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  1. Graphics Invisable supply crate and peripheral vision
  2. Mechanics Few Bugs to Mention
  3. Mechanics The moon is stuck
  4. Mechanics Ladder fall damage is cumulative
  5. Mechanics Hatches are leg breaking traps after the 11.6 patch
  6. Mechanics No 7 day feral hordes
  7. Mechanics Null Pointer Exception when attempting to upgrade a damage cobblestone frame
  8. Mechanics Barns supported by Hay
  9. Mechanics Day 7 Zombie Horde not finding me in a Cave.
  10. Mechanics Good SMGs are degrading at double speed, and other issues
  11. Mechanics A11.6 Hotfix: Disappearing Zombodies!
  12. Graphics Gore blocks float on building floors
  13. Stuttering
  14. Mechanics ladders keep launching player into the air (please fix )
  15. Mechanics Death by landing on Zombie (3 block fall)
  16. Multiplayer Sawing crate will spawn cobwebs inside of crate
  17. Mechanics Zombie fell of the roof of a 2 story building and didn't die...or even limp
  18. Mechanics Teleported on rooftop when relogging
  19. Mechanics Crate keeps dropping in radioactive zone off the edge of the map
  20. Mechanics Day value doesn't match zombie spawn
  21. Mechanics Legs break when standing on another player and they move away
  22. Graphics "Array Index Out Of Range" 4FPS
  23. Game breaking bugs!!!
  24. Multiplayer Big Problems with Map
  25. Mechanics weapon repair kit problem
  26. Graphics Spawning outside of world
  27. Crash Game crashing/freezing/hanging ... unplayable !!
  28. Crash Oops - crash messege from game
  29. Mechanics Caves
  30. Graphics Certain Tree in Wasteland Appears as a 2d shape at a Distance
  31. EAC for modders
  32. Mechanics cotton seeds turn to pine seeds
  33. Graphics Invisible doors and windows
  34. Mechanics Immunity applied to player entity problem
  35. Mechanics Sounds of birds
  36. Crash 7 days to die bad clash with google chrome
  37. EAC (Solved) Issues with recording Software Mirillis Action!
  38. Mechanics Quality/repair exploit
  39. Multiplayer Chunks not rendering, multiple console errors
  40. Graphics Pine trees not rendering at distance?
  41. Mechanics Map Not Loading, World Not Spawning, Unable to Loot Certain Animals
  42. EAC (Solved) Steam Bug in 7 Days to Die
  43. UI Cannot see item details
  44. Mechanics Antibiotic bug
  45. Mechanics Painkillers damage / kill me
  46. Crash Cannot touch Blocks
  47. Mechanics Forge bug - fuel
  48. Mechanics 11.6 Invisible (probably corrupt?) blocks, cannot remove
  49. Mechanics Weapon repair kits
  50. Mechanics Please fix cobble stone ramps until A12
  51. Multiplayer Exception: Array Length in pool not supported 145506
  52. Mechanics Do you really test your last patch a11.6 for all bug about "borken leg"?!!!
  53. Mechanics [11.6] Launched into space by climbing backwards up a ladder
  54. Mechanics Looting pig in water error strings
  55. Mechanics Campfires do not correctly output quantities > 1
  56. Mechanics Buffs timers still counting when player logs off
  57. Graphics Player model changing when holding revolver
  58. Multiplayer Random World See Through Death Blocks
  59. Multiplayer Opening map bug
  60. UI Quitting a Game with the TAB scoreboard up leaves it up in the main menu
  61. Mechanics Store Signs Hover in mid air after breaking the pillars that hold them up.
  62. Mechanics Bullets dematerialize after flying a set distance.
  63. Multiplayer Can shoot through non-rendered world in multi player
  64. Mechanics Grass view distance unintended(?) consequences
  65. Mechanics Timer vanishes when opening gun safe
  66. Multiplayer Campfires and Forges
  67. Graphics Can't change resolution (LINUX)
  68. Crash Starting game via Steam (LINUX)
  69. Graphics Sun effects caves
  70. Mechanics Shooting dead zombie gives you EXP
  71. UI Chat covers Quit/Options
  72. Multiplayer Day 7 mechanics not good - constructive criticism
  73. Multiplayer Dupe Bug
  74. Multiplayer A list of many exploits I have found
  75. Mechanics [11.6] Zombies can hit you from far too distance
  76. Mechanics Some A11 bugs on my server
  77. Crash Game crash/ Crafting dump
  78. Crash inventory and crash problems in multiplayers
  79. A 12 BUG.. annoying!!
  80. Mechanics A12 startup bug.. unplayable
  81. Graphics a12 shrubs, plants, etc.
  82. UI A12 Launch problem
  83. Mechanics A12 Bug - Assign Flashlight Key
  84. Graphics A12 Video on MAC
  85. Multiplayer Alpha 12 Linux Dedicated Server doesn't create savegames
  86. Mechanics A12 Random Gen Always Using Desert
  87. Mechanics WoodenBow Repair Bug
  88. Graphics loosing textures?
  89. Mechanics Auger deconstruction and gas can dupe exploit.
  90. Multiplayer (Alpha 12) Please Post All Issues Here
  91. Mechanics Stack of boiled water convert to stack of anything else
  92. UI Fonts on Ubuntu all messed up
  93. Mechanics A12 Key Binding can't bind Space as "secondary"
  94. Mechanics Cannot Open Gun Safe
  95. UI Tab + Tilde
  96. Crash A12 Bug List
  97. Mechanics Bug List A12
  98. AI Items.xml
  99. Multiplayer a12 server bug
  100. Graphics A12 floating terrain blocks, mini bike disappearance, black sky on Mac.
  101. Mechanics Wooden Bow no longer fires...
  102. Graphics GTX860M Graphics Bug
  103. Graphics Micro stuttering with GTX 980 every 5 seconds
  104. Mechanics Bow damage -- may as well be using a Nerf weapon.
  105. Mechanics A12 killed when planting trees
  106. UI Alpha 12 bug - Mouse sensitivity issue - Bloody Mouse
  107. Mechanics Loss of Mouse L & R click actions in SP and MP/reinstall does not fix
  108. Mechanics [A12] Buged crafting menu, and eternal night
  109. Mechanics Bit Of An Issue
  110. Mechanics OP minibike
  111. Crash NullreferenceErrors
  112. Graphics Some visual things I noticed
  113. UI Tooltips for items in bottom hotbar unreadable
  114. Mechanics Death by ???
  115. UI can't select higher resolutions
  116. Graphics Unending Darkness
  117. Mechanics Spawning area not clear (of zombies and bears)
  118. Graphics Alpha 12 -- Black Textures on a Mac
  119. Crash Game crashes when changing resolution.
  120. AI Alpha 12: Zombies stuck in place
  121. Crash A12 keeps crashing after playing a while
  122. Crash 7 Days A.12 doesent start up on Mac 10.6.8
  123. Crash inventory bug
  124. Graphics [a12] why I can change brightness with my scroll wheel while crouching?
  125. Mechanics A12 has inroduced a Key bindings bug : Remapping primary attack key bug
  126. A12 - FAQ / Known bugs
  127. UI Getting Stuck Where Main Menu Should Load
  128. Graphics Watery looking sleeping bag
  129. Mechanics A12 Strange Bug - Zombies are Stretch Armstrong
  130. Crash (Solved) [A12] stuttering and freeze
  131. Mechanics a12 - Broken Game - Ambient Sound, Bears, Dogs, Melee, Spawns, Damage, Ladders, etc
  132. Mechanics Single use campfire
  133. Multiplayer Framerate Drop and Black Textures (PC)
  134. Mechanics [ Prefix >>> ALL ] DID YOU REALLY TEST SERIOUSLY YOUR A12?!
  135. Mechanics Minibike repair can use up infinite repair kits
  136. Multiplayer Well lets begin...
  137. Mechanics Wrong locale breaks the gameplay (decimal point issue)
  138. Crash Constant Hard Drive use and crashing on quit
  139. Graphics Raining inside houses with roof (only objects)
  140. Mechanics Terrain generator is weird
  141. Graphics Textures not rendered on objects in cave
  142. Crash Chunks not loaded
  143. Mechanics Armor still not working
  144. Mechanics No water!
  145. UI 7 Days Broken
  146. Graphics (A12) Scrolling mouse wheel causes gamma to change
  147. UI Objects not repairing in centre of craft panel - console appears instead
  148. Crash Crashing a LOT more since A12
  149. Mechanics Memory Leak
  150. Mechanics Water sound in the desert with no water present
  151. Mechanics Instantly killed upon chopping trees
  152. Graphics "Fullscreen" Setting Forces Game to "Left-Most" monitor, regardless of resolution.
  153. Multiplayer A12 - Not dropping backpack anymore
  154. Mechanics Melee combat distance seems kind of off to me, just ends with trading blows
  155. Multiplayer Smashing locked boxes results in empty box
  156. Multiplayer Game Server Hour day/night
  157. Mechanics [A12] ALWAYS raining and with storm like clouds
  158. Mechanics Bugs, issues, and annoyances (long list)
  159. Mechanics Mining Helmet
  160. UI Console pops up on error... ca this be changed?
  161. UI A12 Bug - Stage 2 Infection
  162. Crash Constent game crashing after A12 patch
  163. Mechanics A12 Airdrop Error Message bug
  164. Multiplayer Fixed Disassemble Ammo Exploit
  165. Mechanics Wrenches, hit detection.
  166. Mechanics [A12] world generation problems + screenshots (some of them very important)
  167. Mechanics Animal corpses slide down slopes and then disappear
  168. Graphics Heavy Flickering with A12 - i7-4790K @ stock, R9 290 @ stock
  169. Mechanics BUG Stuff in storages, Security Chest, Gun Safes....
  170. Mechanics Same name in Random and Navgane duplicate character items.
  171. Multiplayer Fixed Crafting Dupe bug ???
  172. Graphics Camera angle while on minibike problem.
  173. Mechanics Player respawning position
  174. Multiplayer Times-browser to in server.
  175. Mechanics Stealth attack mechanic broken?
  176. Mechanics Backpack disappears
  177. Mechanics Quantity of zombies
  178. Mechanics A few bugs to report with Alpha12
  179. Mechanics Error: The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing!
  180. Mechanics Locked secure storage box locked all boxes connected to it
  181. Graphics Dark Textures/Skies/Ect ON WINDOWS + Zombies doing nothing
  182. Mechanics Weapon Storage Empties itself
  183. Mechanics Scrap armor scrapping yields too much scrap iron
  184. Mechanics Using minibike gets u off the map
  185. Mechanics A12: Stone axe/shovel repair exploit
  186. Mechanics A12: Bow repair
  187. Mechanics Minibike storage drops all its contents
  188. Mechanics Crossbow or Gun won't be centered and health degeneration
  189. Mechanics Northeast corner - supermarket - whole building seemed bugged
  190. UI Created a new profile as male, named & saved. Edit profile, now female.
  191. Mechanics Sneaky bears
  192. Mechanics Ride off the map
  193. Crash NullreferenceErrors
  194. Mechanics Storage Containers Disappear after Fast Travel
  195. Mechanics I planted a tree and it killed me.
  196. Mechanics Gas can scrap to scrap iron?
  197. AI 7 Day Feral Hordes not spawning on 7th days
  198. Mechanics Forge output display shows wrong item (A12)
  199. Mechanics Hitbox of some zombies not correct (A12)
  200. Mechanics HUGE Amount of Hordes
  201. Mechanics Very strange weather during transition zones
  202. Graphics Items and blocks indoors show rainwater (A12)
  203. Mechanics Quality on crossbows not implemented (A12)
  204. Graphics Gore blocks form small floating blocks (A12)
  205. Mechanics Air Drop Time Anomaly (A12)
  206. Mechanics Nasty Bug: Unlimited Gasoline from Auger/Chainsaw bug
  207. Graphics World Bug- Random Gen
  208. Mechanics Escaping out of a loot container causes a time delay
  209. Mechanics Window Recipe Causes Errors
  210. Mechanics game balance and bugs.
  211. Mechanics Disappearing minibike
  212. Crash Game NEVER exits properly
  213. Mechanics Bugged Item Qualities?
  214. Mechanics [A12] Random Gen 3.0 Terrain cut-off
  215. Mechanics food for days bug
  216. Mechanics Wood log Spike damaging through walls
  217. Graphics A12 Glitches - missing walls and 2-D terrain
  218. Multiplayer Some pics of issues
  219. Graphics [OS X] Detected VRAM size half of actual size
  220. Graphics A12 Bugs so far. FROM A LONG TERM FAN!
  221. Graphics [A12] I can change bright with the mouse wheel. 100% reproducible + screenshots.
  222. Graphics Wierd bug. Terran "stretches"
  223. Mechanics Mini Bike Inventory Ejection
  224. Mechanics [A12]How to build your new air house
  225. Mechanics Minibike repair battery
  226. Graphics Mac Client has black blocks -> unplayable for me
  227. Mechanics Auger
  228. Mechanics I Was Killed By A Baby Tree!!!
  229. AI Bug or hackers? I don't know - Video
  230. Multiplayer Bug at window
  231. Mechanics Growing Iron from Corn
  232. Mechanics Crossbow can no longer be aimed.
  233. Mechanics Not enough caves.
  234. Mechanics RanGen Cities
  235. Multiplayer corrupted Map
  236. Graphics Zombie Dogs turn into zombie human corpse when looted
  237. Mechanics Blood Moon Not on Feral Horde Night and minor exploit
  238. Mechanics Shotgun short stock can't be burnt
  239. UI EAC kicked, but server chat and toolbelt are still accessible on main screen
  240. Multiplayer The never ending try to spawn hordes
  241. Mechanics Minibike items not craftable with recipe
  242. Mechanics Random Generated Map on Linux not the same like on Windows
  243. Multiplayer biome.xml format issue
  244. Graphics Rain weather "wet shader" glitch
  245. Crash The Endless Loading Screen
  246. Mechanics All Storage not downgrading properly
  247. Graphics Weapon model issues
  248. Multiplayer 7DTD - GameServer Query Information / Lobby loot Information
  249. Mechanics Physics Fail, Books are dangerous
  250. Graphics Chuncks not loading