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  1. UI Description Mismatch
  2. Mechanics Dupe bugs still plentiful.
  3. Graphics GameBreaker: you can still see through the world.
  4. Crash All items in crafting table are lost upon disconnect. (Still as of 10.2)
  5. UI Misspelling on game difficulty screen.
  6. Mechanics Bug? Crops (except corn) explode when placed next to each other. (10.2)
  7. Mechanics Hatches broken in vertical position
  8. Graphics Trees everywere including cars and homes See photos.
  9. Mechanics 10.2 Sledgehummer can't kill zombie with a headshot?
  10. Graphics Torches on the ground have torch holders
  11. Mechanics Reinforced Concrete Drops Reinforced Concrete Upon Destruction Of The First Upgrade
  12. Mechanics Reinforced Concrete Bug
  13. Mechanics Another concrete bug
  14. Mechanics Vanishing stacks
  15. Mechanics Harvesting farmables disappear if bag is full (but belt is not)
  16. Mechanics Upgrade bug (hammer, repair tool)
  17. Mechanics Backpack Bug
  18. Mechanics Crop placing bug (10.1, 10.2)
  19. Graphics Terrain not loading....
  20. Mechanics zombie spawn
  21. Mechanics Stamina and Hydration, no syncronized.
  22. Multiplayer I had an EAC bug
  23. Mechanics Hatch closes on logout
  24. Mechanics 10.2 Crops stuck and will not grow
  25. Multiplayer EAC Kicked By Admin bug
  26. Crash The game is nearly unplayable.
  27. Multiplayer NPCs (Zombies, Animals) 'frozen', Server restart is not helping
  28. Mechanics Supply Crates spawning in danger zone
  29. Mechanics 10.2 bugs a few i have found
  30. Crash FPS drop+crash
  31. Mechanics Armor/Clothing reequping bug
  32. UI Not thirsty message when rmb pressed empty handed
  33. Mechanics 10.2 - Crops NOT growing
  34. Graphics When looking perfectly north, screen freezes
  35. Mechanics Cement buckets used from left to right / other materials not
  36. Mechanics Drowning outside of water
  37. Mechanics 10.2 - Simple Item Loss with Repro Steps
  38. Mechanics Zombie Detection still broken, stealth is useless.
  39. Mechanics Broken leg
  40. Graphics army Prefab in Navezgane 10.2 wrong ground
  41. Mechanics An old bug: falling throught the map
  42. Mechanics 10.2 - Gun Safe won't unlock
  43. Crash High Ping (200+) Renders Game Unplayable
  44. Mechanics [FIXED] Reinforced Concrete
  45. Mechanics Storage inaccessible
  46. Mechanics No Air Drops since 10.0
  47. Mechanics Forge not craftable./ Kicked from games.
  48. UI Server Browser - Hyperlink Inactive
  49. UI Console on start with mouse bindings
  50. UI Gun held side ways
  51. Mechanics Friendly Fire and Crossbows
  52. Multiplayer Player found with a stack of 8000 reinforced concrete in his bag after I shot him
  53. Crash A required .DLL file, EKC6420.DLL, was not found
  54. Graphics Character textures missing
  55. UI debuff tooltip overwriting item descriptions
  56. Mechanics Skill book missing
  57. Mechanics Wanted dead or alive: Gore blocks.
  58. Mechanics 10.2 (And 10.1) - Planted Trees & Saplings disappearing after log off from server
  59. Multiplayer Fire pit / Fuel Bug - also link to related issue
  60. Graphics Forge and Fire Pit and Torche Fire Graphics lagging the game down, making unplayable.
  61. Mechanics Claimblock protection bug
  62. Mechanics Cloth Chest Armor Dupe
  63. Mechanics Backpack disapear after zombie attack
  64. Multiplayer Odd Hacking
  65. Mechanics feral horde.. we miss u!
  66. UI linux build - missing forge recipe and torches still need holders 10.2
  67. Multiplayer Eac kicking
  68. Crash BSOD upon exiting 7 Days
  69. Mechanics Zīs and Dogs... glitching down in underground base...
  70. Mechanics A10.2 adjusting movement_factor in materials.xml makes you unable to jump
  71. Mechanics Spikes Repair
  72. Mechanics Trees Still Disapearing
  73. Mechanics When mining left right left right you clip and teleport up
  74. Graphics tab order on inventory/crafting/char off...sorta
  75. Mechanics Air Drops hanging in the sky instead of falling
  76. UI No music when returning to menu after game
  77. Mechanics Bugs I notice so far.
  78. UI Enter Button does not work on join game (Mac)
  79. Multiplayer Indestructible Sandstone.
  80. Mechanics Floating bedrock
  81. Mechanics Loot not respawning, weird crop growth, barely any zombies, FPS issues
  82. Crash I have a backpack (played dropped on death) that throws on exception when inspected.
  83. Mechanics Campfire sound?
  84. Mechanics items.xml Simple Coding Error
  85. Crash 10.2 Console Bug
  86. AI Tree killing Pigs at least probably other animals when they spawn.
  87. Mechanics Antibiotic effect won't go away
  88. Mechanics Damaged weapons don't apply reduced amount of damage
  89. Mechanics *VERY SERIOUS GAME BREAKING* Oil Duping Bug
  90. Crash Recipies / blocks / entityclasses not loading from server correctly
  91. Mechanics Backpack disapear
  92. Graphics Char Models
  93. Mechanics FPS Issue
  94. Mechanics Blueberry bush as loot
  95. Mechanics Random Gen Hiccup
  96. Mechanics Taking mold from forge drops items, creates stacks over max size
  97. Mechanics Loosing crafted items
  98. UI Spelling (ducks)
  99. Mechanics Door and hatch bugs still persist in A-10.2
  100. Mechanics Placing of torches and ladders are wonky.
  101. Multiplayer Multiplayer lag
  102. Mechanics Zombies clear when relogging
  103. Crash Screen goes blank when scavenging
  104. Mechanics Using Blood Draw Kits can glitch your health and stamina.
  105. Crash Big poblem
  106. Multiplayer Multiplayer out of sync
  107. Graphics FPS drops in certain biomes
  108. Mechanics Claim block bug
  109. Graphics Ground disappearing bug.
  110. Mechanics Storage or Secure chest dont open
  111. Mechanics Cooking Pot, Unlimited Stack of anything
  112. Mechanics Animal Hide not breaking down
  113. UI Marker not showing
  114. Crash Day 14 Crash with Feral Horde
  115. Mechanics Blocks falling and trees despawning.
  116. Mechanics underground able to see bases/claim blocks glitch...
  117. Mechanics Floating Burnt Structure in Windows/Random Gen with Screenshots
  118. Mechanics CONSISTENT crafting grid item destroying bug
  119. Multiplayer God cheat
  120. Mechanics Wood Log collection/scavenging problem
  121. Mechanics Cant Till Land - Farming Broke
  122. Mechanics Reinforced Concrete Fix
  123. Multiplayer Cracking lcb steals claim, results in overlapping claims.
  124. Crash video card issues 64x OS Windows 7
  125. Mechanics 10.2 Land claim blocks no longer in any loot table
  126. Mechanics Fuel Item Duplication Bug
  127. Mechanics Use tools = double sound!
  128. Graphics Barn POI Error
  129. Mechanics Sound bug, Screen Freeze
  130. Crash IndexOutOfRangeException: Array Index is out of range
  131. Graphics Shadowplay does not correctly detect 7dtd
  132. UI 10.2 Linux 64 bit: Hitting F4 makes mouse stop working properly
  133. Mechanics desert biome mining
  134. Graphics Lag when exploring
  135. Mechanics Planted Trees Disappear on Server Restart
  136. Mechanics Cannot open Crates after big lag
  137. Mechanics Weapon repair dupe
  138. Mechanics Reinforced Concrete loses max load.
  139. Mechanics Reverse Time???
  140. Graphics Graphics lag in SP
  141. Graphics Supply drop not showing
  142. Mechanics Instant Crafting Bug!
  143. Mechanics Not a bug really, but performance issue I think
  144. UI USB Mouse Movement + keyboard not recognized after a while
  145. Graphics Character sucked through cave ceiling
  146. Graphics Ground Missing
  147. Multiplayer Duping
  148. Mechanics Forge bug
  149. Mechanics Cannot mine after certain depth
  150. Multiplayer Custom Item Recipe
  151. Graphics Missing dynamic shadows on pre 10.2 maps (from 10.0 to 10.1)
  152. Mechanics Reinforced concrete repair
  153. Crash Game is not working
  154. Multiplayer *** Sniper Rifle's Scope Bug ***
  155. Mechanics Resource anomalies?
  156. Mechanics Placing blocks will try to sit on grass rather than ground
  157. Mechanics A Cooking/crafting bug
  158. Mechanics Some bugs
  159. Mechanics Heavy Serverbugs (Cooking, Forging, Mining)
  160. Mechanics Zombies still occasionally spawning when 'Enemy Spawning' set to 0
  161. Mechanics Bag retrieving
  162. Mechanics EAC Kick after restart. Game now unplayable
  163. Mechanics EAC Fix Maybe??
  164. Mechanics Blueberries are broken
  165. Mechanics Potatoes dissapering
  166. Multiplayer A10.3 Problems
  167. Mechanics 10.3 Sound configuration
  168. Multiplayer Account is not active or no server response! Error.
  169. Graphics 10.3 Character Customization
  170. Mechanics 10.3 Missing Forge?
  171. Multiplayer No hair in 10.3 ?
  172. Mechanics 24 hour cycle bug
  173. Graphics Character customization. Seems broken.
  174. AI EAC is poor
  175. Multiplayer Player Skin Showing pure Black
  176. Multiplayer Insane ram usage 10.3
  177. Mechanics Supply plane dropping supplys in the rad zone again.
  178. Mechanics 10.3 Bugs I found
  179. Mechanics Pop n Pill bugged
  180. Graphics Invisible ladders on Linux Alpha 10.3
  181. Graphics Bugs
  182. Mechanics Pharmacies or just another book stores
  183. Mechanics Zombie spawning is broken
  184. UI [Feature Request] Alternate key for toggle left mouse.
  185. Mechanics [Fix] Santa Hat
  186. Graphics Suppy plane causing Nullreference errors
  187. Mechanics Buffs and debuffs still reset when logging out and logging in again
  188. Multiplayer Your account "SteamName" has not been activated or no server response!
  189. Graphics Is this normal? 10.3
  190. Graphics Beyond awful FPS
  191. Mechanics Maps are getting corrupted!
  192. Multiplayer Multiplayer - Campfire deleting items
  193. Multiplayer you can see players shoot players that are behind objects
  194. Mechanics Dog Spawn Bug, Zombie Fall Bug
  195. Mechanics Random Generated Maps - weird roads
  196. Mechanics Zombies still clipping through Secure Wooden Door
  197. Mechanics Business Signs
  198. Mechanics Zombies Spawning Too Close
  199. Multiplayer Since hotfix i canīt join ANY server...
  200. Multiplayer Player profile changing midgame
  201. Mechanics Infinite Stack Bug
  202. Mechanics Stone Axe will not upgrade cobblestone frames.
  203. Multiplayer Excessive CPU utilization on 10.3 Dedicated Server
  204. Mechanics Sprained leg and broken leg not fixing
  205. Mechanics Collapsing bridges
  206. Multiplayer Serious container lag
  207. Graphics Confirming Two Bugs
  208. Mechanics Cooking bug, OPPS I FORGOT TO HIT "COOK"
  209. Mechanics WTF?
  210. Mechanics Inventory Bug A10.3
  211. Mechanics nothing will ever spawn
  212. Mechanics NullReferenceException
  213. Mechanics Dirt close to the highest layers
  214. Mechanics [bug] road, town, and prefab spawning
  215. Mechanics [Fix] CandleWall and missing Recipe
  216. Mechanics Invisible water 10.3 dedi server
  217. Mechanics Cubs critical rate broken
  218. Mechanics Hit while looting timer is counting = can't move or hit back
  219. Graphics Candles are visible throuh walls and players
  220. Graphics Client side world not rendering
  221. Mechanics Pharmacy issues
  222. Graphics Floating rocks
  223. Mechanics Bugs I have found
  224. Graphics freeze-frame
  225. Crash Keep getting crashed outta the game.
  226. Mechanics Town generation bug
  227. Crash Stuck forever + System.OutOfRangeException + callstack
  228. AI crack head zed
  229. Graphics [10.3] Candle LOD
  230. Multiplayer Apha 10.3 B12 Hot fix bug
  231. Mechanics Torches durability reseting (infinite exploit)
  232. Mechanics Window Recipe inconsistency
  233. Mechanics Rotation bugged
  234. Mechanics Feral hordes no longer spawning after reset to day 1
  235. Mechanics I keep hearing every animation sound twice.
  236. Mechanics Player Disconnect Server Spam
  237. Mechanics Question about the spider zombies
  238. Multiplayer New buildings in Navezgane bugged
  239. UI map keeps refreshing
  240. Mechanics nail gun bug
  241. Mechanics Cobblestone Fill Frame Null Ref
  242. Mechanics The magic campfire/console bug
  243. Multiplayer secure storage box will not open
  244. Multiplayer New Charakter Texture Models decreasing Perfomance since Alpha 10!
  245. Graphics [A10.3] Door Model Error
  246. Mechanics Door moved and rotated after explosion
  247. Mechanics random bag destroyed.
  248. Mechanics Map corruption caused by smashing boulders adjacent to higher terrain.
  249. Multiplayer Campfires loosing stuff
  250. Crash Player Caused Server Crash