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  1. Crash A18 b155 Freeze & CTD
  2. Mechanics Problem with iron nodes
  3. Other Low fps, Connection issues
  4. Other Forges causing massive stutter?
  5. Crash Fresh server, after minutes of exploring IndexOutOfRangeException on Join
  6. UI Console pops up with repeated errors, usually happens when feral zombies are nearby.
  7. Graphics Game blacks out
  8. Mechanics Zombie extendo-arms bug SOLVED!
  9. Crash Please help
  10. Crash Game crashes to the title screen at random
  11. Crash Dropped to Main Menu shortly after attempting to join online server. Alpha 18 (B155)
  12. Other A18.1 b7 stable bug report thread
  13. Crash Dedicated Server throws "IndexOutOfRangeException" When starting
  14. Crash Colored spots on screen then game crash?
  15. Other Vanishing bases glitch?
  16. Graphics A18 Mac Version: Nothing but Bright Green textures everywhere.
  17. Crash Barbed Wire causing server crashes
  18. Graphics Building textures
  19. AI Base Build Exploit - AI
  20. A18.1 b8 hotfix bug report thread
  21. Other @QA Testers
  22. Other @QA How to Dupe Vehicles
  23. Mechanics New update break First aid kits..Removed blood draw
  24. Multiplayer [LOG]LiteNetLib connection timout after 20 minutes on dedicated server
  25. Mechanics Automatic attack when interacting with camera devices
  26. Trader stole my bike!
  27. Other Cannot Spend Skill Points
  28. A18.2 b2 EXP bug thread
  29. Vehicles from the past
  30. Item duping
  31. Burning Shafy Mod + Knuckle weapons
  32. EAC ASUS AURA lighting control service is flagged as a cheat
  33. Other A18.2 experimental: rebar frames disappear after placing water
  34. Mechanics Trader quest rewards not 'shuffling' offers
  35. Other Mouse stutter (with controller enabled)
  36. Mechanics Reversion/disappearance of base/places boxes
  37. UI Menus are becoming unusable
  38. cop puke though bars
  39. Mechanics Can't upgrade Wood Ramps
  40. Crash Crash to desktop randomly in multiplayer, also when someone joins.
  41. Mechanics Loot bag not dropping on death, possibly because of Trader quests.
  42. Mechanics Red Exit Light - Dead Vultures - collider
  43. Other "Splinted Leg" status disappear if you reload the game.
  44. Other Bag disappeared on death
  45. Other Localization.txt (serverside; root AND modlet) is not being parsed on clientside.
  46. Other Can't Craft MEAT STEW
  47. Crash Alpha 0.0 ... Really??!! Crash bug.
  48. Mechanics wrenching a "healthy" car can reduce scav loot as your skill IMPROVES
  49. Other Dedyncing whit others in privste multiplayer
  50. Graphics fuzzy ground textures still not fixed?
  51. Other Failed loading world header(Fix)
  52. Graphics Flickering white stripes on the ground
  53. Mechanics No Bloodmoon horde appearing anymore
  54. Other Game stutters when firing a gun
  55. Crash Random crashes leading to severe world problems
  56. Other Perpetual server disconnections
  57. Other FPS drop on 18.1 b8
  58. Mechanics Crafting Is Kinda Broken
  59. Other Error in loaded chunk, area reset
  60. Mechanics SMG/Shotgun Turret Player View Issue
  61. Other console pops up during horde and wont go away
  62. Other Sort-of crash when using "cosy" block placement mode?
  63. Mechanics Online/Offline Block durability server config modifiers are broken per the last patch
  64. Mechanics error 18.1 BUGS, baterias automoviles etc...
  65. Graphics Objetos se vuelven invisibles y problemas con lampara industrial.
  66. Mechanics Zombies reaparecen bug report#
  67. A18.2 b5 EXP bug reporting thread
  68. Mechanics 18.2 (b5) Numerous Bugs
  69. Mechanics Cigar Reduces Trader Inventory
  70. Crash Constant Crashing
  71. Mechanics Cement Mixer
  72. Other Trader Quests
  73. Crash XmlException: Root Element is Missing
  74. Other BUG: Backpack Missing After Died Over a Bed
  75. Mechanics Easy base to skip horde night
  76. Crash Game crashed. I restarted the game. Launch Error. I cannot play. Help.
  77. Mechanics Dynamite throw canceled by falling after dynamite leaves hand
  78. A18.2 b5 stable bug report thread
  79. Other Duplicate food and water in campfire
  80. Other Zombie spawn /fell from roof
  81. Mechanics Backpack missing and insta-death
  82. Graphics I found how to make Nazi Cross with a graphic bug.
  83. Graphics Resolution settings
  84. Graphics A18.1 Pre-fab reloading
  85. Mechanics AI Exploit; base design with wedges
  86. Other Dynamite make full damage to claimed blocks
  87. Mechanics Drum Megazine Actually Makes The Player Reload FASTER
  88. Mechanics modMeleeFortifyingGrip - Wrong regen rate or wrong tooltip
  89. Crash Windows SERVER RWG IndexOutOfRangeException crash
  90. Other Game dropping frames when going outside from staying inside a building
  91. Mechanics Zombie spawns within land claim area
  92. Graphics Graphics glitch (video included) Alpha 18.1 b8
  93. Multiplayer Lag/frezze while shooting guns
  94. Multiplayer Crossbow infinite ammo
  95. Mechanics Food Reduction
  96. Mechanics Trees with 1 "Health" after Loading
  97. Mechanics Few bugs found in Alpha 18.2 B5
  98. Mechanics Experience from Bundling Resources
  99. Mechanics Fire arrows setting me on fire when hitting a zombie.
  100. Other Pice of the Map missing