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  1. Crash Couple minor bugs for 10.3
  2. Graphics Holes on the map
  3. Crash 10.3 white screen of death crashes PC.
  4. Crash Change appearance in 10.3 after having a profile from 10.2
  5. Mechanics Harvesting Corn Bug, Wellness Bug (10.3 and later)
  6. Graphics Camera view and character arms bugged after respawning after dying while aiming
  7. Mechanics 10.3 - Small Stone Bug - Possible Exploit
  8. Mechanics Camp fire fuel
  9. Crash URGENT: One day worth of problems A10.3 b12
  10. Mechanics HIGH | Multiple Forges and Campfires running cause massive FPS drop in SP/MP
  11. Mechanics Framerate drops from candles
  12. Mechanics All food when grilling disappears
  13. Mechanics EAC and 10.3 still hackable, look here please and see if you can fix
  14. Mechanics Walls are the first target.
  15. Mechanics Day count keeps acting up 10.3.
  16. Mechanics Campfire bug/exploit
  17. Graphics Hard drive thrashing causing freezes and stuttering in fps
  18. Mechanics Overlapping claims possible between two or more players that are not friends
  19. Crash Can't open Chests, Search for Items...
  20. Mechanics Scrap Iron Duplicate Bug
  21. Multiplayer Map Disappears.
  22. Mechanics Corner Jump/Bounce
  23. Mechanics Vomit from police zombie hit me through the wall (cobblestone) and I die
  24. Multiplayer funtimes.. server crash after
  25. Mechanics Gimp Walk/Run
  26. Mechanics SP Lag Lag Lag
  27. Crash Unity related problem
  28. Mechanics 10.3 Structural integrity still very broken
  29. Mechanics Sky Drop into Fallout Zone
  30. Multiplayer 10.4 Buggy Supply Crates
  31. Mechanics Sensed indicator not working?
  32. Multiplayer KeyNotFoundException Error after server update to 10.4
  33. Multiplayer 10.4 cant join server
  34. Mechanics A10.4 Problems
  35. Mechanics [Video] Same Output Recipe Bug
  36. Mechanics InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type
  37. Multiplayer 10.4 Bug - can't move around
  38. Mechanics 10.4 key exception error
  39. Mechanics Can not connect to server error in a Single player game in console
  40. Mechanics bald character and hats
  41. Multiplayer Tons of problems on a new 10.4 world (multiplayer dedicated)
  42. Multiplayer I know what's wrong. Server Key execption, can't join servers, etc.
  43. Crash Crash quickly on startup.
  44. Graphics Observed bugs in linux.
  45. Mechanics No Feral Horde on night 7/early day 8 Update the cause?
  46. Mechanics Infection stuck on Stage I
  47. Mechanics Infinite iron glitch
  48. Multiplayer 10.4 RPC Failure - Server logs at time of exception.
  49. Mechanics santa's hat equip slot is default to "face"
  50. Graphics 10.4 POI's overlapping each other
  51. Mechanics 10.4 The new lockable storage crates...
  52. [READ FIRST!] Known issues in 10.4
  53. Crash Game is now unplayable for me
  54. Mechanics Arch Linux 64 bit through Steam
  55. Mechanics 10.3/4 Cobblestone block stats
  56. UI macDyverBook description bug
  57. Mechanics Containers won't open
  58. Mechanics Navezgane map has too much loot.
  59. Mechanics Putting venison and pork into a beverage fridge causes them to vanish
  60. Mechanics [10.4] Picking up crops when backpack is full causes crops to vanish
  61. Mechanics Storage container bug (No reason to play until its fixed)
  62. Mechanics NullReferenceException with Cobblestone Frame
  63. Mechanics window01White upgrades into itself
  64. Mechanics No grassland in my random map (1 hours of superman flight)
  65. Multiplayer more funtime crashes
  66. Mechanics My little list of bugs/non bug issues 10.4 patch
  67. Mechanics Major swimming flaw exploit
  68. Mechanics Corners break sneaking
  69. Mechanics Forge Bug - Since 10.0 - ETA on fix?
  70. UI Camera Detaches From First Person Player Model
  71. Multiplayer MP game Host game client freeze.
  72. AI Perfect Defense or AI misbehavior
  73. Mechanics Crafting outputs too many items
  74. Mechanics Food Vanishing when put into a Campfire or when completed
  75. Mechanics Sharing Violation on .map
  76. Mechanics Can't grow Blueberries?
  77. UI Please, fix this old bug!
  78. Mechanics quarterBlock Material wrong
  79. AI Zombies going matrix style ( Walk thru doors )
  80. Mechanics Containers not responsive?
  81. Multiplayer Direction Lag - Only when facing towards population centers.
  82. Mechanics Splint has no timer on it.
  83. Multiplayer Ground glitch allowing underground bases to be seen (exploit)
  84. Mechanics IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
  85. Multiplayer [10.4] Player char customisation still has issues.
  86. Mechanics 7th Day Night Hordes not so 7th Day
  87. Crash what is the "thread creation failed"??
  88. what is this bug??? please help
  89. Graphics Light problems
  90. Mechanics [Bug]critical hit kill
  91. AI We had what seemed to be infinite hordes (12 in-game hours of feral during day)
  92. Crash game do not Start
  93. Multiplayer Bug Compiling
  94. Graphics Failed setting triangles.
  95. Crash Kicked by Admin
  96. Mechanics Awning 1 = infinite cloth (version 10.4)
  97. Crash game freezes at the loading screen
  98. Mechanics Health regen stuck just above + sign
  99. Crash 10.4 linux instance shut down when player logs out
  100. Mechanics Candle drops wrong item
  101. Mechanics 10.4 farming
  102. Crash Fix the linux bugs:)
  103. Mechanics Unable to grow goldenrod from seeds
  104. Mechanics Random Gen - No Points of Interest
  105. Mechanics 10.4 Teleport bug
  106. AI Zombie spawn
  107. Mechanics Crossbow Wont Load (Not 'R' issue)
  108. Mechanics TNT not working
  109. Mechanics Duplication bug in camp fires
  110. Mechanics Gas Can/Bio Fuel duplication bug
  111. Multiplayer Zombies walking through closed doors
  112. Multiplayer A list of bugs
  113. Mechanics 10.4 (b9) - Head Protection Not Working
  114. Multiplayer Chat Bug
  115. Mechanics Backbag is still disapearing when u die in houses/underground, why this is still?
  116. Mechanics 10.4 Auto-Equip destroying items
  117. Mechanics Landclaim block Broken
  118. Graphics World stops drawing (see screenshot)
  119. Multiplayer Old Crate-not-opening bug is back in 10.4 hotfix
  120. Multiplayer Fuel not burning, hence no cooking or forging
  121. Crash Any fix for EAC problems?
  122. Graphics Transparency texture zombie mouth bug
  123. Mechanics BUG - Map Clipping
  124. Crash keep getting kicked out
  125. Mechanics Duplication Glitch
  126. Mechanics Supply Drop in Navezgame falls in rad zone.
  127. Multiplayer Server stops rendering Terrain
  128. Mechanics Antibiotics bug/glitch
  129. Crash Loading Error: EasyAntiCheat Service Executable not found
  130. Mechanics No Clip + Water = TRAP
  131. Mechanics Water destroys concrete 1/2 blocks
  132. AI [10.4] Zombies afraid to hit or jump over wood walls?
  133. Mechanics Picking blueberries will not collect on toolbelt
  134. Mechanics Base on water
  135. Multiplayer VERY TRIVIAL ISSUE- Telnet message. PlayerID/SteamID
  136. Mechanics Pine seed anyone?
  137. Multiplayer Hosted Server Is Not Keeping Days and Time Through Restart
  138. Crash Dedicated Server 10.4 Crashed
  139. Graphics Rocket syuck on Pistol
  140. Mechanics Container capacity exploit
  141. Mechanics Can't access old (dedicated) storage containers
  142. Mechanics Can't make new profile (new character)
  143. Mechanics Teleporting Zombies?
  144. Multiplayer Wasteland crashes server
  145. Graphics Dead Center Graphics Glitch
  146. Multiplayer Server's are Leaking RAM, causing crashes, lags, and constant reboots
  147. Mechanics Falling through EVERYTHING, please help! I'm trying to build creatively!!
  148. Mechanics 10.4 Armor not working
  149. Multiplayer Cannot join friends game.
  150. Mechanics Duplicating items
  151. Mechanics Roads messed up in Random Gen.
  152. UI Free mouse pointer after Alt-Tab
  153. Mechanics Hits should prioritize NPC, not landscape.
  154. Multiplayer Missing dropped Items when rejoining a multiplayer game.
  155. Multiplayer Campfires not lighting up/consuming fuel indoors
  156. Mechanics 1/2 slab of concrete destroyed by water
  157. Multiplayer Shooting trought walls Alpha 10.4 b10
  158. Graphics Huge stuttering and FPS drop (10.4)
  159. Mechanics Debuff timers reset on save/quit game in SP
  160. Mechanics Loot Bug
  161. Mechanics None stop AirDrops
  162. Multiplayer Some sort of bug lost us pork that was cooking (10.4).
  163. Graphics Incorrect graphics on ground tiles when mining as of 10.4?
  164. Mechanics Three Bugs
  165. Crash Cant make new profile
  166. Multiplayer Kick Reason not showed to kicked player.
  167. Crash linux dedicated server wont start instance
  168. Mechanics Deirsville never ending zombies on easiest settings
  169. Mechanics Health and Stamina stuck SP
  170. Mechanics Massive Lag at 13+
  171. Multiplayer Killed by another player but no player shown
  172. Mechanics Harvested items not appearing in belt space
  173. Mechanics Corn on the Cob Consumes Jar
  174. Mechanics Health above 100 is bugged
  175. Mechanics Wood ladder makes wood frame. SP 10.4
  176. Mechanics Bug list
  177. Multiplayer Major glitch pvp
  178. UI Armor numbers overlapping
  179. Multiplayer Loosing items in inventory
  180. Crash Crash upon entering the game (pastebin included)
  181. Mechanics Water supplants objects
  182. UI crafting block items disappearing after sign out
  183. Crash Can't launch game with Anti Cheat
  184. AI zeds walking through locked doors in desert town
  185. Mechanics M-136 Rocket Launcher Repair Bug
  186. Crash Server crashes after horde spawning
  187. AI 10.4 Zombies spawning at a distance and freezing permanently
  188. Mechanics Tilling Turns Other Ground to Dirt
  189. Multiplayer game freezes cant open containers
  190. Mechanics Zombies Ignore wood frames
  191. UI Bug? Or placeholder animation? (Mining)
  192. Multiplayer Forum + Firefox = crasy???
  193. Mechanics Concrete Mix can be scrapped for Iron
  194. Multiplayer Getting kicked by Steamworks.NET
  195. Mechanics asphaltSlope misspelling
  196. Mechanics [10.4 B10] Free Iron for everyone (Metal Trussing forge weight too high)
  197. Mechanics Legacy blocks
  198. UI Tooltip position relative to cursor.
  199. Graphics Teleporting dogs
  200. Crash Rename Game crash to desktop
  201. Mechanics Red Barn of death
  202. Mechanics Glass window with no glass
  203. Mechanics Metal Ladders for infinite scrap iron
  204. AI 7n th days horde showing up during the day.
  205. Mechanics Vanishing items
  206. Multiplayer 10.4 Massive Lag spikes, de-sync and slow loading for both cilent and host in MP
  207. Mechanics falling through level
  208. UI The Map Friends List isnt working?
  209. Mechanics Clothing Duplication Bug
  210. Mechanics NullReferenceException Error After Wearing a Hat on MP
  211. Mechanics Air Drops Misplacing.
  212. Graphics Unstable graphics when travelling 20 000 away
  213. Graphics Crawler corpse model bugged
  214. Graphics Eyes, Face
  215. Mechanics A10.4 B10 [Linux] Zoomed in with crossbow in water and cannot submerge
  216. Mechanics Ladder bug
  217. Multiplayer Lowering view distance allows players to be spotted and shot !
  218. Multiplayer Log file shows coordinates of players that respawn from invalid position (below world
  219. Mechanics Wooden desk
  220. Mechanics Attacked without warning (undetected)
  221. Multiplayer Drop in Out = 1
  222. Mechanics zombieproof building on water.
  223. Mechanics futuristic floating building on boulders
  224. Mechanics rivers, ponds, lakes refill stamine when chased by zombies
  225. Mechanics never killing zombies = lots more of animals to spawnkill
  226. AI zombies locked on the 2-seconds-behind you
  227. AI animals dropping dead when i enter a newly generated area
  228. Mechanics zombie hordes spawning in from too close
  229. Multiplayer Xml mod file not syncing between server/client
  230. Mechanics Crazy Spawning Rates
  231. Graphics Torch
  232. UI Nigt horde
  233. Mechanics Counter antibiotics reset every time I start the game
  234. Mechanics blueberries vanish though there is still room on toolbelt
  235. Mechanics Prefab Overlap in Random Gen
  236. Mechanics Unlivable areas due to sound
  237. AI Zombie horde just walks up to ditch and stands there circling
  238. Mechanics Heat value seems to wrap. 0 -> 100 -> 0
  239. Crash Works without Easy Anti Cheat on Linux/Wine but crashes with EAC enabled
  240. Mechanics Wooden inner corner breaks to scrap iron
  241. Mechanics Roof Collapse without reason
  242. Mechanics Zombie spawn bug
  243. Mechanics Duplicate weapons
  244. Mechanics Forge Dupe
  245. Mechanics Food Glitch (dupe)
  246. Mechanics Invincible Base
  247. Graphics SLI & Crossfire broken
  248. Mechanics Farming Buged, plants disapearing or spawning a space above the ground.
  249. Mechanics Supply Crate Falling off the World
  250. Mechanics Loot respawn is totally broken.