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  1. Other NullReferenceException on startup
  2. Mechanics Minibike Horors
  3. Graphics Inconsistent lighting on some surfaces
  4. Other Memory Leak / Very high RAM usage
  5. UI (14.6) Localisation not pushed to clients
  6. Mechanics Falling blocks replace and fall trough other blocks.
  7. Other Single Player and Multi Player
  8. UI Pressing 'E' while in bike storage form
  9. UI Crafting UI not showing and NullRef
  10. Mechanics Unable to shoot nails through Iron Bars 14.8
  11. Multiplayer 14.6 Server resets to day 1 when stop/starting the server
  12. Graphics Black Sky Al.14.6
  13. Other Forge stops working
  14. Mechanics (14.6) Flying back/exiting a dug hole
  15. Other Been getting this error near and in burnt biome.
  16. Mechanics Zombies "slide" when downed.
  17. Mechanics Spawning on bed with low roof
  18. Mechanics Police zombies animation sounds not in sync
  19. Mechanics When playing game on different steam account...
  20. Crash Stack Crashes - No Viable Fix as of Yet. Any Advice?
  21. AI Ninja Zombies also
  22. Mechanics the pipe bomb is malfunctioning. rebound from the air
  23. Mechanics friends land claim dead zone preventing claim placement
  24. Crash Error Causes Roll Backs since A12 PLEASE FIX
  25. Mechanics Task not going away
  26. Mechanics Bike mechanics
  27. Mechanics Sighing underwater
  28. Mechanics Ladders able to float in midair
  29. Graphics FPS drop to 3 when minibike stuck in block
  30. Mechanics I die instantly when my bike caught fire
  31. Crash Multiplayer performance issues on high end pc.
  32. Mechanics The Survivor perk does not seem to be working right.
  33. Other Structural Integrity
  34. Mechanics (14.6) Characters being resetted
  35. Mechanics Cop's projectile vomit throws zombie corpses sky high
  36. Graphics Zombie corpses disappearing
  37. AI Mostly empty 'sealed' crates
  38. Mechanics Overheating pretty much ALL the time
  39. Mechanics 'Wet' percentage while diving underwater
  40. Mechanics Day & Time wrong when loading
  41. Mechanics Mount Minibike To Move Through Closed Doors/Hatches/Walls
  42. Other Server CPU usage doubles/triples when player is on minibike
  43. Graphics Upgrade to scrap metal, not always the same.
  44. UI [A14.6] Menu buttons and compass displaying at the same time.
  45. Multiplayer Game kicks me from MP servers, log always says not a valid steam login
  46. Mechanics Late game importance!
  47. Mechanics Free resources from Pressure Plate
  48. Graphics All character presets are blank
  49. Multiplayer Mass disconnect.
  50. Mechanics no map memory
  51. Mechanics Property "ActionExpBonusMultiplier" does not work when killing zombie.
  52. UI Linux Progress Bar
  53. Multiplayer Minibike disappears
  54. Mechanics Pistol and the 'collection' square
  55. Mechanics Cannot rebind crouch (Not ToggleCrouch!)
  56. Mechanics Shotgun Perks and damage
  57. Mechanics Bad bug brakes down dedicated server to unplayability
  58. Mechanics Infinate Iron
  59. Other Audio Positioning not working?
  60. Graphics / Crash issues with A14.7
  61. Mechanics (14.6) Rebar frame disappearing
  62. Mechanics Forge issue
  63. EAC 7 script
  64. Crash Loading Game Freezes "Building Environment" on Mac [Alpha 14.6]
  65. Mechanics Unable to Craft Basic Survival Items
  66. Graphics [Linux] Graphics are too bright (too much contrast)
  67. Mechanics Zombies disappear after death
  68. Crash Mac still Freezing at "Building Environment" stage, among other bugs/crashes
  69. Other Editing player in 14.7 (b6)
  70. Mechanics Wedge block and cobblestone ramp
  71. Mechanics Not drowning
  72. Mechanics Snow thru trap door filled up building
  73. Multiplayer Server login and Ref ID Problem
  74. Multiplayer decdicated server forge keeps breaking
  75. Crash Dedicated Server 14.6 Crashed
  76. Multiplayer Multiple cases of Wellness dropping down to 100 after either dying or for no reason
  77. Mechanics Inventory/harvesting bug
  78. Mechanics Bug: 14.7 (b6) Infection and cure at the same time
  79. Mechanics Serveradmin.xml does not work correctly with MaxSpawnedAnimals
  80. Mechanics Opening things with the 'E' key
  81. Multiplayer Crashes on multiplayer
  82. Mechanics Books and Levels
  83. Crash After Loading In, Computer Forcibly Shuts Down
  84. Multiplayer Zombie Agro Sounds Silent
  85. Graphics No Icon Tint in Radial Entry 14.7
  86. EAC Kicked by EAC since 14.7
  87. Mechanics Storage and other objects not accessible in 14.7
  88. Crash Crashing a multiplayer server when I log in (only on a certain PC)
  89. Mechanics Concrete Wedge rotation bug
  90. UI trying to reload asset from disk that is not stored on disk
  91. Mechanics Nightvision bug
  92. Crash Crash wish no particular cause
  93. Mechanics Backpack & zombie hitbox are broken
  94. Other Duplication Glitch needs fixing
  95. Multiplayer Console spam Spawning Night Horde Spawning wandering horde movin Log file is 30 MB
  96. Graphics Graphics bug around cities and pregen structures.
  97. Crash 7 Days to Die reset MY COMPUTER HELP
  98. Multiplayer New Game Breaking Campfire Dupe Exploit
  99. Mechanics Random bugs I have seen in 170 hours
  100. Multiplayer mini bikes dissapeared
  101. Multiplayer Alpha 14.7 - Rock floating after being destroyed
  102. Crash Crashes when loading any save.
  103. Other Air walking zombies + bear floating.
  104. Mechanics Air drops
  105. Multiplayer Errors while playing Alpha 14.7
  106. Crash My Game Keeps Crashing When In Server Due To Low Memory?
  107. Crash Seven days to die 14.7 always crashes
  108. EAC Launch Error StartService failed (1275)
  109. Crash Ошибка 122848
  110. Other Not getting xp
  111. Mechanics Unable to open forge
  112. Other Fix the lag
  113. Mechanics bug with minibike and doors
  114. Multiplayer Stuff respawning weirdly?
  115. Crash Dedicated Server Crash After some Minutes.
  116. Other (exploit) you should not be able to do this exploit at all
  117. Mechanics Structural integrity
  118. Mechanics Crossbow Bolt perk wont increese
  119. Multiplayer Major Glitches Killing Multiplayer
  120. Multiplayer Asynchron ingame time
  121. Graphics Have you have seen this glitch??
  122. AI dumb AI zombies
  123. Mechanics Traps not damaging non-crawling zombies
  124. Mechanics Seed Planting still buggy
  125. Doors are in the wrong side
  126. Multiplayer Base got wiped/despawned.....Please help
  127. Mechanics Mining helmet does not work
  128. Crash Crashes when loading blocks.xml - Cobblestone frame 3d model not found?
  129. Graphics Black terrain Win10 multiplayer
  130. Graphics Glitch
  131. Mechanics A 14.7 RG - POI reset, item wiping
  132. Multiplayer Direct game lag out of sync on zombie horde after patch Alpha 14.7
  133. Mechanics Underwater base problems with water seeping in with blocks facing north.
  134. UI Can not turn off the horde
  135. Other A14.7 Nav map MP errors in output log
  136. Mechanics Crafting Mechanic Broken
  137. Mechanics Pushed through bed rock
  138. Multiplayer Weather Effects on Dedicated server
  139. Other Clients only hear zombies if near host
  140. Crash Problem
  141. Graphics Grpahical Anomalies
  142. Mechanics Bandages not working.
  143. Other (Linux) 7 Days to Die does not stop process after quitting the game
  144. Other Puzzling and a possible exploit
  145. Crash Moving or Looking around = Crash
  146. Mechanics Forges stop when closed (yes, still)
  147. Mechanics Forge queue not working
  148. Graphics Bag on Random map, create triangle.
  149. Mechanics cant turn on light (mole goggles) when rejoining server and occasionally in game
  150. Mechanics Spawn bug with Z-Bears in SP in night horde A14.7
  151. Mechanics Forge sound stops working A14.7 (easy to reproduce) SP
  152. Crash Moving or looking around = crash.
  153. Other No 7th day horde after a certain amont of days .... spawning.xml
  154. Mechanics Read schematics and not granted recipes
  155. Multiplayer De-Sync
  156. Mechanics Place chest on chest, wood debris results
  157. Crash [ERR] Opening buffer to save game: Sharing violation on path
  158. Other can be killed when in debug mode (dm) and G is activated
  159. Graphics Screen turning black and lagging really bad
  160. Graphics Cannot see...
  161. Multiplayer No Sound 14.7 Multiplayer
  162. Mechanics Killed on Spawn
  163. Crash Am I missing a Crash Fix?
  164. Multiplayer Minibike Dupe Exploit
  165. Mechanics Forge Recipe "lump of clay" is backwards
  166. Multiplayer Terrain rendering LAG
  167. Multiplayer Friend invite bug
  168. Graphics Video Upside down
  169. Graphics Water Textures too dark/black
  170. Other [Mac] Process remains running after game quits
  171. Graphics Badly Bright Snow Even With Low Gamma
  172. Crash Servers
  173. UI Placeable building blocks do not have full rotations
  174. Mechanics Tools - Axe and Sledghammer in wrong class
  175. Mechanics A few different issues with snow biome
  176. Mechanics Inner corner block missing all possible rotations
  177. Mechanics NullReferenceException when trees are cut down 14.7
  178. Mechanics I can't learn Forged steel
  179. Other FlagStone Ingredients
  180. Graphics Upgraded Wood Frames Cause Clipping on CorrugatedMetalWallSheet
  181. AI Many many many many ai bugs. Not sure if it is already posted or not.
  182. Mechanics Iron Hoe Behaves Lke Weak Shovel, No Tilling
  183. Crash Private game Stats and Inventory/Toolbelt Total RESET
  184. Mechanics Blocks floating in mid air
  185. Multiplayer Alpha 14.7(b6) All Storage chests in base mysteriously destroyed
  186. Graphics Forge Graphics
  187. Other Sound bug - Sound stuck
  188. UI You don't have the required fuel to craft this.
  189. Mechanics - Supply crates may fall into the ground.
  190. Other Game randomly set to Multiplayer
  191. Other inverted screen bug
  192. Mechanics Items disappearing
  193. Mechanics Ladder glitch that makes you fly
  194. Multiplayer chest and hordes
  195. Other - Running the minibike
  196. Mechanics Will this ever be fixed??? FFS this has been going on forever.
  197. Other No horde spawn
  198. Crash Crash 7 days to die 64 bit
  199. Mechanics Died for no reason?
  200. Other ALT-TAB out of game results in slow gameplay due to ram compression
  201. Mechanics Mining
  202. Graphics Still able to view underground area.
  203. Other Sound effect volume ignores vertical distance
  204. Other glitch, console command keep popping out. refer to below image
  205. UI Compass Markers Rapidly Flashing
  206. Other Cross bow crafting bug?
  207. Crash Game Crashes on Mac After Loading Screen
  208. Mechanics OverflowException: Value is too small.
  209. Mechanics Iron dup
  210. Mechanics Leveling up to lvl 100 during first night
  211. Other Don't place "steel pillars 50" next to your vault door!
  212. Mechanics Time not flowing for every block
  213. Multiplayer Multiplayer Defects - Drowning and Bike animation
  214. Crash Black Screen / Map graphics Stop
  215. Mechanics not sure whats going on here
  216. Multiplayer No zombie sounds for any guests playing on a peer to peer multiplayer server?
  217. Mechanics Shotgun's perks
  218. Other Misc PC issues
  219. Graphics Client-Side Stuttering / Chunking only on a particular server
  220. Mechanics No fix for water yet Devs ??
  221. Graphics What The Hell!
  222. Graphics - cloaking/disappearing plant life
  223. Graphics World didn't load and i ended up falling fovever ...
  224. Other Help! Saved game file changed from Survival SP to Survival MP.
  225. Other Game Error
  226. Graphics Hit by zombie mess with the field of view
  227. UI UI - "New Game", "Continue Game" menus
  228. Mechanics Multplayer Block Upgrades without materials
  229. Mechanics Drowning on dry land !!!!!
  230. Multiplayer huge lag while horde
  231. Graphics FPS drops
  232. Mechanics blocks break instantly when placed
  233. Crash The game Crashed. The crash report folder name " " next To game execu
  234. Multiplayer Errors while playing Alpha 14.7
  235. Other - How to easily circumvent a bank's vault door
  236. UI - crafting multiple spotlights
  237. Crash alpha 14.7 navezgane, SP, base/garden/chests. dissapeared on day 11.
  238. Mechanics Snow Biome
  239. Multiplayer Server FPS drop during horde
  240. Mechanics Using a forge invokes a null
  241. Mechanics Physics change, buildings collapse after exploding large chunks anywhere on the map
  242. Multiplayer Minibikes + spikes = instant server lag
  243. UI - laggy workbench interface
  244. UI Anvils in the Forge
  245. Graphics Nightgoggles bug
  246. Other Single player game - multiple issues
  247. Mechanics Hard Metal Door, the Frame. (old bug still not fixed)
  248. Mechanics Unlimited Meat/Animal fat and hide
  249. Crash Crash and save deleted?
  250. Crash "Building Environment" Bug.