP
  113. Mechanics a15 b78 (experimental) Wooden Spikes useless
  114. Other Inventory key does not close inventory
  115. Graphics Fog inside buildings
  116. UI Text on "Shades" still reports cooling
  117. Mechanics Alpha 15 experimental - overheating problem
  118. Mechanics [Alpha 15] Disappearing stuff
  119. Mechanics Alpha 15 Exp: Heal over time from being full not working
  120. Mechanics Forge Bug alpha 15
  121. UI Quest Tracker Bug
  122. Graphics alpha 15 snowballs dancing on ground
  123. Mechanics alpha 15 anvil locked even when forge is off
  124. Graphics alpha 15 forge numbers red/green
  125. Mechanics alpha 15 jar of honey didn't cure infection
  126. Mechanics A15 Collection of Bugs I've found.
  127. Other A15: null ref when dismantling shotgun - persists after restart
  128. Other [A15] Problem with logitech g110 keyboard
  129. UI Gunsmithing skill not in Firearms skill list Alpha 14.7
  130. Other Hole Beside the Trading Post
  131. Graphics (Linux) A15: Anti-aliasing turning the game upside down
  132. Graphics A15 exp - Too much fog indoors
  133. Mechanics Alpha 15 experimental - resources as led and potassium
  134. Crash (Game Object 'wdwFocusHealthState') is missing Alpha 15
  135. Mechanics Some item crafting materials are ways too off
  136. Mechanics Experimental Alpha 15, Mac OSX Yosemite, Missing Wrench, Land Claimed, Performance
  137. Mechanics [Alpha 15 b78] Zombies = Easy item duplicators
  138. Crash A15 Experimental - Startup Crash - Fatal error in gc
  139. Mechanics Zombie running in the daytime
  140. Other Surround/ Zombie sound to quiet
  141. Crash crash a15
  142. Mechanics Random invulnerable objects
  143. Mechanics Incurable infection
  144. Graphics (A15e) Wrong graphics configurations/Low FPS
  145. UI A15e Bug (minor) - Block upgrades to wood frame
  146. Graphics Not seeing raindrops, water layers glitchy too
  147. Multiplayer 2 Player Multiplayer
  148. Crash OS X (El Capitan) hang on entering world
  149. Mechanics A15 Experimental trader exploit (maybe).
  150. AI A15 experimental - UMA Zombies do not go beyond the sectors
  151. Mechanics Bridge by Prison Collapse
  152. Graphics Transparent window beams
  153. Multiplayer After accidentally getting the Evil Knievel Achievement....
  154. Mechanics [Alpha 15 experimental] Control Option
  155. Graphics Most crafted items invisible in world - OS X on Mac Mini 2014 - latest experimental
  156. Graphics Turning on anti-alias flips world upside down - OS X - latest experimental
  157. Crash A15 Video loss - dramatic cpu temp increase after
  158. Mechanics (A15e) Forge bug
  159. Mechanics A15 Experimental Build- Cannot Craft 9mm Ammo
  160. Mechanics Use stone axe durability for wrench
  161. Crash Alpha 15e
  162. Mechanics [A15 b78] Drawbridge needs support in the middle / in the trench
  163. Other Pois and unbreakable blocks
  164. Crash Game is completly frozen when loading in. Alpha 15 beta
  165. Crash A15 - Total Windows UI Failure to Respond
  166. Other Alpha b78 - Can't Bind Keys
  167. Other BUG: Can't place dirt
  168. Other A15 exp - Lightning animation and sound bugs indoors
  169. Mechanics A15 b78 - Forge smelting bug
  170. UI a15 b78 experimental - IndexOutOfRangeException loading menú
  171. Multiplayer Everytime I join the server, I lose everything
  172. Graphics floaty distant terrian
  173. Mechanics [Alpha 15 b78] Workbench - Combine two items of the same type but different colors
  174. Multiplayer A15-Objects rendering beyond distance setting with local Coop.
  175. Other Disabling Distant Terrain for bug duplication?
  176. Other A15 Experimental Bugs Navezgame
  177. Graphics [Alpha 15 b78] Zombie fell through the ground right in front of me!
  178. AI BUG: Zombie/group behavior. Turn around and walk away mid-skirmish.
  179. Crash [Alpha 15 b78] NRE when assembling a hunting rifle
  180. Multiplayer A15 experimental - 7th Day Horde no show
  181. Multiplayer A15 Experimental - Assembly of Pistol with full Inventory the bullets get deleted
  182. Other Single Player-A15 experimental
  183. Mechanics Impossible to craft scrap cable
  184. Other A15 experimental - FERAL HORDE CONSOLE SPAM
  185. Mechanics Packet loss, Getting Disconnected and sent back to main menu
  186. Mechanics A15 Experimental - Flying Zombies
  187. Other A15 causing mic popping
  188. UI A15 - Null Object Reference on inventory overflow
  189. Mechanics Small bug on crops only.
  190. Other [A15] [Linux] Spamming /tmp with "reflection_probe_#"
  191. Mechanics [A15] Workbench Bug
  192. UI Language settings
  193. Crash Alpha 15 b78 Server Crash o ervery Horde Night (ervery 7th Night)
  194. AI Zombie run underwater
  195. Multiplayer Teleporting player to admin, not working.
  196. Mechanics Stuck at Trader's
  197. Mechanics A15 Experimental - Bug In Difficulty settings
  198. Mechanics Metal Diagonal Catwalks - rotating incorrectly when downgraded to wood.
  199. Other A10.4: Is there a way to equip the Gas Mask?
  200. Mechanics Metal Railing has not hitbox on one side.
  201. Other a15beta my exp so far (bugs)
  202. AI Endless Screamer Horde Day 3 (A.15 Experimental)
  203. Mechanics A15e - Garage Door Bug
  204. Mechanics Null Error Inventory
  205. Other Bizarre random gen - OS X - Latest experimental
  206. Crash Time stamps incorrect. Alpha 15 B78
  207. Mechanics Possible glitch- Zombie movement in water
  208. Graphics (A15eB83) Game forcing "graphics settings"
  209. UI Bug during gun assembly
  210. Mechanics ALpha 15 feedback
  211. Mechanics A15 v2 Collection of Bugs I've found.
  212. Mechanics A15 b83 Continue game random gen starts new game navezgane
  213. Other Bugs in unstable build A15
  214. Crash Alpha 15 random gen
  215. Mechanics Mouse control issues
  216. Multiplayer Crashing - RWG
  217. Mechanics Item pick-up distance problem
  218. Graphics A15b83 latest experimental - OS X - windows floating where houses should be
  219. Other A15b83 latest experimental - OS X - game does not accept correct keyboard layout
  220. Crash 7 Days To Die caused an access violation...
  221. Crash 7 days to die process is using 98% cpu usage
  222. Multiplayer (A15eB83) ERR IOException in ReadLine
  223. Multiplayer A15b83 latest experimental - Duplicated Zombie Loot
  224. Other Fell thru map now game wont load
  225. Other Spawn points in SP random gen
  226. Graphics [Experimental] VRAM usage
  227. Graphics FPS Drop (3.00)
  228. Crash 7 Days to Die Alpha 15 restarting my computer
  229. Multiplayer A15 small 7 day hordes causing extreme FPS issues.
  230. Mechanics A15 Zombie death does not stop them hitting you.
  231. Mechanics A15 B83 Unbreakable places in world
  232. Mechanics Drawbridge not placeable
  233. Mechanics Ground aligned 90-degrees from hole
  234. Mechanics [15/b83 exp.] Natural healing bug
  235. Other Day running zombies
  236. Mechanics Possible trader bug
  237. Mechanics A15 b83 Outside Secure Chest not able to open
  238. Other rwgmixer settings - works in client preview, ignored by server
  239. Mechanics Interaction range when pressing "E" is very small now
  240. Mechanics Trader prices don't take quality into effect
  241. Other A15-EXP..... environmental and solar-system glitch
  242. Mechanics A15 (Experimental) Respawning buildings on top of remodelled ones.
  243. Multiplayer Ground Artifactiing
  244. Mechanics A15b83 bugs and inputs
  245. Mechanics I broke my forge by puting two car radiators in it
  246. Mechanics BDU's scrap to cloth instead of military fiber
  247. Mechanics [Bug] Creative Cheat menu A15 b8
  248. Mechanics Item placing bug/glitch
  249. Other Forum sign up broken
  250. Other Trader Joel - Yucca fruit plant destroys a fence