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  1. Graphics Gpu Clock stuck or something after playing 7 days
  2. Multiplayer Wrong Server Version Error Msg Dissapears too quick
  3. Crash Crash or waiting times on Loading Screen
  4. Mechanics Low Gravity and Double Ingot
  5. Crash Linux client won't launch
  6. Crash NullReferenceException after quiting game
  7. Mechanics Missing box texture
  8. Mechanics Bug: Stuck on Log Wood Spikes = Death
  9. Mechanics Easy Wellness Reset
  10. UI Disappearing Pickaxes?
  11. Crash Arch linux, alpha 11.2 not working
  12. Mechanics Hard stutter regular game play - Video attached and partial log.
  13. Mechanics [A11.2 DS] Nicknames and lights
  14. Mechanics 11.2 b4 broken leg
  15. EAC (Solved) EAC not starting? 11.2 b4
  16. Mechanics cobblestone texture missing and cobblestonewedge placement
  17. UI Beer missing descriptions
  18. Mechanics Fireplace Bugs
  19. Mechanics Max degradation on items with durability over 500 is broken
  20. Mechanics Save/load game breaks worldgen in 11.2b4
  21. Mechanics Invisable blocks and ineffective spikes
  22. Mechanics Scrap Metal Piles and Safes - What gravity??? :)
  23. Mechanics Bug: Can't swing weapons/tools
  24. Mechanics Crafting window items lost after logging (yeah, I know its not a new bug)
  25. Multiplayer very high, fluctuating ping on some servers
  26. Mechanics Bullet Dupe Glitch
  27. Mechanics Flashlight not working
  28. Mechanics Block Collapse physics
  29. Mechanics Recipe with result of greater than one only produces one item
  30. Multiplayer [11.2b4][Campfire]cook amount increase abnormal
  31. Multiplayer [11.2b4][campfire]cost time at minus
  32. UI [11.2b4][inventory] item description shows buff description instead
  33. Mechanics A11.2: Shotgun short stock not craftable
  34. Graphics Stag (Deer) speed looting cheat
  35. Multiplayer Personal Bug List 11.2 (b4)
  36. Mechanics No Coal in Caves?
  37. Mechanics Block Mass / load problem ?
  38. Mechanics (A11.2 b4) Fridge + Stove destroyed through wall
  39. Mechanics HP and Stamina Bars permanently stuck at 25% when creating new save game.
  40. Mechanics cannot place doors
  41. Mechanics stuttering when crouching and using ladders
  42. Multiplayer Crafting and block bugs A11 release
  43. Multiplayer deer is not dropping loot
  44. Mechanics Zombie dogs not slowed down in water
  45. Mechanics A 11-11.2 Endless hordes in Ruins
  46. Graphics Missing texture "cobblestoneBroke01" for cobblestone blocks
  47. Mechanics Invisible blocks/objects
  48. Mechanics duplicate bug found
  49. Mechanics (Not sure if posted) Zombies and dogs sometimes phase through my doors.
  50. Graphics Minor Graphical Bug
  51. Mechanics Flashlights don't always work.
  52. UI Campfire cooking timer not working and not cooking.
  53. Mechanics rwmixer.xml
  54. EAC Hackers In EAC server (players with illegal modded files)
  55. Mechanics Custom supply drops bug
  56. Mechanics Pistol grips
  57. Mechanics Houses flyng
  58. UI 11.2 SP Inventory gone after quitting the game...
  59. Mechanics Secure wooden chests bug????
  60. Mechanics Crafting bug
  61. Mechanics broken leg bug?
  62. Mechanics Loot respawn doesn't work anymore ?
  63. Graphics Characters all have parkinson
  64. Mechanics A11.2: Repairing can scrap your weapons
  65. Multiplayer Using TNT disables physic?
  66. Graphics Random Gen parts of world not loading
  67. Mechanics POI's on roads, floating houses.
  68. Multiplayer 11.2 (b4) - Occupied Blocks and NullReferenceException
  69. Mechanics movement_factor broken?
  70. Graphics Sides of wooden frames + log spike becomes transparent after zombie attack
  71. Graphics Graphics Bug
  72. Crash Killing zombies with fire drops console down and interrupts gameplay
  73. Mechanics Nul reference
  74. Crash Bug - infinite XP and sticks followed by server crash
  75. Graphics Firelight & Hoe animations - Minor Bugs
  76. UI Crossbow not aligned with its crosshair when standing.
  77. Mechanics Antibiotics and wellness
  78. Mechanics Wasteland Constantly spawns zombies.
  79. Mechanics Walking through doors
  80. Mechanics Endless Feral Horde
  81. Mechanics Bluetooth speaker issue
  82. Mechanics Gravel destroys backpack
  83. Mechanics not sure whats going on here
  84. Graphics MAC Planted Trees missing correct color
  85. Mechanics Your own land claim block protects against your own tnt
  86. Mechanics wood spike, 2 buggy behaviors
  87. Mechanics Zombie stuck in structures
  88. Mechanics Alpha 11.2 b4 Bullet's bug in Disassemble box
  89. Graphics Invisible walls after destroying/replacing certain blocks
  90. Mechanics Half Towns [RandomGen]
  91. Mechanics Oil barrel duplication
  92. Mechanics Placed claim block. All zombies stopped
  93. Multiplayer Huge sudden laggspikes, sometimes persistent.
  94. Mechanics Structural Integrity Bug Alpha 11.B4
  95. Mechanics Miners Helmet Light wiggle wiggle
  96. Graphics Version 11.2 b4 Invisible block bug.
  97. Mechanics Invisible block, food and water multiplying on campfire, flying out of ladders
  98. AI AI director still notworking corretly, missing 7 days hordes.
  99. Mechanics Stil breaking my legs and weapon repair kits turn into scrap iron
  100. Multiplayer Crafted desksafe lootable
  101. Mechanics Repairing flawless tools
  102. Mechanics Blocks invisible & can't be targeted on one side
  103. Crash Game freezes when bringing up inventory while crafting large stacks
  104. Multiplayer Rebooting the server winds back the Day counter
  105. Mechanics The gun crosshair seems off, also, need way to turn old ironsights crosshair back on.
  106. Mechanics Terrain generator is null
  107. Mechanics block id 20 fertilegrass needs property added to enable grass growth.
  108. Mechanics Still no spider Z's
  109. Multiplayer Joined Peer to Peer Game with my char and keept inventory
  110. Mechanics Zombie01 has come back
  111. Mechanics Gravity, where is it !?!
  112. Mechanics Unremovable cobwebs and vines in caves.
  113. Mechanics Fridges and Filing cabinets untouched after placement
  114. Crash Linux dedicated - 64bit
  115. Mechanics Locked Iron Door becomes unlocked after breaking one layer of upgrade
  116. Mechanics Bug: Player backpack gets destroyed too easily
  117. Mechanics Zombie cop explosions kill player through cobblestone blocks (unlike other materials)
  118. Mechanics Respawning loot
  119. Mechanics Can't consistently shoot through Iron Trussing
  120. Mechanics Storage containers unable to be opened on server
  121. Mechanics Cannot put Log Spikes on Iron Trussing
  122. Graphics Weird Invisible Blocks (with screen caps)
  123. Crash NullReferenceException - Like a "Divide by 0 Error" (result isn't possible)
  124. Mechanics Blocks.xml Simple things
  125. Mechanics A11: Shooting through Cobblestone
  126. Mechanics Noise is travelling to far through any medium.
  127. Graphics [minor] placed Fertile dirt doesn't get Texture matching the Biome
  128. Mechanics Died and my wellness reset to 100/200.
  129. Mechanics Gltich accessing storage
  130. Mechanics Zombies spawn inside base
  131. Mechanics Skull and spine gore block
  132. Mechanics Infinite gas For chainsaw
  133. Mechanics Structural Integrity - Floating block
  134. Mechanics Pistol Disassemble without book
  135. Mechanics Digging holes and breaking legs
  136. Mechanics Doors and Supply Containers easy to break into.
  137. Mechanics campfire negative fuel time bug
  138. Mechanics storage chest password
  139. Mechanics Minor Glitch, Coffee buff
  140. Mechanics SMG broken
  141. Multiplayer Farming: plants just refusing to grow
  142. Mechanics Game breaking glitch
  143. Mechanics broken hatches
  144. Mechanics Ammo Material Duplication Bug
  145. Mechanics Physics engine linux server low fps
  146. Mechanics 64 pages to create a book, a book creates 20 pages
  147. Mechanics Gasstation pre-looted car
  148. Mechanics Mining helmet issues/console/strafing/on+off
  149. Multiplayer PVP bug related to kill points.
  150. UI [Linux] Chat character
  151. Multiplayer Dedicated - ERR Save player fow file: Sharing violation on path - Leads to LAGS
  152. AI Feral Zombie
  153. Mechanics Zombies dancing around in circles?
  154. Multiplayer NullReferenceException
  155. Graphics Glitchy Tree Graphics
  156. Mechanics Placing log spikes next to a POI Bluilding will delete log spikes and wall.
  157. Mechanics continuous feral horde spawning
  158. Mechanics Feral Mechanics Bugged?
  159. Mechanics SCRAP METAL PILES unable to scrap!!!!!
  160. Mechanics Can't aim & shoot on Mac
  161. Graphics Black pine tree/missing texture on sprouting pine
  162. Graphics Invisible cobblestone rocks
  163. Mechanics New MaxAnimal Setting Bug
  164. EAC Teddy Bear error?
  165. Mechanics Err Exception: In Load Chunk
  166. Mechanics Error in joining game
  167. Mechanics Character model animation and mining helmet
  168. Crash Equip Armor Crash
  169. Mechanics Say Command Broke
  170. Mechanics Weird new Issue from 11.3
  171. Mechanics House Completely Gone with 11.3
  172. Mechanics NullReferenceException when looting Animals 11.3
  173. Mechanics Blue Car Error!!
  174. Graphics 11.3 - Headlamp direction bug - strafe to the left or right while looking up or down
  175. Graphics Supply plane after last patch !
  176. Crash 11.3 NULL Reference exception spams console
  177. Mechanics More Console Kick Spam....
  178. UI The "Old Bug" is back...
  179. Crash driver crash
  180. Multiplayer Character Glitch
  181. Graphics Lights & Torches Operating In Reverse
  182. Mechanics you broke the ban command
  183. Mechanics I lost everything because game bug's
  184. Crash Equiping or Taking Off EQ Causes Crash.
  185. Mechanics Stealth not working?
  186. Mechanics [A11.3] Just died standing in place
  187. AI [A11.3] Unlimited Zombies
  188. Graphics Black screen?
  189. UI Have to reset to fullscreen every time I log in
  190. Mechanics Appears zombies are using trees as strip poles
  191. Crash Game crash when trying to create a new game with very long name :)
  192. Multiplayer 11.3 House Spawn Breaks my House
  193. Graphics Sniper Rifle Visual Glitch
  194. UI empty animals
  195. Mechanics null error cant start a game since newest update
  196. Mechanics Hooks
  197. Crash Stuck Loading Screen 7DaysToDie.exe has stopped responding.. CANT LOAD GAME !!
  198. Crash NullReferenceException when entering game
  199. Mechanics Errors on new game start
  200. Mechanics Iron Bar Walkway Bug
  201. Multiplayer Server bugs I found:
  202. Mechanics Dumpsters & Library collapse
  203. UI Serious Lag spike when crafting bullets.
  204. Mechanics Equipped items not working anymore (including workaround)
  205. Crash Alt-tabbing from fullscreen
  206. Mechanics Zombie waves not spawning
  207. UI Flashlight flags still stuck
  208. Mechanics Superfast stamina depletion
  209. Mechanics Blocks disappearing in prefab town (random gen)
  210. Multiplayer Can't make Vegetable Stew on rented server
  211. Mechanics Got milk!!!
  212. Mechanics Shop Tools Regenerate no loot
  213. Multiplayer [g] [h] breaking and all you see is skybox
  214. Crash House is gone after patch
  215. Crash Game Crash
  216. Mechanics Chunk Loading errors
  217. Mechanics Survival SP - Double night hordes
  218. Graphics A11.3 Causing Graphics Card Shutdown on Hosted Servers [White Screen]
  219. Crash Game not responding almost every lauch. this problem have other my friends too
  220. Mechanics Deer/Pig not dropping anything
  221. Mechanics Bugs for 11.3
  222. Mechanics All my stuff disappeared
  223. Graphics cobbleStone Textures bugged
  224. Mechanics Read reloading weekly book but no recipes showing.
  225. Graphics Helmet flashlight bug still present in alpha 11.3
  226. Mechanics A11.2 Repairing items can scrap all repair materials
  227. Mechanics Campfire / forge models dark when not in use
  228. Graphics Sticky stick is sticky.
  229. Graphics No water in cave
  230. Mechanics Day / NIght calcualtion not right
  231. Mechanics Problems when creating a new profile
  232. Mechanics Backpack dissapears on death
  233. Mechanics Gas duplication bug
  234. Graphics Items affected by the U5 shader bug A.K.A. black items
  235. Mechanics Wood Log Spikes
  236. Mechanics [A11.3] Container / Workstation: Last Known State Preventing Interaction
  237. Graphics Rendering Issues
  238. Graphics Graphics issue - disappearing terrain & buildings
  239. Mechanics zombies STILL spawning in single story building I cleared 30 seconds earlier
  240. Mechanics Sound of enemies / electric signs
  241. Mechanics Animals turning into gore blocks
  242. Mechanics Converting weapon parts' quality
  243. Mechanics No air drops
  244. Mechanics Weapon Repair Kits disappearing
  245. Multiplayer No Feral Horde after 7 / 14 / 21 / 28 / 36 Days :(
  246. Mechanics Breaking a piece of a locked, reinforced secure iron door causes it to unlock
  247. Mechanics Mining Helmet
  248. Mechanics New Invisible Block
  249. Mechanics exploitable action
  250. Mechanics Backpack contents carried over from one game to another.