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  1. AI Zombies stuck on hunted mode.
  2. Mechanics Venison Stew
  3. Mechanics Backpack destroyed or just disappears on death
  4. Multiplayer Server Browser and more
  5. Mechanics Ammunitions Crate not making correctly
  6. Mechanics Eternal antibiotics effect
  7. Mechanics Filling partial stack from forge in otherwise full inventory
  8. Graphics 10.1 - When i alt-tab my rotable 3d character vanish from character window
  9. Mechanics Unable to harvest middle part of corn
  10. Mechanics Minable "Boulders" no longer spawning all variants
  11. Graphics Graphic bugs
  12. UI Alpha 10 not supporting widescreen anymore
  13. Mechanics Cannot remove torch from Torch Holder
  14. Mechanics 10.1 Sniper Receiver mold
  15. Mechanics 10.1 Clothes + button in the inventory character screen doesn't work properly
  16. Graphics 10.1 Unplayable
  17. Mechanics Bug: Keeping your wellness after dying
  18. Mechanics Exploit to not loose wellness when dying
  19. Crash EAC error code 13
  20. Mechanics Concrete still bugged in A10.1, IMO
  21. Graphics Shadows all over the place.
  22. Mechanics No wellness and no stamina
  23. Mechanics A10.1 Bad FPS Drop, Logs In Link
  24. UI I lost all my clothes
  25. UI 10.1, upon creating a new profile, not a single character modification slider works.
  26. Mechanics Disable Zombie Spawn Option broken
  27. Multiplayer Logic error in loot respawn code
  28. Graphics Texture Issue with Nailgun
  29. Mechanics "Zombie Heat" system overrides "Zombie Spawn Disabled"
  30. Graphics Character Texture issue since 10.1
  31. Mechanics torch glitch 8.1
  32. Crash 10.1 Server Error, Mesh Problems.
  33. Crash Hotfixed and I'm still getting the console error spamming
  34. Graphics 10.1 DenimPants/Tanktops
  35. Mechanics Sprained leg still not healing
  36. Mechanics wellness system plummeting bug
  37. Crash Mouse / TouchPad Conflict
  38. Crash CRASH!!!!!!!!
  39. Mechanics 10.1 crop issue, torch flicker issue
  40. Mechanics You are not thirsty enough to cure yourself of dysentery.
  41. Mechanics Campfire: Can't replace Cooking pot with Grill
  42. Mechanics Campfire: Lose all items
  43. Crash A10 + 10.1 memory leak
  44. Mechanics 1 Shot kill no credit
  45. Mechanics Rebar not upgrading
  46. Multiplayer Creative Menu Command not working since the A10 Hotfix
  47. Mechanics Sleeping Bags reverting owner
  48. Mechanics Beds (Old bed, matress, etc) not working
  49. Graphics 10.1 Torch Light is not coming from torch
  50. Mechanics Cops doing no dmg?
  51. Crash 10.1 Client Log - NullReferenceException
  52. Mechanics Items flying away when lots of items together on ground
  53. Mechanics Broken legs now last 33 days!
  54. Mechanics Oil Barrel explode on fist bump - not on crossbow bolt hit
  55. AI Weird Error
  56. Multiplayer Crashes
  57. Graphics Low FPS
  58. UI "You are not thirsty" when you click with empty hand on anything.
  59. Mechanics Animal fat gives 1 tallow, not 3. Blueberries give 1 seed. This can't be right.
  60. Mechanics Items dissapearing in crafting when you quit and log back on.
  61. Crash many bugs (cement, video, wiki)
  62. Multiplayer A10/10.1 issues
  63. AI A few niggles
  64. Mechanics Loot time bypass bug
  65. Mechanics A few niggles continued
  66. Mechanics MAC: Sound change does not work
  67. Mechanics Alpha 10.1 Invisible Zombies
  68. Crash Exception Err 10.1
  69. Graphics Trees growing in cars and in homes.
  70. Mechanics Photos will not post to forum
  71. Graphics 10.1 Pink bars
  72. Mechanics A10 Concrete dupe glitch
  73. Mechanics Backpack in a tree top
  74. Graphics Couple of bugs in different categories.
  75. Mechanics Hornet not attacking me. Killed it with crossbow and get stuck in the air
  76. Graphics Black Tank Top - No Image
  77. Mechanics BUG: A zombie was walking toward me then disappear in the ground for no reason
  78. Crash anybody knows what's the deal with this ?
  79. Mechanics Corn doesn't collecting when inventory is full
  80. Mechanics Toolbelt bug
  81. Graphics Bad Lag/fps drop from torch light
  82. Mechanics A10 - "Poisoned ground" for crops (work-around solution)
  83. UI A10.1 - Character customization slides suddenly disappear
  84. Graphics Video Settings (Resolution/Full Screen) Reset / Perma Splint "debuff"
  85. Mechanics Can't Aim with Crossbow after last update
  86. Crash Kicked by steam please make sure you are logged in corectly
  87. Mechanics Lost Iron ingot Mold in forge
  88. Graphics Graphics Glitch?
  89. AI [alpha 10.1] Zombies ain't supposed to be up in here.
  90. Graphics 10.1 invisible secure chests
  91. Mechanics 10.1 zombies still spawning within los
  92. Multiplayer Soundproblems in Multiplayer while using TS3
  93. Graphics [A10.1] Hatch Sync Issues, Misc
  94. Multiplayer Graphics and multiplayer lag
  95. Mechanics Dysentery Bug (Devs Please Read IF You Can)
  96. Crash A10.1 Not responding when starting a new game on Mac.
  97. UI FPS stuck on screen
  98. Mechanics A10+ Character Hitboxes
  99. Multiplayer Getting player kill 'credit' for all times a player dies after being PvP killed
  100. Graphics Spectacular Zombie face or TechnoViking Fluo Neon texture bug
  101. Mechanics Several Bugs
  102. Crash Bluescreen on opening
  103. Mechanics Wellness drop bug
  104. Multiplayer Account not activated bug on dedicated server
  105. Mechanics Sniper Rifle receiver mold non existent.
  106. Mechanics Sprained Legs, Broken Legs & Splints
  107. UI Audio options volume control not working in game?
  108. Mechanics Torches don't attach to walls now and they can repair wood framing????
  109. Mechanics Fell through the world! Cannot dig down anymore.
  110. AI Spider Zombies still spawning when spawning is disabled.
  111. Mechanics 10.1 - Crouching Bug - Repeated split second crosshair and standing glitch
  112. Mechanics 10.1 Players can run through doors
  113. Crash "Thread Creation failed" Please Help me
  114. Mechanics Fridges and coolers wont open
  115. Mechanics Formatexception error
  116. Mechanics Fix the Hitbox issue
  117. Graphics Some form of Stigmata? Nail that played a part in the crucifixion?
  118. Mechanics Tungsten
  119. Multiplayer When entering area Exception: Err occurs
  120. Mechanics Bug - Break Legs on Hay Bail beside ladder
  121. Crash Game Not Responding
  122. Mechanics Crops not appearing when harvested
  123. Crash Problem to launch game
  124. Graphics Torch and fire lite look cool but effect game performance.
  125. Mechanics Tilling sand -> fertile dirt
  126. Mechanics Unable to place torches
  127. Multiplayer Crafted Lootables Not Spawning Loot?
  128. Crash Game freeze at ram gets to 2gb(alpha 10.1)
  129. Mechanics Crossbow bug after logging out with crossbow equipped
  130. Mechanics Hatch bug
  131. Mechanics DUP/BUG - Weapon & Item Duplication - Glitch
  132. Crash Don't close console after automatic opens
  133. Multiplayer Need Help To Deal With Speed Bug/Glitch.
  134. Crash "SocketOrThreadFailure"
  135. Mechanics Stage 1 dysentery fatal after 296 seconds
  136. Graphics Alpha 10.1 Torch Lighting got worse - A10 was so much better
  137. Graphics [10.1] Still world rendering problems
  138. Mechanics Sniper Rifle
  139. Crash computer shuts off.
  140. Crash A10.1, Linux, 64bit random freeze
  141. Mechanics bullet tip & case molding
  142. Mechanics All ore not spawning underground
  143. Mechanics Items turning into different items
  144. Mechanics Upside-down Wedge Orientation
  145. Graphics Can't mine certain blocks (area). [Graphics/mechanics issue]
  146. Mechanics Hatch Durability
  147. Mechanics Wellness 120 to 0 (and dead) in 5 seconds!
  148. Mechanics Character problem when playing LAN
  149. Crash xml exception
  150. Crash 7D2D Launch Crash
  151. Mechanics Player wellness stuck at 30
  152. Multiplayer 10.1 Silent Hornets
  153. Graphics 10.1 Sudden FPS drop
  154. Mechanics Campfire do not produce 3 tallow
  155. Mechanics [A10.1] Trees still disapear - any suggestions?
  156. Multiplayer "Waiting for server" indefinitely...
  157. Mechanics Walking through Doors
  158. Mechanics Stealth bug
  159. Mechanics dysintary bug
  160. Mechanics Door bugs
  161. UI Character Screen Issue
  162. AI Little to no Points of Interest
  163. Graphics Console / Renderer car03_blue_dmg4_Prefab
  164. Crash [OSX] A10.1 Out of Memory issues
  165. Crash Random Crashing upon start, last worked this morning
  166. Mechanics Cars don't respawn loot:
  167. Mechanics Supply Drops
  168. Multiplayer Able to hear other players at (so far) infinite distance
  169. Crash Sound disappears with USB sound card AVID Fast Track Solo
  170. Mechanics E does not search since A10
  171. Mechanics Adjacent plants are destroying each other
  172. Multiplayer Drink coffe / leave game
  173. Multiplayer No server lists since A10, same in A10.1
  174. Mechanics Console pops up with error, and then frequently when im using my keys
  175. Multiplayer when mod loot.xml, attribut open_time did not push to client
  176. Mechanics Nail Gun Bug: Doesn't use nails when upgrading
  177. Mechanics Debuff bug still affects character
  178. AI Hornets don't chase you
  179. Crash Animator.GotoState: State could not be found - Invalid Layer Index
  180. Multiplayer Lockbox was closed but stolen bug?
  181. Mechanics Inventory bug when shift+right click
  182. Mechanics Invalid layer index spam in debug mode
  183. Mechanics way WAY too many books
  184. Mechanics stuff dissapearing while cooking, cooking foods not visible to other players
  185. Graphics Storage Chests occasionally invisible (but still accessible when placed)
  186. Graphics A "stink vapor trail" looking thing following a player?
  187. Multiplayer Console Spam: Object reference not set to an instance of an object; error
  188. Mechanics crafting Torches killed my game
  189. Graphics FPS hit in shallow water
  190. AI Pathfinding of Zombies
  191. Multiplayer Waiting for server...
  192. Mechanics torch wall holder, doesnt stick to walls....
  193. UI Console spamming
  194. Mechanics excess ingredients dissapearing when partial cooking is complete
  195. Graphics Nailgun chemtrail
  196. Mechanics My house is destroyed for a bug
  197. Mechanics alpha 10 stage 2 infection lethal?
  198. Mechanics Hordes spawn when set to no spawn
  199. Mechanics Empty SM & Munitions Crates (and other containers) do not respawn loot
  200. UI Clothing that doesnt work
  201. Mechanics Bugs: E button, loot timer, ore textures, perma-splint
  202. Mechanics logging out while crafting causes you to lose what you were crafting
  203. Crash Server Crash on First Connect
  204. Mechanics Harvest crops are deleted
  205. Mechanics A10.1 Customizing air drops results in empty boxes
  206. Crash A simple crash report with an overabundance of details.
  207. Mechanics A10.1 Nailgun does not use nails when upgrading stuff.
  208. Multiplayer Alpah 10/10.1 bugs
  209. UI Secure Hard Metal Door missing from crafting menu.
  210. Multiplayer Incorrect players count reported in Query Protocol
  211. Mechanics A10.1 - Underground farming possible
  212. Graphics Sideways Gun
  213. Mechanics Wooden Hatch Bug
  214. AI Continuous Horde Spawn
  215. UI Bugged up forge.
  216. Mechanics logout during crafting : lose all crafted items
  217. Mechanics Repair Amount makes repairing useless.
  218. Mechanics Alpha 10.1: Sometimes armours don't reduce damage.
  219. Mechanics Mechanics
  220. Mechanics Dysentery a little too aggressive? Cant drink yucca juice/other foods when full
  221. Mechanics Instant Death From High Falls Is Broken
  222. Mechanics Mechanics
  223. Mechanics Can't drink yucca juice when food bar is full
  224. Mechanics Upgrading walls with torches / Wellness Bug
  225. Mechanics No Kill Count for burning Zombies
  226. Mechanics Guns zoom/no zoom aim not corresponding
  227. Mechanics Why should anyone build a base anymore ?
  228. Multiplayer 10.1 World chunks not spawning... with server log!
  229. Mechanics Harvest and lose crops with full inventory
  230. Mechanics Supply drops fall into radioactive zones
  231. Mechanics Several bugs encountered in 10.1
  232. Mechanics Food/Iron duping bugs still exist in alpha 10.1 (pls fix ASAP!)
  233. Mechanics Lost my harvest (alpha 10.1)
  234. Crash Linux, Alpha 10.2: 64 bit version 7 Days will not shut down properly
  235. Mechanics A10.2 nail gun upgrades too fast when you spam mouse2 button
  236. Mechanics A10.2 : Air drops drop no claim blocks??
  237. Mechanics A10.2 Stealth system bug
  238. Mechanics 10.2 - Splint still Broken
  239. Mechanics Campfire, Forge, and crafting absorbing resources
  240. Crash 10.2 A good try but still a fail
  241. Mechanics Farms not growing since 10.2 update?
  242. Multiplayer a10 claim protection bounds less than LandClaimSize, and not centered on keystone
  243. Mechanics 10.2 Planted trees disappear on dedicated server
  244. Mechanics More Of Hacks But Still Uncool
  245. Multiplayer PVP off yet crossbow still causes bleeding
  246. Mechanics 10.2 Farming still not working after server restart
  247. Multiplayer Eggs disappear while cooking
  248. Mechanics Metal Strips Repairing
  249. Mechanics Shift Clicking
  250. Mechanics Crops grow anywhere.