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  1. Multiplayer delay of animal death
  2. Multiplayer Password Secure Server Connection Wording
  3. Mechanics Null Reference Exception
  4. Multiplayer Alpha 10- Peer to Peer Dsync and Lag
  5. UI Incorrect spelling/grammar in the UI
  6. Mechanics Zombies Clipping through solid objects
  7. Crash SteamOS downloads and Fails to launch!!
  8. Mechanics 11.1 Cobblestone ramp frame bugged rotation after stone filled
  9. Graphics Shape Wedged60Full missing rotations
  10. Multiplayer Coop high ping
  11. Voxel meshing of natural terrain featurs obscuring bird nests & other loot containers
  12. --- Read before creating new threads ---
  13. Multiplayer Mini bike disappears
  14. Crash Minibike disappear at login
  15. Mining helmet disappearing?
  16. Mechanics Wood disappears when chopping down tree's
  17. Multiplayer Difficulty settings. 6. Insane. Your one brave mother.
  18. Mechanics No backpack on death, occasionally
  19. Graphics Area of ground vanishes ( Errors )
  20. Squish all the bugs!
  21. Crash CTD after a few minutes into the game
  22. Crash A12.5 Many Problems, ATTN: Devs
  23. Other Call me Mr.Stutters (FPS,Chunk load in issues as usual)
  24. Multiplayer User Login and Server Crash Error: (Error executing GetAudioManager().)
  25. Graphics Wooden Bow obscures crosshair
  26. EAC Game changer! Sick of hackers
  27. Multiplayer NotSupportedException: Cannot expand this MemoryStream
  28. Mechanics Instant Zombie Spawning
  29. Mechanics 7 Day Horde Coming Earlier in the Day
  30. Multiplayer 7DTD don't connect to the right port with steam://connect
  31. Mechanics Bug/Exploit: Produce Iron from Clay
  32. Crash Game crashing / blue screen
  33. Other Base and mine underneath suddenly filled by landclaim blocks and stone
  34. Mechanics Mini Bike Chassis should not be allowed to be placed down within a LCB area
  35. Mechanics bugs im still seeing
  36. Multiplayer Chasis PVP Exploit
  37. Other im stuck in the crouch position and cant stand up!!!
  38. Mechanics Another crafting/free exp loop without loses
  39. UI Can't type hangul(korean) in game
  40. Other Alpha 12.5 Bug
  41. UI Stun icon appears instead of stamina boost
  42. Mechanics Сharacter Creation
  43. Mechanics Crossbow Not Firing
  44. AI Dogs and Zombies getting stuck on stone piles and attacking it / digging under it
  45. Other starting new single player
  46. Crash Steam overlay mishap
  47. Mechanics Teleported to nowhere (space?) at death
  48. Mechanics Walk over maple sapling and get bark/twigs treefall animation plus seeds repeatedly
  49. Mechanics Death loop :: Respawn still trapped
  50. Other inventory stuck open
  51. Freezing, Teleporting, and Wall Glitching
  52. Crash Crash then character completely reset
  53. Other i found something odd today, the items config file has a large space in it
  54. Mechanics Trees falling into the wrong direction and others
  55. Multiplayer Found this last night - Floating house
  56. Bugged Hordes
  57. UI Corpses transformation to gore while inventory open
  58. Other another bug
  59. Mechanics Weird bug - dropping 5th bag inventory item every few minutes
  60. Other Old Biome Ambient river sounds. in 12.5
  61. Mechanics Ladder Shoots player high in the sky to his death alpha 12.5...
  62. Other [BUG] Minibike vs medic kit
  63. UI Minibike 'repair' interface closed by itself and all remaining parts vanished
  64. UI Trunk disappears when cutting
  65. Multiplayer Negative Kill Count After Reaching Score of Approximately 34000
  66. Multiplayer EXC Cannot expand this MemoryStream
  67. Multiplayer Minibike frame teleportation exploit/glitch
  68. Other Sky Jump Ladder Bug
  69. Other Underground Texture
  70. Crash Game crahes instantly
  71. Mechanics Infinite wood (pretty easy to fix)
  72. Other Minibike disappearing without reason
  73. Graphics Serious problems with land
  74. Other failed upgrade in wood frame
  75. Graphics Windows opaque bug [SP / MP]
  76. Mechanics Bike bugs
  77. Mechanics Little ladder bug
  78. Mechanics 7 Days To Die: Day 1 Horde Edition
  79. Mechanics Minibike stuck in spikes + teleportation over 280000 blocks away after death
  80. Multiplayer Bypassing the lock on my server
  81. Crash Constant Crashes
  82. Mechanics A13: Doors locking/unlocking broken for friends
  83. Mechanics A13 XML typos
  84. Mechanics Can't make anvil
  85. Mechanics A13: Sound bugs
  86. Mechanics A13: Game FPS Bombs when alt-tabbing (intermittant)
  87. UI A13: Out of range error messages when going onto character sheet
  88. Multiplayer Several A13 Bugs I have encountered so far
  89. Mechanics Effects before being hit?
  90. Mechanics A13 Dedicated Server Linux Bugs
  91. Other Wrong locale breaks the sound (decimal point issue)
  92. UI Unable to open Character tab
  93. UI Crosshair problems since A12.5, aka Dude, where is my crosshair ?
  94. Mechanics Chainsaw requires Auger parts instead of Chainsaw parts
  95. Other Stone, and ore.
  96. Mechanics [A13/b141] Some customized controls won't get save after restart.
  97. Graphics Bug with bed's can cause a purple screen
  98. Crash Console error while looting corpse
  99. UI UI - Skill sheet
  100. Multiplayer Restarting my server completely kills it.
  101. Mechanics Original (non-upgraded) scrap iron walls can't be upgraded to reinforced Scrap iron
  102. Crash Could not allocate memory: System out of memory
  103. UI Selecting "equip" breaks the menus
  104. Graphics ALPHA 13 zombie models causing severe fps drops
  105. Mechanics Level up skills does NOT actually increase craft speed
  106. Other A13 (Schematics Bug)
  107. Mechanics Sexual tyrannosourus (complaint)
  108. Crash Crash when trying to connect in multiplayer
  109. Mechanics Fridge Hum Sound Not Going Away
  110. Other [BUGS] My A13 Bug-List
  111. Mechanics Unable to plant blueberries on tilled dirt.
  112. Mechanics Skill levels are carried over to the next new game
  113. Other One discovered glitch and bug.
  114. Crash Huge memory leak
  115. Graphics FPS drops, unplayable.
  116. Graphics Spike and dip in terrain
  117. Mechanics No damage bar when shooting with bow.
  118. Mechanics F key for the miner's helmet
  119. Mechanics You have to eat two whole deer to be full for 1 day.
  120. Graphics Possible cause of fps drops
  121. Mechanics Two players same spot different outside temperature
  122. Other A13 Bugs and Opinions
  123. Multiplayer Wood multiplying
  124. Mechanics Random Gen Shutting Game Down Unexpectedly
  125. Other Male and Female mixed up when saving new character.
  126. Crash A13 Linux Server Crash Error Message
  127. Graphics Video options show wrong description
  128. Mechanics Wood chopping bug
  129. Mechanics A13 - Cobblestone can no longer be repaired
  130. Multiplayer Alpha 13 - Minibike bugs
  131. Crash hard lock forces reboot
  132. Mechanics Buzzing
  133. Multiplayer Lose everything on death
  134. Mechanics Bugs i encountered on A13
  135. Multiplayer Temperature
  136. Other Animal Carcasses disappearing into the ground.
  137. Mechanics A13 - Wood, cobblestone and concrete crafting cost
  138. Mechanics MiniBike Sound
  139. Multiplayer Passwords saved
  140. Multiplayer Can't Spawn In?
  141. Mechanics A13 - Forge / Campfire - Fuel timer goes down faster than crafting timer
  142. Graphics A13 Not displaying at correct resolution (AMD card)
  143. Other Trash pile with gun safe in garbage dump prefab collapses when breaking safe
  144. Mechanics Zombies cause performace issues (confirmed by many)
  145. EAC Constantly getting booted from server
  146. Mechanics A13: Killer Trees
  147. Mechanics Huge Minibike shared passcode error.
  148. UI Bag Tabs UI Character
  149. Mechanics City generating heat like a desert.
  150. Graphics Game stopping/stuttering every 5-15 seconds, overall poor proformance (issue one)
  151. UI Slow UI and awkward moving of items in invintory (Issue 2)
  152. Mechanics A13 - Cobblestone rocks crafting timer
  153. Mechanics Slow switching of items on hotbar
  154. Graphics A13: Player looks like theyre lying down in game
  155. Other Pop up zombies
  156. UI Forge not registering items
  157. Mechanics Player falling through the ground bug is back
  158. Other A13: Can of water labelled as bottled water
  159. Graphics Alpha 13 : harvesting and character window bugs
  160. Mechanics MAC issue with player profile
  161. Mechanics cant repair Scrap Iron wall
  162. Mechanics The never ending Rinforce Concrete Pillar
  163. EAC A13 - Starting the game with AntiCheat causes heavy lag/stuttering
  164. Other Door teleport
  165. Other Bugs I have found thus far.
  166. UI Night Vision half working
  167. Multiplayer My server is experiencing terrible issues
  168. Mechanics Silent Zombies
  169. Mechanics Secure storage chest deleting items.
  170. Graphics Nothing but pink - see screens
  171. Other A13 - Spawned on the side of a cliff
  172. Graphics feral zombie model bugged
  173. Mechanics Physics Broken
  174. Crash game crashes randomly a13
  175. Graphics Alpha 13 -Shader Issues
  176. Graphics Cars not appearing/reappearing
  177. Multiplayer A13 RandomGen MP Index out of bounds every time I try to see the player window
  178. Graphics Graphical Bug Serious Issue Report 001.
  179. Mechanics A13 stack duping bug/exploit on any stack-able item (game breaker)
  180. UI A13 Unable to Display character tab
  181. Multiplayer High Temps with darker skin color
  182. Crash Game Crashing for a Steam User
  183. Mechanics Disappearing inventory/bottomless crates
  184. Mechanics A13 Containers don't always respawn loot
  185. Other Hunting Rifle Schematics used but recipe not learned
  186. Mechanics Loot Respawn Timer causes Loot to not spawn at all
  187. Multiplayer Random diarrhea sound
  188. Graphics A13 - Thrown/Dropped items appear as different item
  189. Graphics The graphics are on LSD. Screen shots~
  190. Mechanics Shotgun messiah store spawns no loot.
  191. Mechanics Metal Lost
  192. Mechanics Nightvision Goggles
  193. Other Iron Garden Hoe always has quality of 1
  194. Multiplayer No Loot for anyone - Multiplayer Server
  195. Other Old SaveGame not loading properly
  196. Other A few Bugs we Noticed
  197. Multiplayer Bugs/suggestions so far (alpha 13.1)
  198. Mechanics Chainsaw Recipe uses Auger Parts
  199. Mechanics Empty Equipment Slots Apply Mystery Bonuses?
  200. Mechanics Cannot drink water from ponds with hands
  201. UI Minibike and the Map
  202. Mechanics Repairing a Wooden Club costs 10 wood.
  203. Multiplayer DediServer, clients literally in the past
  204. Multiplayer [Audio] Hear sound of other players
  205. Crash A13.1 Crashes On Startup
  206. Mechanics A13.1 - Crafting timer skill reduction calculation wrong with multiple items
  207. Mechanics A13.1 - Fixed: recipe for stone boulders now matches what you can harvest from it.
  208. Crash Loot is nonexistant and Fatal errors
  209. Mechanics Fireaxe Vs stoneaxe
  210. Mechanics A13 Trees Still Deadly
  211. Mechanics Weird jumping in A13.1
  212. Crash [Bug?] AirDrop Box Error
  213. Other AirDrop distance
  214. Mechanics Life after death cheat/bug/exploit
  215. Mechanics Ladder Glitch Bug is still alive
  216. Multiplayer doubling bug
  217. Mechanics Forge eating part of fuel
  218. Mechanics QOL change in the Forge
  219. Other A few after patch bugs
  220. UI night vision make your view upside down
  221. Crash Falling through world and other A13 bugs ive encountered
  222. Mechanics wrong crafting count
  223. Mechanics Treebug (pine) and respawn-problem
  224. Mechanics Total loss of all progress while paused
  225. Other Stuck after pressanykey
  226. Mechanics [SP] No loot.
  227. Mechanics drop bug?
  228. Mechanics Tree's final act of defiance...
  229. Graphics Player graphics and motion.
  230. Multiplayer [Skills] Can't purchase Quality Joe
  231. Mechanics Screamers - Bugged or Overpowered?
  232. Graphics Digging Underground
  233. Graphics BUG with EAC. BLACK SCREEN ETC.
  234. Other Hornet Sound In Menu
  235. Mechanics A13.1 Bugs
  236. AI Animals get stuck on objects
  237. Graphics White Mesh Box Around Distant Trees
  238. Mechanics Dead Zombies Standing After Being Killed
  239. Other Possibly Not Bug - Massive Craters Are Generated
  240. AI godly dogs? eating cars?
  241. UI Object Durability Displays On Unreachable Objects
  242. UI Upgrade Icon Stuck
  243. Mechanics Can't repair steel walls
  244. Multiplayer Outside Temperature Different for Characters in the Same Location
  245. Multiplayer Minibike all kinds of bugged
  246. Mechanics [A13.1] Bugs & Suggestions
  247. Mechanics A13: Zombies not attacking, just standing there. even when you shoot/hit them
  248. Mechanics entering DM mode on friends server causes mouse pointer to dissappear forever
  249. Crash A13: Bug stops further chunks from loading
  250. Mechanics A13.1 Skill point: minor bug