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  1. UI Dr. Faithburger's foolproof never-wait formula for instant crafting!
  2. Graphics Reflection quality and performance hit
  3. Mechanics Bow - Occasionally will not animate correctly
  4. Multiplayer Items with loot level losing all durability in Storage Crates
  5. Mechanics Disappearing car at church in Navezgane SP
  6. Mechanics Capped Movement Speed for Player
  7. Mechanics Secure Storage Chest free wood exploit
  8. Mechanics Secure Storage Chest - Returns More Wood Than Takes To Make It
  9. Mechanics Trees Are Killers
  10. Mechanics Explosive crossbow through the wall
  11. Mechanics Minibike Padlock in lootcontainer 39
  12. Graphics Please fix spelling error
  13. Mechanics Vanishing goldenrod plants
  14. Mechanics Auto Craft - 1 second
  15. Mechanics Crafting/Scrapping bug?
  16. Mechanics Physics Degrading.
  17. Mechanics Dying on Woodframe destroys Bagpack ?
  18. Mechanics Ammunition exploit
  19. Mechanics Structural Integrity
  20. Multiplayer Game-breaking Lag During 7th Day Feral Horde
  21. Multiplayer Bug on door when being destroyed
  22. Mechanics Farming Anywhere bug.
  23. Mechanics Vanishing minibike, backpack SP RG
  24. Mechanics Feral horde ariving too early (not running)
  25. Multiplayer Items being lost when on mini bike.
  26. The way how to skip EAC
  27. Mechanics Multiplying items with crafting....
  28. Graphics Absolute Blackness. And pinkness
  29. Mechanics Fall event / stick chance - mostly with gore blocks
  30. Mechanics Many flying blocks...
  31. Mechanics Strange generation of the world
  32. Graphics User profile problem.
  33. Mechanics Not finding flashlights in loot
  34. Mechanics Empty caves?
  35. Mechanics large hardware store prefab
  36. Crash Linux dedi A12.4 crash every 3-4 days of uptime
  37. Graphics Problem with LOD in Dead tree and several items
  38. Mechanics N. 2 cousin of all bugs: window refresh spam bug
  39. Other Dropped backpacks and Sleeping Bags
  40. Mechanics Collapsing POI, Price is Right Scroll Wheel
  41. Graphics Some blocks turn the block above them invisible when placed.
  42. Other After I died I was in the middle of nowhere
  43. Multiplayer Blood Moon Bug?
  44. Mechanics One model of Stalagmite not giving Potassium Nitrate.
  45. UI Crosshairs keep vanishing?
  46. Other Minibike parts
  47. Mechanics A12.4 Free (infinite) crafting exploit (w/ video)
  48. Other Warning: Don't play with storm raging outside
  49. Other Duplicate blocks entry
  50. Graphics Movie theater
  51. Mechanics Vanishing bullets and target reticles oh my!
  52. Mechanics End of the world?
  53. Mechanics Damaged minibike battery won't repair.
  54. Other Random gen towns (hubs) always North-South orientation?
  55. Multiplayer Shooting Blanks up close to Zombies
  56. Mechanics Painkillers don't work while driving
  57. UI Gun Powder crafting bug?
  58. Mechanics Upgrading Log Spikes ALWAYS uses wood planks
  59. Graphics New-fangled light poles, complete with log cabin look
  60. Graphics Wooden lightpole generated in 12.4 now is a stack of wooden logs in 12.5
  61. Multiplayer Feral Horde Spawning during Daytime
  62. Mechanics The forge burns the materials faster than it melting the metal.
  63. Graphics Doors and fridges are sometimes invisible
  64. Multiplayer Deer at point blank range.
  65. Crash Major array error when destroying Cobblestone ramp
  66. Other IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range. at NGuiWdwActiveItemInfo
  67. Other weird debug menu vanishing ui issues
  68. Other The steel ramp NOT Downgrade reinforced concrete ramp.
  69. Mechanics Building in the sky
  70. Mechanics Canceling out of looting animals immediately drops their contents.
  71. Multiplayer Nasty minibike error
  72. Other LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier in config is setting both on and offline.
  73. Mechanics Minibike in Cornfield
  74. UI Alt and Tab HUD Bug 12.5
  75. Mechanics Gun powder craft broken
  76. Mechanics Forge BUG, making 500 Logs with sticks....
  77. Mechanics Zombies spawning on bed
  78. Multiplayer May not go through a wooden hatch
  79. Mechanics Spike Pistol / Repair tool unlimited use
  80. AI 12.5: Gameplay bugs persist (animals/zombies)
  81. Other Downed servers remain listed.
  82. Multiplayer My Single player survival has turned into MP...
  83. Mechanics Hopefully some constructive info re: bike disappearances
  84. AI Regular Night Hordes MIA
  85. Mechanics Solid Block Wall Climbing exploit
  86. UI MAC sniper rifle aim
  87. EAC Character creator stuck on female even when selecting male character creation
  88. Multiplayer A video showing a few of the bugs that have been reported
  89. Other Trash in XML since 12.5 (seems to be ignored by the engine, btw)
  90. UI Minor: flashlight toggle is inconsistent
  91. Other Bag after Death Disapears
  92. AI Zombie melee reach
  93. Other Camp Sites are off the ground, some floating in mid air
  94. Other [intended]Underground Hole - Crouch-quit / Continue on ground
  95. Multiplayer a12 Copy Vulnerability
  96. [Intended]Backpack destroyed
  97. Mechanics MiniBike Observation
  98. Mechanics Minibike light bug
  99. EAC More ways to bypass EAC it seems
  100. Mechanics Spider Zombies stuck in concrete ramp
  101. Mechanics Arrow Bonus Damage does not work
  102. Mechanics buffs.xml - buffif="food > 0.5" is always false when health is full
  103. Mechanics (12.5) Snowing rather than raining in forest biome
  104. Mechanics (12.5) Rain not falling as intended (temporary fix found)
  105. EAC Eac kick, did you start with eac enabled?
  106. EAC EAC Disconnections for all players
  107. Mechanics Campfire and Furnace Intermittent Lock-up Bug
  108. Mechanics Right click flashlight attach learns weapon book for free
  109. Multiplayer Friend tracking doesn't work
  110. Mechanics Stunned == DEAD
  111. Multiplayer Ohter player in Game moves slow
  112. Mechanics Stunned in midair
  113. Mechanics MiniBike Vs Doors
  114. Mechanics Noclip exploit/glitch/bug with ladder
  115. Multiplayer A12.5 Glitching through hard metal doors in stone prefabs
  116. Mechanics Zombie Kill Integer Overflow
  117. Mechanics Factory POI Wrought Iron Lacking Physics
  118. Mechanics Feral cheating -- going through walls
  119. Mechanics Wooden Bow and Arrows wont fit
  120. Other Forum screws up images
  121. Mechanics Can't Shoot Through Air Above Bike
  122. Mechanics Dismantling minibike the taken out parts dissapear
  123. Graphics no more rain
  124. Crash Blue sky glitch fingers wack
  125. Mechanics (12.5) Bear not fully dead
  126. Mechanics Blocks respawning / self made buildings dissapearing
  127. Mechanics There are still a way to get a extra gas by glitching. Is it possible to fix in A13
  128. Graphics Kill Zombies Thru Door
  129. Mechanics Random Map Generator Strangeness
  130. AI Z's standing round doing nothing
  131. Graphics White Wall Bug
  132. Mechanics Facing of iron bars not correct
  133. Mechanics A12.5 7th day zombie respawn after quitting
  134. Mechanics Food disappears if eaten on minibike
  135. Mechanics Goldenrod plants vanish when attempting to plant them in adjacent rows.
  136. EAC 32 Bit, Will not launch with EAC, launches fine without? 7DTD shows as running in TM.
  137. Other Large Beef Ration *no textures on the object
  138. Mechanics (12.5) Water Tower issues
  139. Mechanics Repairkit doesn't repair full amount
  140. Crash Game crashes whenever I join or create any world, single or multiplayer.
  141. Multiplayer Maximum players affecting the ping on a private server
  142. Mechanics Animal head hitboxes too small?
  143. Other XML mistake in blocks.xml
  144. Other BUG: Minibike disappeared
  145. Crash Game crashes on start
  146. Mechanics Minibike rendered unusable
  147. UI Incorrect Item Names When Attaching Flashlights
  148. Mechanics (12.5) Medium maple tree not producing anything
  149. Mechanics Trees are broken!
  150. Mechanics 3 bugs with minibike.
  151. Mechanics Structural integrity
  152. Graphics What looks to be a graphical glitch.
  153. Mechanics Can't break down steel arrows
  154. Mechanics Dirt disappearing after being placed.
  155. Other 7DTD is a registered trademark
  156. UI Previously unmentioned bike bug?
  157. Other Linux/SteamOS icon missing on Steam
  158. Crash Cobblestone Ramp rotation
  159. Mechanics Holding Objects: IE: WEAPONS!!! tools. ect ect.
  160. Graphics Maybe Missing Texture on Mac OSX
  161. Mechanics Structural Integrity not working on prefabs
  162. Mechanics Metal strips vanishing when repairing tools if more than one stack in inventory
  163. Crash Crash to desktop #1
  164. Graphics IronSights don't line up with where the arrow is suppose to go
  165. AI Zombie cannot attack Wooden Hatch while on the stair. (video inside)
  166. Other Clipping into the ceiling = instakill
  167. Graphics trees bug
  168. Other Forgetting recipes?
  169. Mechanics Zombie/Animal Sounds when far underground
  170. Mechanics Enemies repairing and upgrading protected blocks
  171. Mechanics Forges not updated properly when chunk reactivated.
  172. Multiplayer Multiplayer map bug!!
  173. Mechanics No zombies