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  1. Mechanics Wellness problem
  2. Graphics Bow & Arrow appear in hand
  3. Mechanics Pimps - priorities
  4. Graphics Weird graphics glitches that only a picture can properly describe
  5. Graphics nonfunctional campfire
  6. Mechanics Blocks fall, why? HELP!
  7. AI Water, misbehavior and AI freezing
  8. Mechanics Duping with forge/campfire (10.4)
  9. Multiplayer sleeping bag - fyi
  10. Multiplayer Cant Join Dedicated Server
  11. Crash Game crash when I picking up loot (especialy bird's nest)
  12. Mechanics horizontal "teleporting" bug with terrain blocks
  13. Mechanics When harvesting deer or pigs, if you cancel the harvest at any time...
  14. Mechanics Physics bug and more
  15. Mechanics Doors placed under locked doors maintain locked state.
  16. Mechanics A big error in your coding
  17. Multiplayer Land Claim holes
  18. Graphics Anti Aliasing settings have no effect if 'image effects' are disabled
  19. Crash Failure to load the game and crash reports
  20. Mechanics Item duplication bug
  21. Mechanics redwood block bugged
  22. Mechanics Game Option DropOnDeath (3 = delete all) dont work since roll out
  23. Graphics FPS issue (to do with desktop settings)
  24. Crash Network Error - Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network!
  25. Mechanics Interresting glitch?
  26. Crash Multiplayer server crash cause: Player disconnecting ?
  27. Mechanics Fences not holding water
  28. Crash People Log On My House Blows Up
  29. Mechanics Bug: player can craft scrap iron from concrete mix
  30. UI Can't move stacks after using Claw Hammer/Stone Axe to upgrade Wood Frames
  31. Graphics Random Map SP Half of Building Missing in Village
  32. Mechanics Boxes get glitched, unable to open
  33. UI Disappearing item in crafting bench (reproducible step by step)
  34. Multiplayer Disappearing dinner?
  35. Mechanics Wierd cooking anecdote that might be useful
  36. Mechanics Zombies retarded at back side of ramp... (exploit)
  37. Mechanics Coffee dissappears when trying to pickup with full backpack
  38. AI Zombie spawn not functionning properly?
  39. Mechanics Buffs.xml - max(variable, count)
  40. Mechanics Building bug
  41. Mechanics Wood log spikes floating
  42. Crash Triangle error
  43. Mechanics ERROR: Hoard spawn off edge of valid space, aborting spawn.
  44. Mechanics Claim Blocks
  45. Mechanics loosing hours of work
  46. Mechanics Fridge Top
  47. Multiplayer problem for installation EAC
  48. Mechanics Falling blocks, support should not be a problem.
  49. Mechanics Items being crafted disappear if log out
  50. UI Sniper Rifle, holding on the wrong side
  51. Graphics Profiles reset on edit
  52. Mechanics Supply's still dropping in the rad zone.
  53. Mechanics Crafting Cinderblock (exploit!)
  54. Mechanics Scrap Iron from Cement Mix (exploit? bug?)
  55. Mechanics SI Bug, Area without support for no reason.
  56. Mechanics TNT is affected by own claims
  57. Mechanics Stacking Backpacks
  58. Crash Crash Then Low FPS
  59. Multiplayer opening inventory opens command console
  60. Mechanics [Intended]Backpack destroyed by falling rocks?
  61. Mechanics Unable to cook or use Forge
  62. Graphics too dark nights in multiplayer
  63. UI Picking veggies with full backpack results in lost veggies
  64. Mechanics Horde Spawn
  65. Multiplayer Server not showing in Listing
  66. Mechanics Landclaim issue
  67. Mechanics Tilling dirt converts adjacent blocks into dirt as well
  68. Graphics Bluescreen: Critical_Process_Died on Windows 10
  69. UI [Cannot Fix]Mint 17.1 - no german letters
  70. Multiplayer Some problems playing with dedicated server performance
  71. Mechanics Wood Window
  72. Mechanics Current Bugs - recap
  73. Mechanics Quitting before respawning bug
  74. Mechanics Duping Cooked / Forged Items
  75. Mechanics Super Stacking Items
  76. Graphics Weapon and hand shaking
  77. Multiplayer Bug!
  78. Mechanics Floating structures using _some_ trees and or cactus.
  79. AI No Feral Night Horde since day 49.
  80. Mechanics Canned Water stacking bug
  81. Graphics Birds Nests/Hives Appearing On Their Own Inside Base
  82. Mechanics Random supply drops
  83. Mechanics one oilbarrel out of 1 biodiesel bug with solution
  84. Mechanics Gigantic crossahair
  85. Mechanics Mouse Wheel Button (Mouse 2) Causes Item To Vanish When Interacting With Containers
  86. Mechanics The Potatoe Bug
  87. AI Jesus Bunnies
  88. Mechanics Forge / Campfire Timer not ticking
  89. Mechanics Zombies spawn and just stand still...
  90. Multiplayer 7 days to die dedicated server playing sounds
  91. Mechanics Tiny hordes spawned when two of us on the server.
  92. Graphics True fullscreen vs Unity 5 and Alpha 11 (for the devs)
  93. Mechanics Stop the hackers!!
  94. Mechanics Recipes - Fire pit not respecting count="" tag in recipes.xml
  95. Graphics Please stop with A11 until you hotfix this game-breaking issue in A10
  96. Crash Crashing on Loading Screen
  97. Multiplayer A11 - Dedicated server not requesting passwords?
  98. Crash Hard shut off after 15min on alpha 11
  99. Mechanics Cave in Random Gen
  100. Multiplayer Server is Reseting every time somone logs out.
  101. Multiplayer Unity Bug? - Opening game closes internet connection.
  102. Mechanics A11.0 Entities fall through earth still alive
  103. AI A11 - Dogs still chase forever
  104. UI Pressing "esc" then "tab" leads to stuck screen
  105. Crash incompatible GLIBC library version, linux debian
  106. Graphics fps much worse with Alpha 11
  107. Mechanics A11 Zombies act as support to buildings
  108. Mechanics Flying Gravel in Caves
  109. Mechanics Problem getting in and out of water
  110. Crash Getting a nullification error for objects in A11
  111. Mechanics Ladders don't work correctly with dirt
  112. AI Zombie Pathfinding
  113. UI No servers being displayed + client crash when inputting ip:port
  114. Multiplayer Alpha 11 Ping Increase
  115. Graphics scope graphic bug?
  116. Mechanics zeds in caves
  117. Graphics During day graphic issues with sun, but night runs smoothly no issues?
  118. Multiplayer Debug
  119. Mechanics Mouse Sensitivity does not update properly.
  120. Mechanics Sledgehammer is unusable and no swing animation for sticks.
  121. Crash Can't even open the game on Mac
  122. Crash Server Crash after 1 o'clock PM in game or when someone disconnecting !?
  123. Mechanics Broken leg while vaulting counter
  124. Mechanics picking up torches
  125. Multiplayer A11 - Some players walk though barriers in dedicated server
  126. Mechanics Typo in buffs.xml
  127. Graphics big hole in the map
  128. Mechanics Zombies falling thru ground when killed
  129. Multiplayer serveradmin.xml
  130. Graphics Changing video options will stall or crash game
  131. Mechanics Issues with legs
  132. Mechanics You can still clip through dirt and see underground bases GG
  133. Multiplayer listplayers shows rfc1918 IP address
  134. Mechanics Crouching over window object and opening doors.
  135. Graphics Wonky Zombie Physics
  136. Mechanics Car loot respawn after placing items in it?
  137. Mechanics mixer.xml breaks road building , POI density doesnt change
  138. Mechanics Animation is missing
  139. Mechanics Zombies glitch through the door - A11
  140. Mechanics Day/Night Cycle mixed up
  141. Mechanics Zombies can hit through the door - A11
  142. Mechanics No aiming reticle on the crossbow - A11
  143. Mechanics Wooden bow glitchy - A11
  144. Mechanics Water erases gore blocks - A11
  145. UI [A11] Can't rebind Linux mouse buttons to additional mouse buttons
  146. Graphics Some surfaces super reflective - A11
  147. UI [Alpha 11] Buglist (plz add yours)
  148. Mechanics [Intended]Gold SMG
  149. Mechanics Pings & lag issue, Steamworks errors
  150. Graphics Debug mode Scenery = Dizzy
  151. Crash Black screen crash, followed by BSOD after relaunch
  152. Mechanics Being spammed Nul Reference errors with patch 11 movement
  153. Mechanics Started a new game with all the items in my backpack from my earlier save.
  154. Multiplayer Direct connect via IP and port
  155. Mechanics [A11] Stuck facing in one direction
  156. Multiplayer Server is reporting player IP incorrectly
  157. Mechanics WATER MOVEMENT & Zombie spawn rate ?
  158. Multiplayer QUIT option crashes server
  159. Graphics Lighting problem: Torch lighting looks terrible after Alpha 11.
  160. Mechanics Massive Dupe Bug
  161. AI Dogs continue to pursue and kill after death
  162. Mechanics Broken leg and died through a woodframe
  163. Mechanics Lost recipes on save/reload
  164. Mechanics The Phantom Zombie
  165. Mechanics Odd things in 11
  166. Mechanics some animations not working
  167. Mechanics Closing door on yourself.
  168. Multiplayer No MP servers showing up?
  169. Crash 32bit Executable is Missing
  170. Mechanics Major exploit
  171. Mechanics Option values can be bugged between in game and main menu
  172. Crash Dedicated Alpha 11, server doesn't open connection port
  173. Multiplayer Singleplayer items to multiplayer
  174. Multiplayer EAC Anti-cheat causing bluescreens on Windows 10 Preview
  175. Mechanics Bedroll in attic is buggy
  176. Multiplayer When will A11 Dedicated Server logout bug get fixed?
  177. Multiplayer item transfer between servers
  178. Mechanics Underground Sleeping Bags Kill!
  179. Mechanics Problem Holes in terrain (dirt etc)
  180. Graphics Missing water tiles
  181. Mechanics Biomes observation
  182. Crash 7DTD Crashing Entire Computer
  183. UI Iron Boots Schematic Description
  184. Mechanics Death spamming
  185. Mechanics Able to pass through wood
  186. Multiplayer [BUGS] Dedicated Servers not saving and saveworld command not working
  187. Mechanics Pistol in items.xml missing damageentity entry.
  188. Mechanics Died when pick up sleeping bag while standing on it
  189. Multiplayer "DayNightLength" dont work correctly
  190. UI [So Super Minor] Bird singing sounds 24 hours a day
  191. Graphics Dead dogs become human bodies
  192. Mechanics Launched myself out of a hatch into the air - wtf?
  193. UI Candle recipe - crafting category lists
  194. Graphics Building cut in half
  195. Mechanics Stuck at infection stage 3
  196. Multiplayer Dedicated - ERR Save player fow file: Sharing violation on path
  197. Mechanics Zombies Passing though solid objects.
  198. Multiplayer Several A11 bug list
  199. Mechanics new chunks loading slowly or not at all
  200. Mechanics Pistol missing DamageEntity
  201. Mechanics Drop on death settings not working
  202. Mechanics Zombies install gravestone monument after decomposition
  203. Graphics Headlamp sway with crossbow
  204. Mechanics Beer not working bug - details inside
  205. Multiplayer Zombies Spawning underground
  206. Crash Crash on load right after hotfix applied
  207. Crash Crash on Startup A11
  208. Mechanics A11 Save Game Not Saving, Starts From Beginning
  209. Mechanics Jump Height Bug - A11.1
  210. Multiplayer Friend shows up as skinny black textureless person.
  211. Mechanics Indestructible blocks (which float)
  212. Mechanics Mining Helmet and other things.
  213. Crash Crash when I put on some clothes A11
  214. Graphics Gore blocks look completely black in caves
  215. Graphics Total game freeze upon mouse movement
  216. Mechanics Creative menu in Survival SP
  217. AI Zombies just spinning on porches
  218. Multiplayer Invisible Something?
  219. Multiplayer Crash after a few moments when joining Multiplayer game
  220. Mechanics [11.1] Loot generation or random number generation broken
  221. Graphics Broken windows and fog
  222. Graphics cubemap not supported
  223. Graphics Blunderbuss in 3rd person
  224. Mechanics The land of Sheds/Garages - Random Gen: Forests - Alpha 11.1
  225. Mechanics Item duplication and infinite loot
  226. Multiplayer The Console Spam Message A1.1
  227. Crash Game Disconnecting after a few moments in game
  228. Mechanics Splint bug still not fixed
  229. Crash Dedicated Windows - Random Crash with Report
  230. Multiplayer Dedicated Server System Resources
  231. Graphics 60 fps max settings but stutter every 5 or 6 seconds while sprinting
  232. Mechanics Broken Legs for absolutely no reason
  233. Mechanics Home Maintenance II book doesn't disappear on use
  234. Mechanics Missing Planes from air drops
  235. UI Player even feed not updating
  236. Mechanics Can't Toggle Lights Sometimes
  237. Mechanics Wall Safe - Unable to Target, falls to hurt you
  238. Mechanics Leg Breaking.
  239. Mechanics POI resetting
  240. Graphics Weird black texture in a cabin POI
  241. Mechanics Stuck in the blinds
  242. Mechanics Couple Issues here
  243. Crash Time keeps rolling back to day 18
  244. Mechanics Getting stuck due to a missing block in the ceiling
  245. Crash Two bugs around for ages (Mac)
  246. Graphics Planted trees grow black.
  247. Graphics Transparent magical cobblestone
  248. Multiplayer Dedicated server crash version 2
  249. Graphics 3 Bad bugs
  250. Multiplayer All 11.1 Bugs I've noticed so far