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  1. Mechanics [Bug] Crafting: Tools disappear
  2. Mechanics 1/4 and 1/8 concrete blocks
  3. Mechanics 9.3 dupe bug still not fixed???
  4. Graphics Water in caverns under lakes is invisible
  5. Mechanics Gunsafe Bug
  6. Mechanics [a9.3] Zombie Pathing Issues
  7. Mechanics soil
  8. Mechanics Red barn disaster
  9. UI Shift Right Click on craft output twice - lose crafting materials
  10. 2 Survivors killed in my single player game.
  11. Graphics Using scope while crouched
  12. Multiplayer SERVER BUG -- server not showing up in server browser
  13. Mechanics Zombies not spawning in upgrade world
  14. Multiplayer Item Dupe Bug >_<
  15. Mechanics inventory search bug ?
  16. Mechanics Falling through window frames / block replacement lag oddness
  17. Crash [NetworkError] Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network!
  18. Mechanics Cannot dig underwater
  19. Multiplayer Can walk through some plane-type walls when placed on terrain
  20. Multiplayer 9.3 Gun Dupe Bug
  21. UI Console doesn't behave properly
  22. Crash Crash after start a MP-Server
  23. Mechanics Logitech Setpoint Mouse button Mappings do not work with EasyAntiCheat
  24. UI title screen is not working (mac) (osx mavericks)
  25. Mechanics Reinforced Metal Siding and hunting rifle dupe
  26. Mechanics Cant place more then 10 batteries in forge or they will disappear/also disconnect bug
  27. Multiplayer Tree seeds have grow and die bug.
  28. Multiplayer Bug
  29. AI Zombies locked up in city biome
  30. Mechanics Item Bug
  31. Crash Game menu won't load?!
  32. Mechanics Silent killers
  33. Mechanics physics bug?
  34. UI Crafting Bug
  35. Mechanics Dismantling weapons, can only get one of the pieces
  36. Multiplayer Bug with Campfire
  37. Multiplayer Player logout causes server to drop all players
  38. Mechanics Respawn in a wrong place
  39. Mechanics Armor Dupe Bug
  40. Crash Client Disappears in A9 more frequently
  41. Multiplayer Server rollback Bug!!
  42. Crash crashes (new game and when player join)
  43. Mechanics Reinforced Scrap Iron Wall Exploit
  44. Crash Crash To Desktop | Auger vs. Reinforced Iron Wall | Corrupt Savegame
  45. UI BUG with Drop on Death = Delete All setting
  46. Crash Game Crashes safe file corrupt (MAC)
  47. Mechanics Watter Bug
  48. Crash Crash To Desktop Output Log Past Bin link included...
  49. Mechanics 1/2 Blocks... 1/8 Blocks etc...
  50. Crash Crash every 10 minutes !!
  51. Graphics "HALF" a POI
  52. UI Mouse button push to talk teamspeak bug
  53. Crash Crash Logs
  54. Mechanics Pig in a tree
  55. Multiplayer inventory bug when add block in model_2.xml
  56. Mechanics boiling meat loses the glass jar
  57. Graphics Need Help My game suddenly broked :( !
  58. Mechanics Munitions box missing in base 3
  59. Crash Linux (wine): The game client crashes on startup
  60. Mechanics Forge using more lead and brass than it should
  61. Mechanics Upgrading Dupe Bug
  62. Graphics Geesh
  63. Crash Random
  64. Mechanics Items not grouping together when breaking rocks
  65. Mechanics Audio balance (left/right) bug
  66. Mechanics Game saving incorrectly
  67. Graphics Main Menu Bug
  68. Graphics Characters animation interpolation problem (video)
  69. Crash Acess Violation (0xc0000005)
  70. Mechanics Random Gen Prefab Spawn Bugs
  71. Graphics Graphics and the world is gone
  72. Mechanics Crafting items destroyed on leaving server
  73. UI Belt full -> shift + right click
  74. Multiplayer [bug] Silent ninja wasps
  75. Mechanics Farming is bugged, again...
  76. Graphics Game too dark at times even in the day time.
  77. Crash When I click 'Quit', the game freezes
  78. Mechanics Forge, campfire adding/removing fuel and items
  79. Crash Cannot create a new game
  80. Crash Random Crashes: Only short after loading (Reports attached)
  81. Crash 7 Days To Die launch fail!
  82. UI "Take All" key not working
  83. Crash Crash in 9.3
  84. Mechanics Building doesn't collapse?
  85. UI Inventory: Items on cursor vanish when switching windows
  86. Graphics Developer diary
  87. Crash New series of frequent crashes - Crash Folder's Included
  88. Crash Question To Dev's In Relation to Game Crashes
  89. Mechanics Buff duration
  90. Mechanics Map being re-covered with fog of war.
  91. Multiplayer Friendly Fire: False does not prevent friendly fire
  92. Mechanics Blocks refuse to fall in large area
  93. Crash Crash on translation patch
  94. Mechanics Farming can be stacked *bug*
  95. Mechanics Zombies spawning on top of players
  96. Crash Keeps crashing at same place heres the log any help would be great
  97. Mechanics Player data needs periodic saves.
  98. Mechanics In-game clock, day-night speed, affected by how much stuff is happening
  99. Multiplayer Locked Chest Unbreakable/Unlockable
  100. Mechanics forge and campfire bugs
  101. Mechanics Blocks collapsing that are next to vertically supported walls
  102. Graphics Game gets way too dark at times.
  103. Crash OSX 10.9.4 - Game Freezes
  104. Mechanics No corn in Grasslands biome
  105. Mechanics A couple bugs
  106. Mechanics Weapons kits disappear.
  107. Graphics Glitched Crawler Zombie
  108. Mechanics Respawn in 3rd person after dying while zoomed in with crossbow or sniper rifle.
  109. Mechanics Zombies have body parts that are un-damageable.
  110. Mechanics How many legs do I have?
  111. Mechanics Water Blocks Still in Effect After Removing Them
  112. Mechanics Forge & Fire pit Stalling
  113. Mechanics crafting iteam disappear
  114. Crash Can't open game - MAC
  115. Crash Server (Game) Crashing 9.3X
  116. Crash Stuck on Connecting to server, crash
  117. Multiplayer godmode on multiplayer not invulnerable from players
  118. Mechanics You can make unlimited amount of anything with forge with no cost
  119. Unlimited item farms
  120. Mechanics Freely repair durability on any item using campfire
  121. Mechanics Iron reinforced club costs 2 scrap iron but scraps to 4 scrap iron
  122. Mechanics Iron Ladder forge weight is too high
  123. Mechanics MAC Reinforced concrete gives way with supports every other block.
  124. Mechanics Ressource Duplication MP only
  125. Mechanics Upgrade Transformation
  126. Mechanics Wrong salvage item
  127. Multiplayer "Server disconnected you:"
  128. Multiplayer invisible zombie dog spawns inside stone wall placed by player
  129. Mechanics cant till land
  130. Mechanics land claim block does not protect
  131. AI Frozen zombies
  132. Graphics Tree lag
  133. Crash Unable to load saved games SP
  134. Mechanics random item and day loss on restarts
  135. Multiplayer Admins need help from Devs!!
  136. Mechanics double wood log and other stuff
  137. Crash Dedicated Server Crashed
  138. Mechanics Serious Lag In Cities
  139. Graphics Flickering Textures
  140. Mechanics Won't put down Land claim block anywhere :(
  141. Crash Crashes on game load (SP) (v 9.3 b4)
  142. Crash My crash reports
  143. Mechanics sportsbag01MP
  144. Mechanics Storage Units won't open
  145. Annoying SP exploit found
  146. Mechanics cant upload anymore photos
  147. Multiplayer whats that?
  148. Crash Game crashes randomly during online play corrupting my save thereafter
  149. Mechanics Day Night Cycle Cannot be Changed
  150. Crash Server stops working
  151. Mechanics A bunch of bug and cheats! Free stuff! Come on guys!=)
  152. Mechanics major craft exploits easy fix
  153. Mechanics Zombie horde disappeared after reloading save game
  154. Mechanics Craftable Loot containers drop with loot
  155. Crash please someone help us with easyanticheat crashes
  156. Mechanics Blocks disapearing into other blocks
  157. Crash need help
  158. Crash Index array issue and console won't close.
  159. AI Dogs and their relation to FPS
  160. Mechanics Frozen zombies when killed with pipe-bomb
  161. Multiplayer item dupe & hack problems: approach for a solution
  162. Mechanics Blueberry bush spawns occasionally in Coolers
  163. Graphics Bug Rabbit walks on water
  164. Mechanics BUG? No zombies
  165. Mechanics Generating endlessly brass for bullet casings with doors
  166. Mechanics Forge sometimes loses materials
  167. Mechanics Shooting from hip always hits dead center of the screen
  168. UI Hiding UI makes picking things up impossible
  169. Mechanics Unable to shoot zombies in certain situations
  170. Graphics Why does it look like this ?
  171. Mechanics Autoleveling ground
  172. Multiplayer Ping Information lost in play menu and no spawning of zombies
  173. Multiplayer Glitch in multiplayer (Steam)
  174. Mechanics infinite scrap iron
  175. Graphics Fix for mac fullscreen bug!!!!
  176. Mechanics Farming Timer Resets
  177. Crash Crash 5 mins in. Help!!! i know nothing about computers
  178. Mechanics Lose stamina even with coffee buff
  179. Mechanics Entire movement stops.
  180. Crash Crash report
  181. Crash [Bug] Game crashing when picking up a stick
  182. Multiplayer Unable to search (pressing E) in multiplayer and die everytime spawn
  183. Crash Time offset + placed items
  184. Crash Random (not that there is such a thing) Crashes
  185. Multiplayer Can no more connect to a server with a Steam web link
  186. Mechanics models_5(items.xml) has an errant entry on the m136 id="60" on line 1101.
  187. Mechanics models_6(loot.xml) has several free floating errant lines start @ line 600.
  188. Mechanics models_6(loot.xml) has coffeeBeans duplicated and no cottonSeed.
  189. Crash Crash-items lost
  190. Mechanics Found a (New?) Dupe Glitch
  191. Crash Random Crashes - Here's the outputs
  192. Mechanics Pistol Tremble
  193. Mechanics Random Gen Bug
  194. Mechanics Pressing apostrophe ['] in the chat brings down the ingame console annoyance non USA
  195. Multiplayer Players with colorcoded names,
  196. Mechanics Logging in on roof when logged out in basement of farmhouse
  197. Multiplayer Zombies running at all times instead of walking
  198. Mechanics Cobwebs
  199. Mechanics Bagged dropped on death disappearing instantly, unable to retrieve lost items
  200. Mechanics Door cannot be placed on metal trussing
  201. Mechanics Secure Wooden Chests...bugged
  202. Mechanics Auger refill bug
  203. Crash Random Gen Game Crashing Same Time...
  204. Crash Game Crashing When Forge Time Elapse
  205. Multiplayer Infinite Iron Dupe in SMP via Cooking Fire
  206. Multiplayer Super-Stack Any Items in SMP Via Cooking Fire
  207. Mechanics Transform Any Metal Into Another Metal
  208. Crash Won't spawn bug
  209. UI Main Menu Ui Glitch
  210. Mechanics Lootable / placeable item duplication exploit.
  211. Crash Local games always set to Navezgane on reload
  212. Mechanics Please fix these food duping and unlimited iron bugs ASAP
  213. Crash load crash report
  214. Mechanics Cannot place Iron Bars horizontally
  215. Mechanics Duping Bug
  216. Mechanics Game breaking easy way to cheat bug
  217. Graphics Not sure if bug please look at error.
  218. Mechanics Dup with storage chest // alt+f4
  219. Mechanics Shift-Right-Click Discards all but one from stack
  220. Mechanics Repair Dupe
  221. Mechanics Placing frames normally eats them all
  222. Mechanics Floating blocks
  223. Mechanics Automatic swimming
  224. AI Spider zombie crawling fail
  225. UI camfire cooking causes materials to be lost
  226. Mechanics placing doors
  227. AI Issue with Zombies
  228. Mechanics Bug broken leg
  229. Crash Game wont connect to steam or wont find license
  230. Mechanics bug flying pilar
  231. Crash Crash then save game type changes
  232. Crash DamageEntity crash when firing first projectile from CrossBow after loading game
  233. Mechanics recipes_to_learn = food not working
  234. Graphics Airdrop Smoke.
  235. Mechanics Grass and Placement Bug
  236. Mechanics Farming Bug possibly?
  237. Crash Crash to desktop Windows 8.1 x64
  238. Crash Game crash when I try to continue a earlier game
  239. Mechanics Geometry Bug Exploit Hackers Use to Destroy Players on Servers
  240. Mechanics Item Placement DUPE Bug - EAC enabled 9.3 vanilla public server.
  241. Mechanics Chainsaw and Sound Bugs Need Fixing
  242. Mechanics Can't cook!
  243. Mechanics Bug that launches player through structures
  244. Mechanics Wall glitch needs fixing
  245. Mechanics Bug exploit
  246. UI going to menu stops suddenly
  247. Crash crash file
  248. Multiplayer Excessive lag when others use augur
  249. Crash crash
  250. Mechanics Unlimited Iron