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  1. Mechanics Weird invisible object that I can climb on but not destroy or remove
  2. Mechanics Hordes not working
  3. Multiplayer Thread_regenerating ERROR when players try to join game (region file corrupted?)
  4. Mechanics 11.3 Infinite ammo crafting bug.
  5. Multiplayer [A11.3] No hordes at all
  6. Mechanics 11.3 problems, No Plane and choppiness
  7. Crash Game crashed when I tried looting a car.
  8. Mechanics Crafting items spawns loot
  9. Multiplayer spawn location in new games
  10. Mechanics map falling into space time continuum
  11. Graphics Near crash, framerate 1/s
  12. Multiplayer Item Duping
  13. Crash [BUG] Server Bug
  14. Mechanics Ladder on reinforced concrete
  15. Mechanics Light still shining through walls, Zombies spawning inside my fenced in area
  16. Mechanics Loot crate and car bug
  17. Mechanics Prefabs, library, Parking garage falling apart :(, eta on fix? filling in caves,
  18. Graphics Scrap Armor glows in the dark?
  19. Multiplayer Big Problem on Dedicated
  20. Mechanics Guns Falloff range
  21. Mechanics Falling houses and mines weirdness
  22. Mechanics 11.3 Stuck on upgraded wood log spikes until death
  23. Multiplayer Can't play on MP Servers
  24. Mechanics SI buggy as ♥♥♥♥
  25. Mechanics Zombies spawning in my base
  26. Mechanics Walking through a line of iron bars
  27. Crash "Quiet" Crash
  28. Mechanics Reinforced Concrete Collapse
  29. Mechanics 11.3 Fuel values
  30. Mechanics More broken leg problems
  31. Mechanics Supply crate falling through earth related to player height.
  32. Mechanics Falling through Iron Bars
  33. Crash Frequent crashes
  34. Mechanics (Not so) Quick list of errors/bugs/ etc etc I've experienced so far...
  35. Mechanics Infinite zombie horde.
  36. Mechanics Lump of Coal attributes
  37. Mechanics Can't get out of rich person pool
  38. Mechanics Macing iron out of arows
  39. Multiplayer Crafting materials in queue disappear on logout
  40. Mechanics Falling out of the world
  41. Mechanics Stun removes Buzz Buff
  42. Multiplayer Server commands
  43. Mechanics Wood logs
  44. Crash Game crash on startup
  45. Crash Cant use Cloth In 11.3
  46. Graphics Maple Tree Animation
  47. Mechanics Weapon Repair Kit
  48. Graphics Texture bugs/ Grass man?
  49. Mechanics Dedicated on Linux Telnet Listener/REPL Hang
  50. Mechanics Wood log spikes - how to get away?
  51. Multiplayer Server stops generating terrain
  52. Crash After searching 1 animal searching a second one of the same type throws an exceptions
  53. Crash Frequent crashes in offline mode
  54. UI Inventory opens slowly while crafting a lot
  55. Multiplayer Server resets config files
  56. Mechanics Underground water when mining
  57. Mechanics Started a fresh game but had all my inventory from an old game
  58. Mechanics daytime / night time clock A 11.3
  59. Mechanics Using Auger / Chainsaw / Electric tools under water...
  60. Barns are still bugged
  61. UI Inventory not closing
  62. Mechanics Intersecting Keystones
  63. Multiplayer Landclaim blocks not protecting entire claimed area
  64. Mechanics Unrealistic Physics Issues
  65. Graphics I can not create a male character
  66. Mechanics Tooltip for scrap paper wrong
  67. Mechanics Taking crafted items resets crafting timer
  68. Multiplayer Regions not loading A11.3
  69. Mechanics Overnight Heat generation from fires/forges is broken
  70. Mechanics Who else is tired of BS leg breaks?
  71. Mechanics Scrap Iron semi-cheat
  72. Multiplayer Serverconfig XML bug with 11.4
  73. Mechanics stone exploit
  74. Crash Crash on startup with 11.4 even after clean install
  75. Mechanics Unlimited gas for chainsaw and auger needs fixing asap! There is still a campfire bug
  76. Mechanics current known bugs
  77. Mechanics Ammo exploit still in game for 11.4
  78. Multiplayer A11.4 Log Errors
  79. Mechanics Cannot Harvest Meat From Pig
  80. Mechanics Road Issues
  81. Mechanics New Bugs 11.4
  82. Mechanics Since alpha 11, players can now jump a RIDICULOUS distance horizontally
  83. Graphics Wiggling head lamp from hell
  84. Mechanics Game world shaking and spontaneous braking legs
  85. Mechanics Upgrading lower quality items with campfire
  86. Mechanics Campfire bug : replicate known ingredients, input 1 output + previous output
  87. Crash Unable to launch game [Alpha 11 - OS X 10.9]
  88. Mechanics Weapon repair kits!
  89. Mechanics [BUG] Leg Break and Death
  90. Mechanics Unattached blocks (stones) not falling
  91. Graphics Immersion breaking artifacts in the distance since Alpha 11.3
  92. Mechanics Can't turn Zombies off
  93. Mechanics Forge : filling the input slot over 32.000 makes the resources disappear
  94. Mechanics Crafting : create an extra 50% bullets by right-clicking the output
  95. Mechanics No loot pigs
  96. Mechanics Windows and blinds with fall damage
  97. Mechanics Iron Bars Glitch?
  98. Graphics Iron Armor (female) doesn't scale to body correctly
  99. Mechanics Gore block pushing players (entities) on appears.
  100. AI Poor performance with 100 and more zombies
  101. Mechanics Strafe left then hit strafe right doesn't work while the opposite does work
  102. Mechanics Drinking water when I don't have anything in my hand
  103. AI Zombies and animals moving in intervals
  104. Mechanics Concrete Mix has "metal" weight
  105. Graphics tree and bush grids
  106. Crash Deserts in A11.4 Random Gen
  107. Mechanics Backpack : contents stays when changing server
  108. Mechanics Storage Chests vs Zombies
  109. Mechanics Structural Integrity and Water
  110. Graphics Few Graphic bugsa i have noticed
  111. Mechanics Biofuel crafting bug
  112. Mechanics Campfire fuel bug
  113. Mechanics [BUG] Character being launched up into the air
  114. Mechanics Animals suddenly Despawn while being hunted
  115. Multiplayer players' inventory/gear are missing on disconnect
  116. Mechanics Craftable iron door bugs after beeing damaged and then repaired
  117. UI Mining Helmet light always on
  118. Mechanics Planting crops in the air
  119. Mechanics Crafting window bug that affects the entire server
  120. Crash system freeze crash
  121. Mechanics Animals spawn dead
  122. Mechanics Forge fire times
  123. Mechanics Repair Bugs
  124. Mechanics Invisible Blocks
  125. AI Horde spawns still a problem?
  126. Mechanics Sleeping bag/terrain bug
  127. Multiplayer glitch - can see through the surface.
  128. Graphics two problems which I have met.
  129. AI MM spawning.xml edit fix modifying zed behavior on Day 1 (sensed in hole)
  130. UI Cannot map the Keypad Return Key (Enter)
  131. Graphics Missing water rendering
  132. Graphics Missing ground
  133. Graphics problems with ssao
  134. UI Sound issue
  135. Crash Loading Error
  136. Multiplayer Several Cheat Glitches that ruin multiplayer gameplay (Please Read!!)
  137. Multiplayer Linux Dedicated - Possible Memory Leak
  138. Mechanics issue when putting pistol (to dissasemble) in output while item is already there
  139. Mechanics Chopping down trees - Sound issue
  140. Mechanics Backpack drop on death - It can be accidentally destroyed
  141. Mechanics Computer audio issue - Volumes change
  142. Mechanics Infinite Iron Scraps Through Reinforced Metal Siding
  143. Crash 7 Days to Die makes my computer screen go black
  144. Mechanics Building physics really need a fix
  145. Mechanics Melee Weapon issues
  146. Graphics Environmental effects indoors
  147. Crash SSP Minor crash issue on Ubuntu 14 LTS
  148. Mechanics Troubles with doors
  149. Mechanics Any way to turn music/ambient off without disabling zombie sounds?
  150. Graphics Improper lighting of interiors
  151. Mechanics Zombie falling through road.
  152. Multiplayer Bugs - Uggly weapon clonning , some other one..
  153. Mechanics [BUG] ingot molds recycle into iron scrap
  154. Graphics [TYPO] Difficulty settings descriptions have typos
  155. Crash Crashes before i can play, please help q.q
  156. Mechanics World is regenerating over my already generated region files
  157. Mechanics Spawned on a house roof
  158. Mechanics Stood up by Day 14 horde
  159. Graphics missing particle effect
  160. UI Pop up that happens occasionally during hordes.
  161. Mechanics Plains Biome Bug
  162. Crash Game crashes when it "loads the enviroment" been trying for ages to get it working
  163. Mechanics Items disappear if disconected when Crafting
  164. Mechanics Crafting Furniture Exploit (GUN Farm)
  165. Multiplayer Unable to cook or use forge
  166. Mechanics Crossbow becomes jittery mess as move away from 0,0
  167. Graphics Crazy Black and White Trees
  168. Mechanics Exploit/BUG - Infinite gas in Auger/Chainsaw
  169. Multiplayer Dedicated Server not recognizing character level
  170. Graphics Mining Helmet light distortions
  171. Crash Hangups when Refreshing server list
  172. Mechanics Nasty easy cooking exploit/bug
  173. Multiplayer Loaded into new server with inventory from previous server
  174. Mechanics Some blocks are falling down with no reason (video)
  175. Mechanics Unused Repair Kits Scrapped
  176. Mechanics Biome Generation Bug (minor)
  177. UI Iron sight bug
  178. Crash Repeated Crash to Desktop on LINUX
  179. Multiplayer Rare bug?
  180. Mechanics Weapon prefab going out of hands
  181. Multiplayer Terrain data reseting/ wiping buildings
  182. Mechanics Unable to loot pigs?
  183. Mechanics log spike - teleportation
  184. Mechanics Stealing land claims? Spawning items?
  185. Crash A11 first launch crash
  186. Mechanics Collision boxes bugging on Iron Bars
  187. Mechanics Steam thread I created on missing roaming and Feral hordes for 11.4. poss.fix inside
  188. Crash Fresh Crash Logs for 4.11
  189. Mechanics Broken leg save game
  190. Multiplayer Dedicated Server Keeps Going Back in Time
  191. Mechanics Two Minor Bugs / Annoyances
  192. Mechanics Exploit/Bug: Cement
  193. Mechanics Indian Burial Ground doesn't spawn in Random Gen
  194. Multiplayer Jump Damage
  195. Multiplayer Spawn in items in any multiplayer server
  196. Mechanics Index out of range exception
  197. Mechanics Air Drops still not showing A11.5
  198. Multiplayer Broken dll file in Patch 11.5
  199. Mechanics Beer and the morning after
  200. Mechanics NullReferenceException
  201. Mechanics disappearing zombie corpses
  202. Mechanics storage containers that were locked in 11.4, no longer locked in 11.5?
  203. Crash Error with v11-5: Could-not-load-type-InventoryField
  204. Mechanics gun parts dupe glitch/bug
  205. Graphics Bug on Start Up Screen
  206. Mechanics What happened to the torches?
  207. Graphics World edge and map fogged out bug
  208. Mechanics lost items in crafting area upon logging out.
  209. Mechanics Extra Gas Can
  210. UI The item's information window does not appear!!!
  211. Crash server freezes and kicks since new patch 11.5
  212. Multiplayer BUG - Friend track still tracking after removing friend
  213. Mechanics Settime command does not reset the "Day" value for wandering hordes
  214. Mechanics Looking trough blocks bug exploit
  215. Mechanics copper ingot?
  216. Mechanics bread rock destroyed by tnt
  217. UI Console Error - Bedroll
  218. Mechanics New Claim unit Exploit
  219. Mechanics A11.5 world missing chunks
  220. Graphics Red flickering windows with A11.5
  221. Mechanics dissapearing log spikes
  222. Mechanics Reinforced Metal Siding Used to Create Scrap Iron
  223. Mechanics Stone turned to bedrock
  224. Mechanics Fix basic bugs dying for nothing and fly
  225. Mechanics super jump
  226. Graphics a11.5 performance shutdown!!!
  227. Multiplayer Alpha 11.5 (b10)
  228. Mechanics Campfirebug
  229. Mechanics Unable to finish cooking custom gated recipe in campfire
  230. Multiplayer Multiple errors.
  231. Mechanics game crash fom crafting results on level loss and game time resets to login date.
  232. Graphics Invisible Forge and door
  233. Mechanics Floating blocks after door removal
  234. Multiplayer world end ,Infinite fall
  235. Mechanics Block Upgrade Bug-Video Demonstration-Upgrades wrong block
  236. Crash Crash on startup
  237. Mechanics Still can't see airdrops
  238. Mechanics Deadly barn
  239. Graphics trees clear fog
  240. Mechanics Container Loot
  241. Graphics Miner Helmet light Toggle bug
  242. Graphics Aloe/Yucca Images exchanged
  243. Mechanics Weapon Quality Duplication exploit
  244. Mechanics BUG: No Animal Loot & Lost Items when crafting and exiting the game.
  245. Multiplayer Map / chunk corruption random gen MP A11.5
  246. EAC Bluescreen on start with EAC enabled
  247. Multiplayer Zombies Getting Stuck / Not Moving
  248. Mechanics Dropping from a 1 ft or less hove breaks my leg and kills me from full health
  249. Multiplayer Windows/doors/fridge missing - output log inside
  250. Mechanics Zombies climbing 2 blocks high