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  1. Crash [Kind of] a17 Vulture vomit traps you in console.
  2. Mechanics Alpha 17 Bug Report -Free Heals Exploit-
  3. AI Female trader sounds like a guy
  4. Mechanics Tree bug
  5. Other Grass clothes craft fails Alpha 17 (b197)
  6. Multiplayer Unable to connect to server
  7. Other A17 NullReferenceException in Dyersville.
  8. Mechanics Pipe Bomb lighting sound extremely loud
  9. Graphics Zombie Animal death animatiosn
  10. Other Chainsaw Noise Neverending
  11. Mechanics Charismatic Nature not working
  12. Mechanics Quests lost or bugged, death issues, and more
  13. Mechanics Not a bug but should be fixed
  14. Crash A17 (B199) Mac OS Mojave - Crashes and Closes every 15min
  15. Mechanics Cartridges intentionally disappear
  16. Mechanics Item Drops Despawn in seconds
  17. Graphics A16.4 fps 60 ~ a17-b199 fps 10?
  18. Mechanics Anchored player after exiting bike
  19. Mechanics Heatmap dropping on forge/campfire use
  20. Other InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
  21. Other Large Number of Bugs Discovered (A17 B199)
  22. Mechanics Horde nights still trickle to nothing A17
  23. Other Vehicle Keybinds not saved
  24. Crash Alpha 17 Bug - game crashed on horde night and now i cant hit trees
  25. Other The bugs ive come across so far.
  26. Mechanics Deep cuts?
  27. Crash Crash on mp
  28. Other Menu options and disappearance of bullets
  29. Crash Cant create or join 7days alpha 17 game
  30. Other 2 major bugs - Duping and Broken LCB
  31. Other Afterdie backpack is dissapeared
  32. UI Narrow FOV = Motion Sickness
  33. Mechanics Modifying Int progression
  34. Graphics A17 B199 - Run game with Vulkan
  35. Mechanics [a17] Spawning behind me/in front of me
  36. Graphics Generation terrain POI above the ground
  37. Crash Infinite null reference errors during horde night
  38. Mechanics Herbal Antibiotics XML Bug (Typo)
  39. Other max health restore from 50 to 25 after I reenter the game
  40. Crash game keeps crashing
  41. Other Zombies Spawn issue
  42. Other No backpack mark after die. Continue to action after die
  43. Crash Crash
  44. Other Memory Leak in b199 / abnormal ram usage
  45. Mechanics Health gained from fall damage
  46. Mechanics A17 (b199) - Bedrock at +3 ?
  47. Mechanics A17(b199) lots of issues
  48. Mechanics Armor Perks non-functional
  49. Mechanics A17 (b199) Crafting Times in all craftable benches.
  50. Crash A17 b199: Argument Cannot Be Null error scrolling continually on day 14 horde night
  51. Graphics Screen all red
  52. Multiplayer Error when moving around map
  53. Other A17b199 personal craft queue lost on logout
  54. Other Infinite XP A17
  55. Mechanics Losing Hotbar Inventory Items
  56. Mechanics Died when drunk, blurry screen after death
  57. Mechanics Sometimes replaced/wrong crafting recipes
  58. Mechanics No "modify" option on steel pickaxe and steel axe
  59. Graphics VulcanAPI work incorrect (pink screen in game and gone textures)
  60. Mechanics [A17]Multiple Skill based recipes not working
  61. Mechanics Alpha 17, b 199 -- Armor mods stats not always displayed / incorrrect
  62. Graphics Bear creates well in water
  63. Mechanics Game smoothness
  64. Mechanics Planting seeds causes me to hit with hand
  65. Multiplayer slow, buggy and kinda stuck blood moon?
  66. Mechanics Trees next to bates not able to chop
  67. Other Gun bug
  68. Graphics Feral Zombie LOD Distance
  69. Crash Dedicated Server Crashes 17b
  70. Graphics physics and biome ?
  71. Mechanics Block and terrain dont line up!
  72. Other Game keeps picking wrong resolution
  73. Mechanics mod bug
  74. Mechanics Schematics do not work.
  75. Crash crashing after few minutes
  76. EAC WRN [EAC] Log: [EAC Server] [Warning] [Cerberus] [Back
  77. Other Game Crashed
  78. UI Clean game data tool deleted all my save files against my will.
  79. Mechanics Important Bug about Bicyle
  80. Mechanics Holding shift slows you down on ladders
  81. Mechanics Zombie spawn rules on insane difficulty
  82. Mechanics Last slot action
  83. Other Bicycle vanished after logging out then back in, also, desert mining is broken.
  84. Multiplayer BUG A17 - Player Cannot Access Lootable Objects
  85. Other Item consumption while riding
  86. Mechanics Silent Ninja Zombies, a feature or a long time bug?
  87. Multiplayer BUG A17 - Horde Night (Zombies Frozen in Place for a short period of Time)
  88. Multiplayer BUG A17 - Floating Scaffolding
  89. Mechanics Heavy armor perk durability bug
  90. Multiplayer BUG A17 - Baseball Bat w/barb mod Bleed Effect
  91. Multiplayer Running zombies Bug A17
  92. Crash A17 won't start at all
  93. Multiplayer BUG A17 - Minibike Wheels bug out while not seated on it
  94. Mechanics White river supplies 7 days to die bug
  95. Crash NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  96. Crash Game Crashing Today (11.27.18) When Loading In.
  97. Mechanics Crafting time issue
  98. Mechanics Controller mode won't stay disabled
  99. Mechanics Punching after placing last item in toolbar slot
  100. Graphics Seed hitbox too large
  101. Crash A17 Single Player Day 14 Horde Crashes.
  102. Mechanics mod-less bug
  103. Multiplayer BUG A17 - Zombies Standing Still Since Latest Patch b208
  104. Mechanics Twice the loot
  105. Other Desappearing Bagpack after 6 hours
  106. Mechanics Empty Brick Arch Curve Top Middle block causes exception
  107. Multiplayer Canīt place a Block
  108. Graphics Stuck in world
  109. Mechanics [SP Bug] Eating while riding consumes item but nothing happens.
  110. Multiplayer Missing Particle Effect On Other Players In Multiplayer When A Vending Machine Is Hit
  111. Graphics NVG Goggles don't provide increased visibility in the dark.
  112. AI Throwing stones: zombie crowd control exploit?
  113. Mechanics Stuck outside of world
  114. Other b208 RWG generation wrongly placing POIs in the air above terrain
  115. Mechanics XML Configs that don't work
  116. Graphics Have some troubles with the texture!
  117. Mechanics (A17) ( b208) bleed procs after respawning on a hit that killed you killing you 2x
  118. Multiplayer Torch does damage while player killing mode disabled
  119. Mechanics Crafted weapons end up with a random number of mod slots
  120. Graphics [A17] (b208) terrain (grass) texture bag
  121. Crash Crash to Desktop.
  122. UI Current Life reset bug?
  123. Multiplayer Server List dont refresh
  124. Mechanics jail doors
  125. Other New Huge Bug List (A17 B208)
  126. Mechanics Constant Noise heard by other players when I near them (Auger noise even if not used)
  127. Mechanics Incurable Infection
  128. Mechanics Resource gain per node lower than expected
  129. Crash Joining game via steam freinds list causing mouse bugs, crashes.
  130. Mechanics Silencers
  131. Multiplayer What we have found bugged A17b208
  132. Mechanics Dynamite still kills players in god mode
  133. Other Car explosed after I jump on car
  134. Other broken schematic
  135. Crash I can not use Rocket Launchers and I can not use Compound Bow
  136. Other Hoards spawning, but then not able to move
  137. Other Hoards spawning, but then not able to move
  138. Mechanics [BUG] Impossible to make cement? (A17 B208)
  139. Crash Kicked by EAC (Client Violation)
  140. Graphics Flying Azalea Blocks
  141. Mechanics Are jars supposed to be consumed when cooking?
  142. AI Zombies stop moving at horde night
  143. UI [A17] Radiated Land Not Appearing on Map
  144. Other Small visual bug
  145. Other [ A17 ] Cut trees still there, but no more interactive nor detected
  146. Mechanics interact button is bugged
  147. Other no links for localization
  148. Other [ A17_b208 ] Torch misplacement
  149. Mechanics [ A17_b208 ] Cannot rotate blocks anymore
  150. Other Number of bugs iv found
  151. Mechanics Blood Draw Kit takes thirst and not health
  152. Multiplayer A17 b208 bugs
  153. Crash A17 - B208 Crash/Bug Reporting
  154. Other 6 Engines in a generator vanished
  155. Mechanics jumping up and down increases health immediately
  156. UI Recipes displaying wrong requirements
  157. Mechanics Barbed Wire extended range bug
  158. Other Missing Range of certain building blocks & texture bug on some 1/4 blocks
  159. Other A17 memory leak
  160. Mechanics Is Charismatic Nature working properly?
  161. Multiplayer Player character randomly falls over onto ground and can't get up/move
  162. Mechanics Sneak attack + headshot combo not working for guns
  163. Graphics Chunks are not rendering in.
  164. Mechanics Buff infliction reversed in multiplayer
  165. disappearing motorcyle
  166. UI White River Supplies item cannot be dropped
  167. Other quest bug tier 3
  168. Other Dedicated server creation bug
  169. Mechanics Exp for shoving?
  170. Other serious exp bug
  171. Other Exp bugged
  172. Other A17 Many bugs
  173. UI Vehicle hotkeys resetting
  174. AI Zombie Bear Bug
  175. Other mouse look goes berserk
  176. Mechanics multiple hordes in a single 7th night
  177. UI Localization error
  178. Graphics Bugged exclusive fullscreen when using non native resolution
  179. Other Horde night has no zombies?
  180. Mechanics Motorcyle glitch/issue/bug
  181. Other [Bug Report] Terrain Nav Mesh Corruption
  182. Mechanics Reason for frozen zombies on horde night may have been found!!!
  183. Mechanics unlimited glass abuse
  184. Other Dead spot, blocks keep breaking
  185. Mechanics Multiplayer base : not all allies have acces to chest
  186. Mechanics Bugs and Gameplay Balances, Alpha 17 B208
  187. Mechanics Vehicles and timers
  188. Mechanics nail some chicks challenge
  189. Mechanics Zombies spawn in Disabled mode when opening quest chests
  190. Crash Persistent profiles ON, but game didn't recognize my profile bug
  191. Mechanics Indestructible tools/weapons
  192. Mechanics Structural Integrity - bug?
  193. AI Minor Zed pathing error?
  194. Other Terrain bug in b221
  195. Mechanics 25% Loot is Broken
  196. Other infinite water/food/health... items
  197. Mechanics Random Stamina Regen halting.
  198. Mechanics Sprinting blocked
  199. Multiplayer BUG Dedicated Server - What is it ?
  200. Mechanics A17 Cheat mode - Sprinting
  201. Mechanics Alpha 221E
  202. Mechanics Flying off motorcycle bug (alpha 17 (b221) mac)
  203. Crash Alpha 17 cannot load into game- exception: no shape class 'blockshapemodeltorch' foun
  204. Mechanics Corny
  205. Other Fell Through World (A17 B221)
  206. Other Dungeons/POI not spawning zombies A17
  207. Crash A17 221 Unable to log in Error. "Game is already Running."
  208. Crash NullReferenceException: object reference not set to an instance of an object
  209. Other 2 POI out of the regular height
  210. Mechanics glitch to duplicate
  211. Mechanics Few more bugs
  212. Mechanics Chainsaw Bug?
  213. Mechanics B221: Vulture Change Bug
  214. Mechanics B221: Stamina Bugs Combat + Mods Bug
  215. Crash A.17 Motorcycle crash
  216. Mechanics Rock throwing
  217. Other Where have all the Zombies gone? No zombies in buildings
  218. Mechanics Clear zombies mission fails to spawn zombies
  219. Multiplayer Recieving invite from invisible user bug
  220. UI Keyboard steering controls configurable, but invalid
  221. Crash Game crashes every 20 minutes to the tee on Mac
  222. Mechanics Thirst won't refill
  223. Other Block Errors
  224. EAC "Access is Denied" launch error
  225. Graphics Sinks are sideways on the wall
  226. (bug?)Map gamma saturation?
  227. Other Corner Pillar with Plate is Buggy
  228. Other [Bug] RWG Map Street Layout Through Water (Or am i Jesus ?)
  229. Other Antibiotics not working properly
  230. Graphics Texture Settings
  231. Crash Constant death on respawn, kicked out of the game after.
  232. Other Teleport glitch
  233. Crash NullReferenceException A17 (B221)
  234. Other zombie stuck in car
  235. Other Stuck at Building environment bug
  236. Mechanics road formula needs work
  237. Mechanics Item(s) floating on cursor in container delete when container is closed
  238. Mechanics Infinite healing
  239. Mechanics Does anybody else experience this in random gen?
  240. Multiplayer Err message ncsimple deserialize
  241. Crash Stuck on bike and can't do anything.
  242. Mechanics Tobii eye tracking
  243. Multiplayer ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: key
  244. Mechanics A17 - wiring cables doesn't work
  245. Other Animal houses
  246. Graphics Distance Rending (B233)
  247. Other Alpha 17 Savegame "was played on another major release" but was not
  248. Graphics Blurry Signage
  249. Graphics Issues with light-based mods
  250. Mechanics Crafted items end up with a random number of mod slots