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  1. Mechanics A12.2 - one new and three remaining bugs
  2. Mechanics Crafting Experience Exploit: Fuel
  3. Mechanics Airdrop Hanging In The Air And Not Falling
  4. Mechanics Floating POI
  5. Mechanics Quitting SP game on 7th night removes feral hordes for night
  6. UI Fire pit disappearing Items A12.2
  7. Mechanics Falling Through Map When Digging
  8. Mechanics Problem with campfire
  9. Graphics Water not visible
  10. Mechanics Known Recipe shows up as unread
  11. Multiplayer New error
  12. Mechanics (Bug) Zombies still spawning in garden, floating POI in desert, hordes screwy
  13. Multiplayer Invisible death
  14. Mechanics Mini Bike Storage and insta death
  15. Mechanics [12.3] can't place lots of blocks
  16. Mechanics [12.3] quick recipe usage not working on crossbow
  17. Mechanics [A12.3] Padlock is still unavailable
  18. Mechanics [12.3] Vomiting Light from Mining Helmet
  19. Mechanics Gun safes
  20. Mechanics 12.3 Crafting and new Scrap iron spikes
  21. Mechanics Arrows and Bolts reloading
  22. Mechanics [BUG] Spawn Near Bedroll not working
  23. Mechanics Kept getting inventory full message when crafting scrap iron from iron fragment
  24. UI [BUG] Can't reload my better wooden bow.
  25. Mechanics 'Equip' context command from loot container into full inventory overwrites held item
  26. Mechanics [12.3] Crossbow bolts damage
  27. Multiplayer forge bug,a12 a12.1 a12.2 a12.3
  28. Mechanics Can not Place Windows Next To Each Other.
  29. Multiplayer New error after update 12.3
  30. Multiplayer 12.3 vs Allocs
  31. Mechanics 12.3 Unable to change some control's
  32. Mechanics Climbing out of water/ digging under water
  33. Mechanics BROKEN ZED SPAWNS and MORE
  34. Mechanics 12.3 Wood Log Spike & Arrows
  35. Mechanics A12.3 Flashlight attatchment doesn't work on weapons with instant crafting
  36. Mechanics 12.3 stack number of all items is 500?
  37. Mechanics [Bug] A12.3.b5 - Wood Window Placement
  38. Mechanics Two weird things I noticed
  39. Mechanics Gun Bugs
  40. AI Glitchy Dogs don't chase and freak out on the spot
  41. Mechanics Minibike Deletes Itself.
  42. UI Sorting server list stops populating
  43. Mechanics Reinforced concrete blocks without steel.
  44. Mechanics backpacks disapearing after death in A 12, and some other bugs
  45. Mechanics Nightcycle: zed hung-up on something/attacking it way too long. Logout/in fixes.
  46. Multiplayer The hardness of the claim does not comply with what is indicated in the serverconfig
  47. Mechanics Backpack disappears after death
  48. UI Map tracking bug
  49. Mechanics Backpacks being destroy on death, farming bugged, campfire timer bugged.
  50. Mechanics Conjoined buildings in random gen worlds
  51. Mechanics Config file (Exp not working)
  52. Crash Changing Ore Generation
  53. Mechanics My minibike bug experinences
  54. Mechanics Loot level broken?
  55. Mechanics Invincible blocks
  56. Mechanics Wooden Hatch bug
  57. Mechanics Spawns : there is something wrong
  58. Multiplayer Invisible pillars/statues?
  59. Mechanics disapearing minibike while building
  60. Mechanics Degradation...
  61. Mechanics Break down bullets 12.3?
  62. Multiplayer Spawn near bedroll actually spawns by bedroll
  63. Mechanics Cobblestone Ramp not rotating correctly
  64. Mechanics Bears in creative mode
  65. Multiplayer A12.3 Error Generating Chunks
  66. Graphics Crossbow offset in player hands
  67. Mechanics Mapping of keys
  68. Mechanics SMG & Magnum Durability Bugs
  69. Mechanics Bug in xml files found (Double entry, and missing entry?)
  70. Mechanics New food dupe (infinite food)
  71. UI Trying to craft a weapon with a flashlight will sometimes eat the flashlight
  72. Mechanics Switching between Alternate Ammunition
  73. Graphics Born Noble collapses A12.3
  74. Mechanics Flying Hatches???
  75. Graphics Magic / Invisible grass
  76. Crash inventory menu stays frozen in the screen
  77. Multiplayer Day and night settings when changing server
  78. UI Error loading save from Alpha 11
  79. Multiplayer Issue with prefab housenewmansion
  80. Multiplayer Players died 99 times in the spawn of seconds.
  81. Mechanics Blocks behind Forges
  82. Mechanics Mining Light Suddenly Disappears Q_Q
  83. Mechanics Minibike Storage Bug
  84. Mechanics Lost Backpack Bug
  85. Mechanics Mini Bike storage and other bugs
  86. UI WEBSITE: Registration bug
  87. Crash File mismatch
  88. Mechanics Serious damage to the balance bug
  89. UI Entering the in-game Options menu unpauses the game
  90. Mechanics Gravel or sand from mining(digg) kills you in 1 hit.
  91. Graphics Invisible cactus
  92. Mechanics BUG: No crafting EXP unless the crafting window is open
  93. Crash Game still crashes randomly seconds to few minutes after start.
  94. Mechanics Windowbuilding broken, supply crate problem and more
  95. Mechanics Some prefab always spawn in the air...
  96. Mechanics MAC: Exploding and Steel crossbow bolts are broken?
  97. Mechanics A12.3 - "Minibike dies"
  98. Mechanics Day Counter Off or Imba Hordes?
  99. Mechanics Crafting planks bug.
  100. AI Bears stop attacks allthough you shoot them
  101. Graphics All profiles turn into women
  102. Mechanics sounds.xml typo: horentfly instead of hornetfly
  103. Mechanics Reference errors in XMLS
  104. Mechanics crossbowBolt missing "EntityDamage" resulting in better damage with default bolts.
  105. Graphics Textures not loading / the world is blue.
  106. Mechanics Bug collection, 20 active players :/
  107. Mechanics "Character" Erased for the 3rd Time
  108. Mechanics Scrap Duct-Tape - Infinity Cloth
  109. Multiplayer Wanna watch Nullreferences in action?
  110. Mechanics Destroying cobblestone gives back 2 destroyed stone "exploit"
  111. Multiplayer A list of bugs encountered in A12.3
  112. Multiplayer Infinite Airdrops
  113. Mechanics Serious Duping of Items in Alpha 12....
  114. Mechanics Minibike wallglitch | Maybe gamebreaking in PvP
  115. Mechanics Sledge hammer XML error
  116. UI missing chunk glitch happening in real time
  117. AI Can't see cop unless aiming down sights (at a certain distance)
  118. Mechanics "NullReferenceExeption: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  119. Mechanics Airdrop issue?
  120. AI Zombie pathing
  121. Mechanics Zombies are definitely dropping dead from unknown causes
  122. Multiplayer [12.3] Forges stop producing
  123. Graphics [12.3] Leaking ranger station roof
  124. Mechanics Repair kit issues... still
  125. Crash Typo on 12.4 hotfix
  126. Graphics Windows appear black in linux.
  127. Multiplayer Major Minibike Bug
  128. Mechanics Minibikes Falling through world. (12.4)
  129. Multiplayer Constant Disconnections since 12.4
  130. Graphics Crosshair disapearing completely, found why it happen.
  131. Mechanics nerd poling broke 12.4
  132. Multiplayer Cooking Glitch
  133. Graphics Precipitation coming through slanted roof blocks
  134. Mechanics Transmutation Bug?
  135. Multiplayer A12.4 KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  136. Graphics Disappearing Grass Entities
  137. Graphics Inside objects affected by outside weather
  138. Multiplayer Hackers connecting with dodgy clients causing chunks to corrupt
  139. Mechanics No crafting time
  140. Crash Repeatable terrain chunk generation thread crash
  141. UI A12.4 Crosshair barely visible agains light background
  142. Mechanics Mini Bike storage bug remains
  143. Mechanics Gun Powder Charge Recipe problem
  144. Mechanics Minor chest exploit
  145. Mechanics Random Gen - Floating Buildings
  146. Mechanics Dieing from falling trees well after the tree has faded.
  147. Mechanics Zombie spawning bugged
  148. Mechanics Hand/Gun Sway
  149. Mechanics Can't put Cinder Blocks in forge
  150. Mechanics 12.4 Bullets stop registering hits after 3 or 4 shots
  151. Mechanics Digging with shovel under a tree makes the tree disappear instead of falling
  152. Mechanics Scrap metal helmet exploit
  153. Mechanics SMG Reticle Disappearing/Reappearing After Bursts
  154. Mechanics Gun/Firearm Durability In General
  155. Mechanics Build count exploit
  156. Crash IndexOutOfRangeException
  157. Mechanics Stone Axe Requires 2+ Stones to Repair?
  158. Mechanics Water, no water
  159. Mechanics Natural gen voxel 1 block holes trapping players and zombies
  160. UI Small common typo found
  161. UI Thank you Devs for the 12.4 control mapping fix
  162. Mechanics Psychich hordes and loot gone
  163. Mechanics No day 7 feral horde
  164. Mechanics Crafting bug; Multicrafting with less Ingredients
  165. Graphics Overcast != Fog
  166. Graphics Windows are bugged at least on Linux
  167. Mechanics Poor Woden Bow Vs. Flawless Pistol
  168. Mechanics crafting timer resets every time you open the inventory
  169. Mechanics Mini Bike still disappears
  170. Mechanics Instant death due to terrain collision bug
  171. Graphics Weird textures (cobblestone, windows etc)
  172. UI Item dropped from inventory when looting, random occurance
  173. Mechanics creative garage and munitions boxs do not respawn loot
  174. Graphics Wood Window stage visible through heavy fog
  175. Mechanics Items.xml File Issues
  176. Mechanics 12.4 Minor Minibike handlears crafting bug
  177. Mechanics Auger and chainsaw bug 12.4
  178. Mechanics Hit target off on Auger??
  179. Mechanics Zombies loosing interest
  180. UI Crosshair and sneaking eye bug
  181. Mechanics Zombies spawning in the same room with you
  182. Mechanics Game detecting EVERY controller >.< Regardless of tickbox
  183. Multiplayer Still NullReferenceGUI errors
  184. Multiplayer Stuck in loading screen
  185. Multiplayer Corn not growing
  186. Mechanics Random death in Navezgane
  187. UI No rocks from mining
  188. Mechanics The minibike is running away from me when I get off of it.
  189. Mechanics Animals disappear
  190. Mechanics Minibike loosing its storage contents
  191. Crash Singleplayer Character got deleted when driving on minibike
  192. Mechanics Multiple Minibikes no sounds
  193. Multiplayer Serious Map problems - please read before dismissing
  194. Multiplayer Weirdest Bug I've Ever Seen
  195. Graphics Holy crap im very tired of this bug seriously common guys fix that once for all damm
  196. Mechanics Repairing Wood Spikes
  197. Mechanics Backbag gone after death
  198. Mechanics Landclaim online/offline durability modifier still NOT working :-(
  199. Mechanics Rocks falling and turn intro rock solid again
  200. Multiplayer Strange accumulation of airdrops / Dedicated Server
  201. Multiplayer High cpu usage on dedicated server without any players logged in.
  202. Multiplayer [12.4] All items changed to quality 1 or in usable state after DS restart
  203. Mechanics 7 Day Horde Spawn - but does not detect/hunt player automatically
  204. Multiplayer Game Breaking Bug
  205. Mechanics Buggy trees on a slope/hill
  206. Multiplayer Bandwith issue lag
  207. Mechanics Saved Games Disappearing?
  208. Graphics Few bugs/glitches
  209. Mechanics A12.4 Some items casually spawned without quality bar/status
  210. Graphics Dense and unrelenting fog destroys environmental aesthetics
  211. Mechanics 12.4 Minibike bugs
  212. Mechanics Dying and losing backpack.
  213. AI Zeds can't see through iron bars
  214. UI Difficulty options 'You're'
  215. Mechanics Caves issue
  216. UI Cant get into map - object reference not set to an instance of an object
  217. Graphics [12.4, since Windows 10] Snow too bright near torches?
  218. Mechanics woodframe crafting bug
  219. Mechanics minibike instantly goes empty
  220. Mechanics Buggy insta-kills from trees and falling rocks
  221. Multiplayer Loading Screen Tip Spelling Error
  222. Mechanics Revealed Map bug, at certain point the map parts revealed first revert to fog.
  223. UI Crosshairs missing and Searched-Out Cars
  224. UI UI broken Alpha 12.4
  225. Mechanics A12.4 Gunpowder exploit crafting .762 bullets
  226. Mechanics Floating Shotgun Messiah
  227. Mechanics Crafting bug - forge labels
  228. Mechanics I'm pretty sure the ground isn't supposed to do this.
  229. Multiplayer Massive lag during 7th day horde
  230. Mechanics Stuck on Server
  231. Graphics Minibike on fire
  232. Mechanics Blocks that should be corrected by TFP
  233. Graphics Please fix this bug. World not drawing (rendering)
  234. Mechanics A12.4 two game breaking crafting bugs
  235. Crash Rogue command screen bombards me with messages.
  236. Mechanics How to see debug info without permissions
  237. UI Console does not appear
  238. Graphics Invisible Rocks, Doors and Trees (especially Cactus)
  239. Graphics The Sky Is Black.
  240. Graphics Graphical BUG FOUND in Version 12.4
  241. Mechanics Not All Types Of Trees Drop Seeds
  242. Mechanics 3 Bugs on 12.4
  243. UI Unable to start creative game with random gen
  244. Multiplayer Suicide counts as player kill
  245. Mechanics Heatmap / Horde problem
  246. Mechanics Missing the Crossbow Build
  247. Mechanics Stealth System is Going Nuts [Cannot Remain Undetected]
  248. Mechanics Loot Respawn Timer doesn't reset if container is not empty
  249. Mechanics Forge and Campfire not completing
  250. Multiplayer Do not think this is supposed to happen