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  1. Crash Game crash when running
  2. UI 9.1 Menu Freeze
  3. Multiplayer Please hotfix farming:
  4. Mechanics 100% Recreatable: TNT turns keystone-protected stone in to bedrock
  5. Crash Passcode Doors
  6. Mechanics The Other Farming Bug
  7. Mechanics Claw hammer does not scrap
  8. AI Zombies don't float or swim, they sit under water for 24+ hours hacking at my island
  9. Mechanics Underwater spawning
  10. UI 9.1 : containers cannot be opened again if opened when player gets disconnected
  11. Crash Crash report version 9.1
  12. UI Tools being destroyed
  13. Mechanics Day Length Wildly Incorrect?
  14. Mechanics Prefab Spawn Affected by Road Proximity
  15. Mechanics Dupe Bug SP/MP
  16. Crash Load error
  17. Mechanics Items placed in crafting window vanish on logout.
  18. Mechanics Cooking Pot
  19. Mechanics compiling bugs.
  20. AI Multiplayer: zombies only spawn on one player
  21. Mechanics Fertile dirt not growing grass
  22. Mechanics Mechanics of 9.1 super buggy
  23. Mechanics Disappearing inventory !!!
  24. Mechanics Explosion and inventory
  25. Mechanics replicating clothes !!!!
  26. Mechanics [Minor] Zombie Sticks in Air
  27. Mechanics Upgrading/Repairing a block can duplicate the one next to it using Claw Hammer
  28. Mechanics Zombies spawning inside walls and trapped at gas station
  29. Please Fixxx !!!
  30. Multiplayer sound and ligting unrealistic
  31. Mechanics Whole bug bundle
  32. Mechanics water lag
  33. Mechanics BUG left click not working
  34. Mechanics Durability Changes
  35. Mechanics SP loot respawn broken
  36. Multiplayer RPG damage in protected area
  37. Mechanics Coffee beans are way too rare.
  38. Multiplayer My Bugggsss 2.0
  39. Mechanics Loot abundancy 200% does not apply
  40. AI Zombies keep spawning inside my buildings :/
  41. Graphics Issue with Shadows - flickering on movement.
  42. Mechanics Dogs have insane reach
  43. Mechanics Alpha 9.1 (falling through bedrock)
  44. Graphics Light can be seen through walls,,,
  45. Mechanics Player placed water is dark blue vs light blue.
  46. Mechanics Campfires are eating / Losing remaining uncooked ingredient items
  47. Mechanics [9.1] Cooking Duplication
  48. Mechanics Spawning too high
  49. Mechanics foods with out a smell factor
  50. Mechanics Hornets can attack through wood windows
  51. Graphics Lighting: Campfires, Forges, and Torches....oohhh my!
  52. Multiplayer typing ' in the chat should not effing bring down the console while in chat window.
  53. Mechanics {steamid64}.map limited Tiles?
  54. Mechanics Water and storage chests.
  55. Mechanics Backpack Disapeared
  56. Crash Access Violation Crash caused Duplication Glitch
  57. Mechanics Water and the infinite spawning of it....
  58. Mechanics Cobblestone Rocks recipe can convert...
  59. Mechanics Two bugs i have found
  60. Multiplayer Friends Not Tracking After Reload
  61. Mechanics Schematics description issues
  62. Crash Hosting Player loses everything on crash
  63. Mechanics Wood Inside Corner Frame A9.1 - Drops scrap
  64. Mechanics Flagstone wedge needs axe to break
  65. Mechanics TNT igniting but not blasting.
  66. Mechanics Duping Bug with Auger.
  67. Mechanics Taking advantage of "swimming" mechanics.
  68. Mechanics Torches change when picked up
  69. Mechanics Permanent orange smoke.
  70. Mechanics Difficulty finding lead ore ??
  71. Mechanics Prefab house with another house's roof on it
  72. UI Closing Inventory after using Search
  73. Mechanics Flying Glitch
  74. Multiplayer 7dtd query protocol still not showing players names or id's...
  75. Mechanics Elevation through ground + leg debuffs = complete piss-off
  76. AI zombies hardly spawning !!! WTH
  77. UI Favorite server dont working
  78. Multiplayer 9.1 Duplication Glitch
  79. Mechanics Forge and Campfire bug(s)
  80. Mechanics Building Floating in the Air
  81. Mechanics only 2 biomes spawning in randomgen
  82. AI Error Opening jump me
  83. UI Xeon dedicated server.
  84. Mechanics diarrhea and antibiotics
  85. Graphics Farther from the map center the more flicker and gun shaking I get
  86. Mechanics Telnet connection
  87. Mechanics Leg Broke Bug
  88. Crash 9.1 crash reports
  89. Mechanics Looting oil drum from barn causes it to implode
  90. Multiplayer Possible Map bug
  91. Crash Huge memory leak in my system.
  92. Mechanics Wooden Shingles : free frame duplication glitch & low cost frame
  93. UI Bed issue
  94. Mechanics Water behaving weird
  95. Mechanics Land Claim Block / Keystone reach
  96. Mechanics Gravity is better but still not working.
  97. Crash Crashed Client Issues
  98. Crash Supply crates bug in a lake (water)
  99. Mechanics antibiotics & Server day
  100. Mechanics Fences
  101. Mechanics Placing a dirt layer on roof bug?
  102. Mechanics models_6
  103. Mechanics M136 Launcher broken due to typo in Models 5 (Alpha 9.1)
  104. Mechanics Block Adhesion Anomaly
  105. Mechanics Duplicate bug
  106. UI Chemicals sub missing from crafting menu
  107. Graphics Missing Resources/ParticleEffects
  108. Mechanics Massive Duplication bug, dupe 1 million items in a minute
  109. Mechanics Spawning again on the top of the ground
  110. Mechanics Pipebombs - no zombie animation
  111. AI Bugged zombies & spawning
  112. Multiplayer [Server Browser] Clicked Favorites, but get all and vica versa
  113. Mechanics Sticks to Scraps Bug
  114. Mechanics Roof Keeps Collapsing In One Corner
  115. Mechanics Caffiene buzz buff does not apply when loading a saved game
  116. Mechanics One square hole to nowhere
  117. Mechanics army_camp_01_burnt.xml spelling error A9.2(b14)
  118. Mechanics dysentery/dysentery2 mutex incorrectly applied, Alpha 9.2 (b14)
  119. AI Zombie Aim - They can not attack the ground
  120. Multiplayer 2 Multiplayer Bugs in Alpha 9.2
  121. Mechanics Wood log spike alternate conversion
  122. Mechanics Block durability?
  123. Mechanics 2 Bugs: Backpack and Fat Zombie
  124. Mechanics No zombies
  125. UI (9.2 Alpha) anti-cheat mode disabling xpadder
  126. Multiplayer Bugs I've encountered so far
  127. Multiplayer day timer not working properly
  128. Graphics Graphics engine bug in 9.2
  129. Crash Game instant crashes 100% of the time on connecting to anti-cheat box
  130. Mechanics Xpadder no longer works with the 9.2 update
  131. Crash 9.2 item durability and crash
  132. Crash error initilising server: CreateSocketOrThreadFailure
  133. Mechanics Gras - Gardening Hoe - Dirt
  134. UI Mac Client Main Screen is a mash of Object Skins
  135. Crash Crash - Logs attached
  136. Mechanics GJ on fixing campfire/forge duping, but...
  137. Crash [Linux] 4.5.3f3 issue.
  138. Graphics Buggy windows since alpha 9.2
  139. Multiplayer A few bugs I've noticed so far in 9.2....
  140. Multiplayer Can't connect to most of the servers
  141. Mechanics Coffee Bug
  142. Crash Crash on exit related to EAC
  143. Crash 9.2 crash
  144. Multiplayer 2 Important bugs that need to be fixed ASAP.
  145. Multiplayer Massive Game Breaking Bug
  146. Multiplayer Fell off the world but...
  147. UI Kick message on disconnect
  148. Mechanics [AI] or [Mechanics] bug. Zombies doing wheels all the time.
  149. Mechanics some bugs
  150. Crash Bug launching game with EAC
  151. AI To Many Zombies!
  152. Mechanics Zombies stand still after other players kill them, etc.
  153. Mechanics 9.2 armor dup
  154. Crash FreakLT
  155. Mechanics Anti-Cheat breaks steam in-home streaming.
  156. Multiplayer Massive Lags since 9.2
  157. Multiplayer Dedicated Server Time is Stuck
  158. Mechanics Moldy Bread - no longer spawns ANYWHERE.
  159. Mechanics Bugs I have run into in 9.2
  160. Mechanics Anti Cheat blocks use of Synergy
  161. Mechanics Stuttering zombies.
  162. Mechanics Zombie Masking.
  163. Graphics Rag-doll, cartwheeling zombies
  164. UI Buffs/Crafting Display
  165. Mechanics Possible 9.2 spawning bug
  166. Mechanics 9.2 Bug report
  167. Mechanics 9.2 sp game zombies vanish
  168. Multiplayer Rendering and other game breaking issues
  169. Mechanics Lost Item, Totally recreatable bug, best kind.
  170. Mechanics 9.2 Supply Crates Not Visible
  171. Crash 9.2 crash to desktop on quit, and corrupted save game.
  172. AI Regular Feral mode not working
  173. Mechanics Reinforced Metal Siding
  174. Mechanics Water...
  175. Mechanics T.N.T
  176. Mechanics Boiled Egg - No Empty Jar in return
  177. Crash EAC crash I think....
  178. Multiplayer How do I report an issue that can be exploited to grief bases?
  179. Crash Exiting game disables my internet connection
  180. Crash 2 Crash Report Folders
  181. Mechanics Blocks/Building Colapsing Since Patch 9.2
  182. UI 9.2 Server list not updating
  183. Mechanics Zombie respawn on quick logout/in
  184. Crash Crash report version 9.2
  185. Crash 9.2 0x00 Memory Allocation Error
  186. Graphics Mac full screen issue
  187. Mechanics Farming 9.2
  188. Mechanics Mining
  189. Crash Game converts my save file to creative
  190. Crash Items disappearing after game crash.
  191. Crash Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  192. Mechanics Repairing Crossbow and Stone Axe...
  193. Mechanics 9.2 Physics is gone
  194. Mechanics 9.2 Farming is broken
  195. Mechanics Spawning in the air
  196. Mechanics Game killing glitch
  197. UI Trouble starting up the new 9.2 version for MAC OS X
  198. Graphics Holding the Hammer shows a strange graphics glitch.
  199. Mechanics Secure Chest Bug
  200. Graphics Windowed mode focus hogging 9.2 - cant record also
  201. Crash Access Violation crash to desktop
  202. Mechanics Time calculating incorrectly.
  203. Multiplayer Lost 6 days on restart
  204. Mechanics Falling blocks get stuck forever
  205. UI Alt-Tabbing causes mouse cursor glitch
  206. Multiplayer Wrong APPID on Valve Developer Community
  207. Mechanics Bleeding out didn't kill me alpha 9.2
  208. Mechanics Resources transformation.
  209. Crash Easy Anti-Cheat failing to download at times
  210. Mechanics Another prefab collision - House in a house
  211. Graphics odd opening screen
  212. AI Zombie reach through blocks
  213. Mechanics Buglist 9.2 (9.x)
  214. Mechanics fuel lost
  215. Mechanics Anomaly with poleBlock block
  216. Mechanics clubIron takes 2 scrapIron to make and returns 4 on breakdown.
  217. Graphics Resolution/aspect ratio issue (Alpha 9.2+)
  218. Crash Start-up: [loading error] Debugger has been detected. Please unload it and try again
  219. Graphics Bushes not snapping to terrain
  220. AI Flying Rabbits :)
  221. UI Crafting Menu not closing, hitting I puts an I in the search box instead of closing
  222. UI "Lefty" Help
  223. Graphics Gray launch screen on Mac (no buttons)
  224. Mechanics Book recipe.
  225. Mechanics Jump Height Appears Slightly Too High
  226. Graphics Changing resolution brought up a screen that covers mine
  227. Mechanics 7DTDAlpha9.3 still cant use XboxOne or Xbox360 Controller with Pinnacle Game Profier
  228. Mechanics List of bugs/exploits so far (updated every new version)
  229. Multiplayer Firearm Dupe 9.3
  230. AI Feral horde bug
  231. Mechanics 7th night horde still spawning after day 7.
  232. UI Incorrect title/description for Iron Leg Armor & Iron Boot schematics
  233. Multiplayer Not dying when stats are 0.
  234. Graphics 9.3 bugs
  235. Mechanics Shift-RightClick can truncate item stacks to 1
  236. Mechanics Drinking Many Yucca Drinks in Rapid Succession Produces null reference error
  237. AI Sound Activated Hordes
  238. Graphics Falling zombies freeze above the ground
  239. Crash Random crashes with three crash reports
  240. Mechanics Crops
  241. UI 9.3 Inventory Bug
  242. Mechanics Scrap dupe - exists in 9.0-9.3 - please fix
  243. Crash Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network.
  244. Mechanics Land Claim Block Offline Modifier 0 Infinite Not Working
  245. Multiplayer New Anti-Cheat in 9.3 Not Working
  246. Mechanics Trees grow up anywhere
  247. Mechanics Various Bugs Found
  248. Multiplayer Mac client issue with EAC today??
  249. Mechanics Gas canister duplication
  250. Mechanics Plains biome player placed dirt