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  1. Crash Crash Report
  2. Mechanics No air drop on day 5
  3. Mechanics New awesome ways to grief servers (water bucket)
  4. Crash Crash Report
  5. Multiplayer Various (mostly minor) bugs we've found
  6. Mechanics Recipe Crafting books
  7. Mechanics Campfire Bug
  8. Mechanics Duplication crafting
  9. Mechanics Barbed Wire Glitch
  10. Mechanics Forge not working
  11. Crash Having problem with map resseting (me only) and game crashing issue
  12. Mechanics Duping Clothing
  13. Multiplayer The Door Glitch
  14. Multiplayer Build Tower invisibility Glitch!
  15. Multiplayer Spawned entity with wrong pos
  16. Multiplayer Funny door placement glitch
  17. Crash Crash Bug
  18. Mechanics Scrap Metal Exploit
  19. Mechanics Safe will not open
  20. Mechanics building not conected to ground and remains standing
  21. Crash !NullReferenceException! Can't load my SP saved game
  22. Mechanics I don't think this is exactly a bug but...
  23. Crash crash report
  24. Graphics Day time not changing.
  25. Mechanics Supply Drops not spawning
  26. Crash Cannot cut tress HELP!
  27. Crash Local Survival MP Changes From RandomGen to Navezgane
  28. Crash IndexOutOfRangeException: Cannot start game
  29. Crash crash report
  30. Mechanics Unusual amount of zombies spawing in Scavenger difficulty
  31. Mechanics Block upgrade bug
  32. Crash AntiCheat File mismatch
  33. Mechanics Forge exploit
  34. Mechanics zombies spawnig in side of walled off areas and going through the walls
  35. AI Zombies going through walls and spawning in compounds
  36. Mechanics Fuel not burning
  37. Crash Linux Server Stopping When A Player Leaves
  38. Graphics First a10 bug - Video
  39. Crash a10 game-breaking crash
  40. Mechanics PLayer Profile
  41. Graphics A10 Custom Character Bug
  42. Graphics Character Creation Windowed to Full Screen
  43. Mechanics Crafting bug
  44. Crash A10 map bug
  45. Graphics Bug, sniper rifle
  46. Crash Error (err) Red text
  47. UI Search Text issue on server list
  48. Mechanics gun goes sideways
  49. Multiplayer Game breaking bug!! - Joining player isn't detected by zombies
  50. UI A10 - Key Not Found Exception (CAPSLOCK CAUSED?)
  51. Crash A10 Linux client crash
  52. Graphics the steam tab in the right hand corner doesn't go away
  53. Mechanics Food Vanishing from Camp Fire Places!
  54. Crash Dedicated server cannot find CSteamworks
  55. Mechanics Alpha 10 Chest Placing
  56. Mechanics Spawn timer/etc
  57. Mechanics Alpha 10 no 32 bit
  58. Mechanics Walk/sneak/sprint stutters
  59. Multiplayer Colins Alpha 10 bugs
  60. Crash Just updated to the new Alpha 10 and the game just crashes on load
  61. Mechanics Vanishing Venison
  62. Mechanics Starting Items Problem
  63. Mechanics no concrete?
  64. Graphics Purple People Bug (Low priority I'd say)
  65. Multiplayer Players cannot be hurt by projectiles
  66. Multiplayer Win 7 Server not finishing logins
  67. Mechanics Alpha 10 - Ammo Storage Reciple not working (only crafts sticks from central block)
  68. Mechanics A couple of minor issues
  69. Multiplayer Alpha 10: Cannot Connect to Server
  70. Mechanics A few little details I thought I should add in/toss together *error with supply drop
  71. Graphics Build A10: F4 usage may cause clothing / texture issue
  72. AI spawn bug
  73. Graphics Character model deformed in game but not on creation screen
  74. Mechanics The Pull-up removed
  75. Graphics Character Model Editing
  76. Mechanics tallow bug
  77. Mechanics Sniper receiver mold
  78. Graphics A10 - Are you supposed to start "naked"?
  79. Mechanics clothes disappearing
  80. Graphics Alpha 10 Glitch!
  81. UI Issue with Infection and armor
  82. Mechanics Drinking doesnt always refill stamina
  83. Graphics a10 Invisible trees
  84. Mechanics A10 stat bar issue!!!!!!
  85. Mechanics Die, Quit, Respawn
  86. Crash A10 Linux client crashes after playing some time
  87. Multiplayer NOT ABLE TO CRAFT basic items
  88. Mechanics Pickaxe disappeared upon repair
  89. Mechanics saveworld commands not working
  90. UI Mouse pointer invisible in menus
  91. Graphics A10 Linux client-Graphical bug
  92. Multiplayer "Friendly Fire Off" still kills with Ctits Hits
  93. Graphics iron armor no texture
  94. Mechanics EAC Problem.....
  95. Mechanics Cobblestone walls
  96. Crash Anti-Cheat problem, don't launch the game
  97. Mechanics Continue Game Spawning on Roof
  98. Mechanics Suicide Pigs
  99. Multiplayer A10 Linux client, chunks failing to load,
  100. Crash A10 Linux client, 7d2d failing to talk to steam.
  101. Mechanics placing blocks and doors bug
  102. Crash Win7 Client crash
  103. Mechanics fire axe disappeared!
  104. Crash getting a crash in startup when trying to launch game from steam
  105. UI Character creation screen bug
  106. Multiplayer Linux Client Cannot search or open items in multiplayer
  107. Graphics Texture Bug
  108. Mechanics Big bugs
  109. Crash Alpha 10 windows crash report
  110. Crash os x, frequent crashes
  111. Multiplayer Animals dying without reason and Zombies appearing when disabled
  112. Crash NullReferenceException when equipping a football helmet
  113. Mechanics A10: Unable to place door in prefab
  114. Mechanics Broken Ammo Crate Recipe
  115. Mechanics Planted maple trees vanishing
  116. Crash Server gets messed up after awhile
  117. UI Resolution setting bug
  118. Crash Drop on quit (nothing) bug with EAC.
  119. Multiplayer Some bugs I had...
  120. Mechanics Cannot pick up items with one open slot
  121. Crash A10 Error when horde night 5 will be generated
  122. AI Hornets do not attack
  123. Mechanics Forms do not come off new concrete
  124. Graphics Inconsistent door handles
  125. Mechanics A10 - Ladder bug - "phase through ground" at the top
  126. Mechanics Cannot connect to any server after logging out
  127. Crash A10 Linux, crashes when you try to open creative menu.
  128. UI Linux: No scandic (дце) letters in chat
  129. Graphics Graphic Bug : Light shaft Self Emitting from Body.
  130. Multiplayer Server Bug Reports..lol
  131. Mechanics harvesting trees by harvesting material bellow them
  132. Crash Server freezing crashing
  133. Crash Map bug A10, server non functional. Cannot play (even after a reboot)
  134. Multiplayer Wood inside corner blocks.
  135. Multiplayer Sprained Leg
  136. UI Res: 1280 x 1024. The server browser not showing all information on the left.
  137. Mechanics A10 Zombies still spawning in view cone
  138. Mechanics Farming Bug - Plants Stop Growing
  139. Crash Crash: Exception Err: output log attached
  140. Mechanics Concrete.. nothing in between?
  141. Mechanics Forge bug and one graphical issue
  142. Mechanics Problem with Hatches
  143. Graphics Alpha 10 (b52) User Creation Bugs
  144. Multiplayer Alpha 10 All users kicked due to EAC
  145. Crash Exception: Err at C87AA.9AAA0 filename unknown for v 10
  146. Crash EAC launcher stopped working.
  147. Mechanics Broken leg permanent?
  148. Mechanics Using Left Ctrl to crouch doesn't work
  149. Graphics Trashpile on gas station rooftops are standing up right vertical on its side
  150. Mechanics game clock incorrect
  151. Mechanics Campfire unlimited time bug
  152. Mechanics Issues Found Thus Far Total: 7
  153. Multiplayer Null Reference Exception (Red Text)
  154. Mechanics crouched and sensed/undetected
  155. Graphics Player Model Effed up after Alt Tabbing. Randomize Broken
  156. Mechanics Armor bug.
  157. Mechanics Infection doesn't do anything.
  158. Mechanics AssassinT90's Bugs
  159. Mechanics BUG: Repeatable - Looting Farmed Consumables while Backpack is full
  160. Mechanics BUG: Elevator is back on "stone corners"
  161. Mechanics BUG: Venison Stew Recipe is incorrect
  162. Multiplayer So i modded a recipe wood window to require glass. Now getting kicked by EAC.
  163. Crash a10 Server crash when player leaves by clicking Quit
  164. Mechanics Bug - Zombie scouts call horde to hot spot instead of detected player location.
  165. Mechanics pack and belt bug
  166. UI a10 char creation bug
  167. Crash EAC Error Code 13 on start up
  168. Mechanics A10: Dead after shooting an arrow causes weird behaviour after revival
  169. Mechanics A10: Mining duplication bug
  170. Multiplayer Internet connection gone while connecting to a server
  171. Multiplayer a10 bug. trees are invisable or not growing and disappear
  172. Mechanics Spiderzombie Horde Summoning and Underground Pathfinding
  173. Graphics Torches, camfires and forges have no sound (some other bugs listed too).
  174. Mechanics World Timer issues effects many things, list inside
  175. Mechanics In limbo underground
  176. Mechanics BUG: Ammo Supply Crate - with fix/resolution inside!
  177. Mechanics Yet Another Bug List
  178. Mechanics Purple Character models and armor as well as a zooming on map bug and some others.
  179. Multiplayer A10 Dedicated: saveworld command not working
  180. Multiplayer Edit out your passwords before posting your output_log.txt file
  181. Mechanics Scrap Iron Duplication Bug / Exploit Still Works
  182. Mechanics Cooking loses extra items
  183. Graphics Random lag or fps crawl for few seconds
  184. Mechanics No Airdrops
  185. Crash Cant start game with anticheat for some reason.
  186. AI Zombie A.I not working too well
  187. Mechanics Cannot Disable Spawns
  188. Mechanics Unbreakable Stone (not bedrock)
  189. Multiplayer All item drop
  190. Crash Anti-virus keeps deleting EAC file
  191. Mechanics Air drops disappearing
  192. Mechanics Prefab overlapping
  193. Crash what is this error?
  194. Graphics Iron Armor Using the Wrong Texture / Skin
  195. Mechanics New ammo storage recipe broken
  196. Crash A10 Linux Adding fuel to Forge causes Abort
  197. Mechanics Weird Soil tilling bug
  198. Mechanics Bugs.....9.3 carry overs....Graphics and Mechanics
  199. Mechanics Air Drops null?
  200. Mechanics Hatch in horizontal position.
  201. Mechanics Server Crash
  202. Mechanics Trees, Concrete, Framerate and Antibiotics etc.
  203. Mechanics no plants growing
  204. Multiplayer No way to disconnect when connection to server hangs
  205. Mechanics Transferred BUGS from A9.3
  206. Mechanics cement mold, enemy spawning
  207. Mechanics Yet Another Bug List Part II
  208. Mechanics Recipe Issue Weapon
  209. Graphics Under-powered PCs and Lag
  210. Mechanics Corn buggy in plains biome
  211. Mechanics Aiming Crossbow
  212. Graphics World isn't loading when two players are together
  213. Graphics Nail gun trail of light bug
  214. Mechanics Food spawn containers - coolers, cabinets, etc
  215. Multiplayer campfire eating items (Alpha 10, dedicated server)
  216. Crash Game crashing moments in after patch
  217. AI Zombies running in daytime - glitch
  218. Crash Server tosses Err when a particular player joins and crashes.
  219. Multiplayer Crash to menu (cant play multiplayer on any server)
  220. Mechanics Character stuck in unusable state
  221. Crash Game crashes when I go into the farm in Coronado
  222. Mechanics Fire death not registering as PVP kill and crossbow targeting "off"
  223. Mechanics sniper receiver mold missing
  224. Mechanics Bluberry bug
  225. I'm a Girl!!
  226. Crash SHOW STOPING BUG: When you don't render part of the map it kills the game permanently
  227. Multiplayer no recipes for tungsten?
  228. Graphics Error in consol.....
  229. Mechanics Building collision
  230. Mechanics Nail Gun - Permanent Smoke Trail Until Death
  231. Mechanics Endless infection/cured status
  232. AI Animals and undead
  233. Mechanics Server Reboot | Day Counter | Campfire
  234. Crash Game won't load on Linux
  235. Mechanics Can't dig a "well" underground? Corn glitch?
  236. Multiplayer MAJOR BUG: Backpack will not spawn if you die while jumping
  237. Multiplayer Buglist: Un Needed Things Server
  238. Mechanics List of Alpha 10 bugs encountered thus far for me
  239. Crash Please Revert to Alpha 9. Overwhelming bugs.
  240. BUG: Disaperaing potatoes
  241. Mechanics Concreate can be not pured, but upgraded with stone axe
  242. Mechanics Typo in blocks.xml
  243. Mechanics Moving in water - bug?
  244. Mechanics Shift Clicking Bug
  245. Mechanics A10 Linux: Item Survives Death/Respawn when in "Crafting Output" Slot
  246. Multiplayer From where bug come
  247. Mechanics A10: Buffs with countdowns in 'game time' do not count down/progress
  248. Mechanics sniper part molding
  249. Mechanics 3-Day Bug Reports with my own Dedicated Server+Friends.
  250. Crash BSOD on windows 7 due to easy-anti cheat