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  1. Mechanics Instant Skinning
  2. Mechanics vegetable stue and loading screen
  3. Mechanics Is it just my map or is 1/2 of everyones maps now desert?
  4. Mechanics A12 - Console keeps opening with errors
  5. Mechanics Instant zombie respawn at POI after killing the present ones
  6. Mechanics Ammo duplication exploit/ammo switching bug
  7. Multiplayer Bug: Cannot connect to Password protected Peer-to-peer game
  8. Mechanics Spawn on my bedroll - put me under the house, stuck
  9. Mechanics tungsten Ore ?
  10. Crash Opening inventory crashes game
  11. UI (Weapon) Repair Kit eats entire stack
  12. Mechanics snowing inside buildings
  13. Mechanics Rain shows up on items underground/covered
  14. Mechanics rooftop collapsing
  15. Mechanics Flying up in the air from ladder, hackers and no lakes?
  16. Mechanics Oil Barrels - no functionality/No longer breakdown into gas cans
  17. Crash A12 Inventory bug
  18. Graphics Floating PoI's
  19. Mechanics Enemy spawn rate: low and medium are dramatically different
  20. Mechanics Unlimited Gas cans
  21. UI Insane level typo
  22. UI SPLIT option using right click is not available with Cotton
  23. AI Bear Aggro vs Zed Aggro
  24. Mechanics Gas cans for Scrap Iron
  25. UI Minibike Lead Battery Values
  26. Multiplayer A12 Landclaim blocks STILL not protecting entire area - 6 MONTH ISSUE
  27. Mechanics Sneak Speed after Rezzing same as Non-Sneak Sprint
  28. Mechanics Flashlight, possable cloth fragment exploit and error in recipe
  29. Mechanics looting??????? Auger??????
  30. Mechanics The floating water tower
  31. Crash game lasts as long as me in bed
  32. Crash Permafire!
  33. Mechanics A12 - The Cactus is NOT your friend!!! Hopefully bugs different to everyone else.
  34. Mechanics Killed animals fall through ground on hills and are lost
  35. Mechanics Borne and Noble collapse bug
  36. UI Thunderclap sound not tied to ambient volume
  37. Mechanics Planting tree seeds on impossible terrain = death
  38. Graphics Leafless Tree causing a big white grid to appear
  39. UI "sensed" eye while sneaking not working
  40. Mechanics Looking in player bag blows it up
  41. Mechanics [A12] Importent! Bullets crafting exploit!
  42. Graphics For the WORLD GEN Duds
  43. Mechanics Desert and Water
  44. Graphics Firearms can be seen through walls
  45. Crash Alpha 12 hotfix crashes immediately on start. (Linux)
  46. Graphics Prefabs in towns spawning inside of each other again
  47. UI Mouse Sensitivity in Overdrive
  48. Crash Failed to start game ( Missing Excecutables)
  49. Mechanics Sound (direction and distance)
  50. UI Crafting screen error on Linux - screen nevers goes away
  51. Mechanics Trees since 12.1
  52. Mechanics [A12.1] Minibike Bugs
  53. Mechanics No crosshair/reticle when bow zoomed
  54. Graphics Multiple issues
  55. Multiplayer Alpha 12 New Patch - Zombies won't stop spawning
  56. Mechanics Extremely repetative PreFab
  57. Mechanics [A12.1] - Minibike storage issue
  58. Mechanics Bows stop working and become unusable even after leaving the game.
  59. Mechanics Mini Bike isn't fixed at all
  60. Multiplayer Serious Terrain Issue
  61. UI sp save
  62. Crash even on A12.1 64 bit exe still crashes when launching the game
  63. Mechanics arrow icon sometime shows as bullet icon in right corner
  64. Mechanics [12.1] Hoe no longer works
  65. Mechanics [12.1] Wood club as good as iron reinforced club
  66. Graphics [12.1] Severe and frequent frame drop in hub city
  67. UI [12.1] Can't rebind menu to ESC
  68. Crash OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory
  69. Mechanics Wonky Gun Placements
  70. Graphics Mac 12.1 Complete Sky Missing
  71. Mechanics Alpha 12.1 - Cant crafting
  72. Graphics [12.1] Sleeping bag placement - outline bugged
  73. Mechanics [12.1] Ductape scrapable and yields far too much
  74. Mechanics The Bullet Dupe Glitch Lives On
  75. Graphics [12.1] I notice more sunlight in caves than before
  76. Graphics [12.1] Schematic for handlebar is wrong
  77. Mechanics Alpha 12 - 12.1 Auger Reach
  78. AI Two problems
  79. Mechanics Missing DMG-Value on trunkPinetip in blocks.xml
  80. Mechanics Fireplace Broken
  81. Mechanics Ladder-related bug
  82. UI Arrows showing as 762 ammo
  83. Mechanics Bears don't detect you while sneaking
  84. Mechanics Is this still a thing in 12.1?
  85. Graphics Floating House
  86. Mechanics Items disappearing
  87. Crash Argument Exception Invalid Keycode.
  88. Mechanics Infinite XP exploit
  89. Graphics [12.1] Reflections OTT
  90. Graphics [12.1] Objects becoming invisible
  91. Graphics [12.1] Downgrading concrete - texture misfit
  92. Graphics Cactus disappearing closer you get
  93. Mechanics Gore block destroyed the backpack
  94. Graphics [12.1] Airdrop freezing in the air
  95. Mechanics The coffe eexploit to get full wellness superfast
  96. Graphics Cobblestone frame transparent while filling from below (A12.1)
  97. Mechanics Picking up objects stones/aloe, etc. changes terrain (A12.1)
  98. Mechanics Buildings ar placed on the road (A12.1)
  99. Mechanics Ammo|Bug|exploit
  100. Mechanics Different background sounds on single blocks (A12.1)
  101. Mechanics Hitting ESC during a drinking animation cancels the effect.
  102. Mechanics [BUG] Ladder on edge of pit around water tower falls down, destroys ladders and kills
  103. Mechanics Do not die near furniture if you value your items
  104. Mechanics Can't climb out of water tower even after knocking out the wall
  105. Mechanics A12.1 Negative cook times
  106. Crash Game starts to stutter after long game play session.
  107. Mechanics [12.1] Animals going underground
  108. Crash Crashes when crafting large numbers of items
  109. Mechanics Stuck on wood spikes
  110. Mechanics spawning.xml typo ?
  111. UI Inventory item mouseover values for Block/Entity Damage not matching experience
  112. Graphics A12.1 black screen after login, custom render path error
  113. Mechanics Woodlog Spike A12
  114. Mechanics Aplha 12.1 Issues At the Moment
  115. UI mouse capture bug on multi monitor (including workaround)
  116. Mechanics Recycle Scrap Armor Bug
  117. Multiplayer Unlimited Goldenrod Tea/Coffee crafting bug
  118. Mechanics [12.1, DS, Multiplayer] Blocks don't rotate on collapse (only on SP)
  119. Multiplayer Terrain missing, chunks not loading
  120. Mechanics Biome Town and POIS Spawning bugs
  121. Multiplayer Far more zombies than intended (and mostly the same kind).
  122. Mechanics Arrow Duplication Bug
  123. Mechanics Forges/campfires stop working / fuel disappears
  124. Mechanics Cannot Collect Tires
  125. Graphics Graphics issue !
  126. Crash OverflowException: Value is too small.
  127. Multiplayer Got to 7 day horde, review of alpha 12 bugs.
  128. Multiplayer We both hear each others sounds. And other bugs
  129. Mechanics Cannot break down oil barrels into iron
  130. UI Strange issue with control bindings, My players are quitting because of it.
  131. Mechanics Cobble stone ramp frames won't place every direction & place bugged when filled
  132. Graphics Linux port (guessing OSX too?) much darker than Windows.
  133. Crash Random server crash (Linux).
  134. Graphics A gas station inside a building
  135. Multiplayer Buff bug still here
  136. Graphics Frame timing issues?LOD, view distance bug? different between sp and mp.
  137. Mechanics Oil barrels no longer turn into gas can?
  138. Crash a12.1 Crashing Video Driver
  139. UI Pistol bullet icon is that of 762 ammo
  140. Mechanics Born & Noble Catastrophe
  141. UI Infection wrongfuly showing in active buffs
  142. Mechanics Was hunted and killed without ever being seen.
  143. Mechanics Tree Flipping
  144. Mechanics Destroy all items on death doesnt work.
  145. Mechanics seeds disappearing while growing
  146. Mechanics BUG? (Road Cut Through Hill)
  147. Mechanics Mass crafting lag bug
  148. Mechanics Minibike storage deleting all item inside
  149. Multiplayer The "black chunks on map" bug
  150. Mechanics Caves - Not generating entrances
  151. Graphics Two weapons equiped at the same time
  152. Mechanics Shelves no longer break down into shelves
  153. Multiplayer A12.1 Glitch Exhibition
  154. Mechanics Missing part in loot.xml
  155. Crash Mini Bike bug will eventually cause your server to lag-out and crash.
  156. Mechanics Somewhere to email pimps about a Dupe bug I found
  157. Mechanics Shotgun slugs
  158. Multiplayer 1800 game time hordes
  159. Graphics [12.1, DS] invisible fire on entities
  160. Mechanics [A12 (b56)] Stun debuff causes falling to be in slow-motion
  161. Multiplayer [A12 (b56)] Zombies can Mario-kill the player
  162. Mechanics Can't Remove Cobwebs
  163. Graphics Doors Become Invisible
  164. Mechanics When do zombes log off?
  165. Mechanics Mini Bike Disappears After Taking Off Tires
  166. Crash Server keeps getting random Array problems
  167. Mechanics 12.1 Disappearing Bodies and can't place blocks
  168. Multiplayer Map data errors, terrain confusion
  169. EAC EAC (teddy bear) booting me out randomly
  170. AI Delayed Feral Horde
  171. Multiplayer Multiple Bugs over a few days of Alpha 12.1
  172. Mechanics 12.1 Bgs and oddness!
  173. Mechanics Oil barrel Exploit
  174. UI Persistent IndexOutOfRange error from inventory and crafting
  175. Mechanics 12.1: How to destroy your gun by adding a flashlight
  176. Crash Dedicated A12.1 out of memory CRASH !
  177. Multiplayer Terrain issues
  178. Mechanics 12.1 Biomes.xml ignoring "caves" parameter
  179. Mechanics Console Error - Possible Tree Issue
  180. Mechanics Ladder rocket
  181. Mechanics Tree Saplings are Deadly
  182. Mechanics Disappearing Minibike Parts
  183. Multiplayer Full inventory causing desync with server A12.1
  184. Mechanics On 50cc bike, batteries, and IRL bike ownership (steam forum diplicata)
  185. UI A12.2 Inventory Full
  186. Mechanics Can't breakdown Brass.
  187. Multiplayer Furnaces, quality bug
  188. Mechanics Alt R not working anymore with new update
  189. Crash 12.2 Dedicated Server Stop
  190. Mechanics Day 61: No Minibike Book and No Steel Arrowhead
  191. Mechanics A12.2 Exploding Crossbow Bolts Will not load into crossbow
  192. Mechanics Forge Bug when crafting weapon parts A12.1
  193. Mechanics [Bug] Entities disappearing/being invisible.
  194. Mechanics Horde rotation out of sync with day counter?
  195. Mechanics No experience for crafting known recipes
  196. Mechanics Holding down alt key causes mouse function inoperative
  197. Crash Blue Screen of Death???
  198. Mechanics Wood Window Bug
  199. UI Control function assignments still broken 12.2
  200. Mechanics Invisible objects, Getting catapulted into the air, always bad weather
  201. UI Arrow Error 12.2
  202. Mechanics Alpha 12 (12.1 and 12.2) - Can't break down bullets
  203. Mechanics A12.2: Player doesn't get hit by zombies if bleeding.
  204. Multiplayer Random Gen 'Bugs'
  205. Mechanics A12.2 Gas can recipe twice in "recipes.xml" file
  206. Mechanics SteelArrowHead not in game
  207. Mechanics RoamingHordeSpawnDay and RoamingHordeSpawnNight does not reset correctly
  208. UI Can't type UniCode character
  209. Mechanics 12.2 Missing collision tag on blocks
  210. Mechanics A12.2 XML Vanilla File Errors
  211. Crash Possible Array Exception Cause?
  212. Mechanics Information Not Showing On SMG & Magnum Parts
  213. AI Bears walk in (under) water not like deer and rabbits
  214. Graphics Buildings spawning to close are getting chopped.
  215. Graphics Linux textures flicker.
  216. Mechanics Openin map / inventory while salvaging animals
  217. Graphics A small aesthetic (not gameplay) bug
  218. Mechanics A12.2 Bug Replacing Windows Damaged By Spitters
  219. Graphics Mac black sky bug observation (from MM's blog)
  220. Mechanics Minibike got stuck in fat zombie guy then disappeared
  221. Crash IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range
  222. UI Frame drops when scrolling around on map?
  223. UI Craft inventory full bug is also effecting scrapping items even with loot timers on
  224. UI Simple bandage doesn't have a scrap option when inside a loot container
  225. UI Clothing or armor you are wearing doesn't have the repair option
  226. Mechanics No XP from crafting and auto-outputting directly to backpack
  227. Mechanics Prefab bug
  228. Mechanics Nullreference and IndexArray again... arrows/bolts
  229. Crash IOException: Too many open files
  230. Graphics 12.2 Magically Appearing Grass
  231. Mechanics A12.2 Explosive Bolt Recipe Cannot Be Used
  232. Mechanics A12.2 GPU usage is only 30%, but the GPU temp is too hot
  233. Mechanics Airdrops goes always to radiation zone.
  234. Mechanics Minibike unlimited fuel
  235. Mechanics Can't put a storage or a block next to a fridge
  236. Mechanics nightvision goggles
  237. Mechanics Infinite sapling bug
  238. Mechanics Can't Craft, Inventory Full
  239. Graphics Raining inside when changing stance
  240. Mechanics Inventory issu
  241. Mechanics gravity issues
  242. Mechanics No Feral Horde After Day 50
  243. UI Instant Scrap Bug
  244. Mechanics Falling From Height - No Bag Dropped Due to Debris
  245. Mechanics Invisible unknown object is blocking space, can't place objects, has collision.
  246. Mechanics Metal Strips, when crafted, dissapear.
  247. Crash Reboot / Blue screen 0x101 / crash to desktop
  248. Mechanics Minibike inventory dump
  249. Mechanics Game Breaking Bug
  250. Mechanics Leveled Loot Not Scaling with Player Level