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  1. Mechanics (14.1) Hearing metallic sounds while underground
  2. Other Null Ref on exit game
  3. Mechanics Cannot dig below -57m and cannot fill up water with Water Jar.
  4. Mechanics Spillway lake shelters
  5. Multiplayer Thousands of hits per second:Could not find a valid position to spawn wandering horde
  6. Other Navezgane, 14.1. Player stuck in lakehouse doors.
  7. Graphics A14 Ore's
  8. Other book?
  9. Graphics Cut off terrain & flying zombies !!
  10. AI The dogs are either broken or too OP
  11. Mechanics Day timer not functioning
  12. Other No Recipes On Hosted Server
  13. Mechanics Low Priority: Can not make steel shovel in 14.1 when steel crafting purchased in 14.0
  14. Other Massive error log Alpha 14.2
  15. Multiplayer Shaky hands and glitchy shadows the further you get from 0,0
  16. Mechanics Sledgehammer Blunt Skill up glitched.
  17. Multiplayer 14.2 All containers error on trying to open them can't place containers
  18. Mechanics Skill Books <property name="Skills_to_gain" value="XXX" /> Not Working as intended!
  19. Mechanics Game Breaking Bug. Huge Exploit Potential. Require A Pimp or Mod
  20. Graphics A14 : Glass panes bug.
  21. Other Perk/Skill Upgrade Music Too Loud
  22. Mechanics Screamers broken
  23. Mechanics Arrows don't go through Barbed Wire Fence
  24. Crash / Terrain rendering issues survey (Linux / OSX / Windows)
  25. Other Frostys various bug collection.
  26. Other InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
  27. Graphics Odd reflections on water
  28. Crash a.14 Crashing everytime
  29. Crash Server crash after player disconnect
  30. Other Random Gen map in A14 generating lots of tiny Biomes
  31. Multiplayer black sreen
  32. Multiplayer forge
  33. Graphics Alpha 14 DX11 Ui / Shader Issue (Pink Screen)
  34. Mechanics Quest reward items lost if inventory full (A14.2)
  35. Mechanics Night horde sprinting up to their heads in water (A14.2)
  36. EAC 14.1 EAC Error Lauch
  37. Multiplayer A4.2 stuck on connecting to server
  38. Mechanics No 7th day horde in new game
  39. Multiplayer A14 Intermittent lag on server: 3fps
  40. Other 14.2 minor bug: Zed's sinking into the ground upon death
  41. Mechanics 14.2 Quests with Fetch command are bugged if item is in your toolbar
  42. Graphics Campfire is too bight
  43. Mechanics Bottlewater and bottledriverwater from snow
  44. Other Characers are a black shadow and female
  45. Graphics Wasteland City biome outskirts aren't blended and look silly next to other biomes.
  46. Graphics Few bugs
  47. Crash Add protection for player profiles from all these corruption issues
  48. Mechanics Alpha 14.20 bug - Water Suspended
  49. UI (A14.2) Skill screen not refreshing as it should
  50. Other Null Ref on day 7
  51. Mechanics Harvesting animals/zombies for bones isn't working as decribed.
  52. Mechanics [A14.2] - Player cant respawn after die and disconnect without respawn
  53. Other Terrain Block Bug/Glitch
  54. Mechanics How to avoid 7th Day Hordes
  55. Graphics (14.2) Monsters clipping into objects
  56. AI (14.2) Dogs not hurting players who are on a car's roof
  57. Crash Dedicated Server Crashed by entry a specify chunk. I must reset chunks
  58. Other Quarry Prefab POI
  59. Mechanics wooden spikes damage range larger than before
  60. Mechanics 60 Wedge rotation?
  61. Mechanics Iron Bars Do Not Allow Light Through - Cant Grow Crops Beneath
  62. Mechanics Error in Inventory and Bag DecItem() method code. (Or RemoveObjectives() method.)
  63. Mechanics Time Rewind
  64. Mechanics A14 Worldgen Bug - Storage boxes of special buildings not lootable
  65. Multiplayer Black Sky in Multiplayer
  66. Mechanics Brass duplication exploit.
  67. UI Forge/Campfire Network Traffic
  68. Crash Game Crashs on Connect to Server Alpha 14.2
  69. Mechanics crops breaking when placed.
  70. Mechanics A14.2 - Pistol Skill does NOT grow by "using items from this group"
  71. Graphics Bloom effect? makes Video stutter
  72. Mechanics A14.2 - No 7 day (feral) horde after day 49
  73. Graphics Poncho Clipping
  74. Mechanics (14.2) Dogs able to climb ladders
  75. Mechanics Tools giving more Iron "forge Weight" then it takes to craft.
  76. Graphics Smoke from air drop disappears if it goes out of sight regardless of time left.
  77. Crash @TFP, I found a GAME crashing bug, easy to reproduce.
  78. Mechanics Leather Tanning Perk not in Skill List on Multiplayer Server
  79. UI Quest! Name for blocks in Gathering Quest not showing
  80. Mechanics A14.2: Biome-specific temperatures don't work (Survival SP with default settings)
  81. UI mapArea Controller not respecting XUI for Waypoint & Click Layer. Moving map window.
  82. Other Scrap of hide
  83. Mechanics (14.2) No rain/no snow, only fog
  84. Crash Game dont work =(
  85. AI Zombie-proof Wall
  86. Mechanics Wrong Values for "treePlantedMaple17m"
  87. Multiplayer I-Beam Scrap Metal Issue
  88. Multiplayer Server crashing/hanging
  89. Crash Crash on startup - large crafting queue - suggestions to rescue please
  90. Crash Taking damage on minibike causes Null Reference Exceptions
  91. Other A14 Bug Report - Minibike on under ground garage and feral nights
  92. Mechanics Zombies climbing walls and glitching through iron bars
  93. Other New game character run speed inconsistent (impacting dogs)
  94. Other Memory Leak/Consumption Still Really High
  95. UI Can't set hotkeys!
  96. Mechanics Unable to interact with containers.
  97. Mechanics Unable to interact with containers on Rented, Dedicated Server
  98. Mechanics Crossbow Doesn't Level Archery
  99. Other Long Startup Time
  100. Multiplayer Stuck on Death Screen
  101. Mechanics Can not craft Bullet casings/ Tips in forge
  102. Mechanics air drops
  103. Mechanics 7th day's Horde doesn't spawn anymore
  104. Crash Crazy high amount of candles kills server/
  105. Crash A14 crash after maps opening
  106. Crash nvidia causes CTD
  107. Other Crouch issue anyone else? (BUG?)
  108. Mechanics Empty jars are not returned after cooking something that requries a bottle of water
  109. Mechanics Certain Weapons don't get leveled
  110. AI Dog can hit you from way to far away.
  111. Mechanics Blood Draw Kit not working as intended
  112. Other Alpha 14 and two monitors
  113. Crash [a14.3] Dedicated Server NullReferenceException
  114. Multiplayer [A14.3 DediServer] NRE Output.txt log spam
  115. Crash A14.3 - Dedicated - Heavy Flooded by NullReferenceException
  116. Graphics Still no fix for gfx issues Linux/Mac Users
  117. Mechanics Screwed-Up Terrain After Digging/Mining
  118. Crash Argument out of range
  119. Mechanics (14.3) Floating embers
  120. AI Zombies Wander and Don't Really Attack
  121. AI (14.3) Stag not afraid, not having exit
  122. Mechanics A14 - 'Gassy' Foods DECREASING Gassiness
  123. Multiplayer Bugs/Issues/Rubberbanding Zombies on Dedi Server
  124. Other (14.3) RWG needs some love
  125. Mechanics Sunrise, Honey Consumption
  126. Graphics [Linux] Ch. girl on head texture (A14.3)
  127. Mechanics Blocks XML Group Info Missing
  128. Mechanics No 7-day horde after settime?
  129. Graphics [A14.3 (b8)] Asia Face texture issue?
  130. Mechanics Air Drop Sound Gone + no day 7 horde in 14.3
  131. Crash [A14.3(b8)] [MODDED] - Client crash when exiting Dedicated Servers
  132. Graphics Full Set of Plant Fiber Clothes Changes Your Face
  133. Graphics Colored T Shirt Shown as White While Moved
  134. EAC A14.3: EAC issues - Disconnect by server / Kicked by EAC
  135. Mechanics Blocks break on placement + no cohesion on adjacent blocks when walking. A14.2--A14.3
  136. Crash Switching to resolution 154x0 failed A14.3
  137. Other CPU performance
  138. Crash Kicked by Steam after 5-30 minutes
  139. Crash Possible bug - Server crash 14.3 when destroying car with wrench
  140. Mechanics Stuck in Door frame when walking trough - Navezgane
  141. Crash NullReferenceError when looting (new since A14, persistent to current build)
  142. Multiplayer Stuck at Starting game screen on dedicated server A14.3
  143. Crash Menu doesn't show after i quit a game with terrain issues.
  144. Multiplayer Invisible Zombie Hordes
  145. Graphics Fluttering Texture Overlay on Floors
  146. Crash A14.3 NRE Console message after quiting server, Then a different message...
  147. Mechanics Drowned on land - A14.3 b8
  148. Mechanics Ladder bug
  149. Mechanics [A14.3] Broken leg no longer disables your ability to jump a full block
  150. Mechanics [A14.3] unable to pick up wooden frame if I jump onto it
  151. Multiplayer [A14.x] Game No Longer Spawning Day/Night Zombies?
  152. Mechanics A14.3/A14.4 "Departed Woman" ragdoll physics (sledgehammer)
  153. Other A14.3/A14.4 Steam Overlay bug
  154. Other Random Seeds- Endless Biomes, Oceans
  155. Mechanics A14.3/A14.4 Crossbow still has 100% accuracy
  156. Mechanics Windows do not stop rain
  157. Multiplayer Computer Freezes and Graphics Corruption
  158. Mechanics Destroying wooden boards over blue metal doors yields scrap iron
  159. Graphics Mining
  160. Mechanics Wall Upgrade bug
  161. Other Random Gen Bug (Road Elevation)
  162. Crash forge overload causes server crash (with hotfix)
  163. Other Annoying Sound bug when teleporting via DM
  164. Other ERR Block on position
  165. Other Freeze and other bugs from me
  166. Other Rolling in the deep with Adele
  167. Mechanics Plants don't give enouth seeds
  168. Mechanics Tree is successfully planted on a bitumen block.
  169. Graphics [A14.x] Strange graphical glitch
  170. Crash Using Kill Me from the Debug Menu Locks the Game Up - Have to ALT F4
  171. Mechanics A14.4+14.3 - constant "adding observed entity" spam
  172. Other Farmed Goldenrod not using Localization
  173. Mechanics Minibike: Engine - SHIFT-Click will Replace Engine and empty Fuel...
  174. Other Major bugs
  175. Graphics Terrain issue at 0,0 hub city every time
  176. Graphics < 5 fps after login... no reason... not playable anymore...
  177. Mechanics Minibike disapearing again if no one on server...
  178. Graphics Observations: Glitch when mining
  179. Mechanics Alpha 14.3/14.4 Forge bug
  180. Crash Couldn't switch to requested monitor resolution
  181. Mechanics Spotlight Upgrade path don't work.
  182. Mechanics Tree with infinite HP
  183. Multiplayer Command window spam, unplayable with bug
  184. Crash Dedicated Server - Unresponsive within the first 30 minutes after start
  185. Multiplayer Multiplayer iron dupe bug
  186. Other Picture on character head
  187. Graphics Death animation !
  188. Mechanics (14.4) Disapearing backpacks
  189. Mechanics XML, sledgehammer schematic gives weapon smithing, skill to create is tool smithing
  190. Crash Black screen everytime when dying
  191. Graphics [A14.x] graphic artifacts near campfire/forge
  192. Graphics (Solved kind of) Very bad FPS with Nvidia driver 364.72
  193. Crash [mac] Using an external display causes the game to immediately crash
  194. Crash server crashing after only a few hours after reset for no known reason.
  195. Mechanics 14.4 Hatches don't keep weather out
  196. Crash Game crash after few Sec playing
  197. Mechanics Basic commands not enabled by default in MP
  198. Other Co2 debuff stays outside of water
  199. Graphics Triangle/cone extensions appearing
  200. Mechanics [A14.4] Top of ladder in army camp springs me into the block above [video]
  201. Mechanics [A14.4] Weapon goes out of sync with crosshair [video]
  202. Crash Heres a new one
  203. Crash [A14.4] Crash to console when looting a treasure chest [video]
  204. Graphics [A14.4] Character running animation when riding minibike [video]
  205. Other dub items
  206. Crash Unknown random bug
  207. Mechanics Dynamite Glitch / Door Glitch
  208. Crash A14.4 b2 - NRE Spamming Console - Unable to Exit Game
  209. Graphics Asian on neck
  210. Multiplayer Another forge glitch and glitchy door frames
  211. Mechanics Screamers stuck in block.
  212. Mechanics 7th Horde doesn't spawn on the 7th days but 4 days after the red moon
  213. Other Looking for an update to Linux terrain texture issue
  214. Graphics The sky.. Where did it go? (And early blood moon)
  215. Crash Pulling apart an assembled gun (with flashlight) leaving flashlight as last piece.
  216. Mechanics Aimed weapons going off sight
  217. Mechanics Opening a door
  218. Mechanics Drowning Glitch
  219. Mechanics Cant get back on bike & graphics glitch
  220. Mechanics 1 Barrel = 1 gas can
  221. Graphics Phantom Glass
  222. UI Label: adobepeachpole
  223. Graphics Icon alpha mask: Stone axe - version 14.5
  224. Multiplayer DEDICATED WINDOWS - Infinity or NaN floating point numbers appear when calculating..
  225. Mechanics Crosshair for E function
  226. Mechanics 14.4 Game breaking FPS
  227. Mechanics Difficulty interacting with anything
  228. Graphics [Alpha 14.5] Killed zombies not falling / getting back up!
  229. Mechanics Time isn't sync !!! "day" doesn't arrive
  230. UI Drag and Drop of Items (objects sticky)
  231. Mechanics SI Bug?
  232. Other Dedicated Server Client NRE Error on Logout
  233. Mechanics Mining skill does not affect auger damage
  234. Mechanics Dogs (still) spawn in my face. And so do zombie bears.
  235. AI Nurse Death Animation Glitch.
  236. Multiplayer Minibikes driving themselves and Rider underground Rented Dedicated Server
  237. Multiplayer Current Patch - No Mods, our Linux Server bug list
  238. Graphics Puppy Eyes
  239. Mechanics 14.5 Day 21 horde keeps coming
  240. Multiplayer No Horde despite update
  241. Multiplayer Endless Horde
  242. Crash Cement Mixer caused client-side Crash and became un-usable
  243. Multiplayer [bug bike opended] [alpha 14.5
  244. Multiplayer Ping lag
  245. Mechanics Alpha 14.5 - Fell through map
  246. Other Alpha 14.5 - Lost Game State/Forge stopped working
  247. Mechanics Shotguns accuracy.
  248. Graphics Please fix texture bug in Linux
  249. Mechanics Air Drop lost during chunk load
  250. Graphics Killing a zombie while it is performing an attack animation causes this glitch