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  1. Mechanics Bow & croseebow bugs
  2. Mechanics DUPLICATION Bug! :O
  3. UI Sound crack while launching server
  4. Multiplayer Days reset on shutdown
  5. Mechanics Killed zombies leave gore pool after some time
  6. Mechanics Zombie Detection
  7. UI craft recipes ordering
  8. Mechanics Respawn near bedroll problem + others
  9. Crash Alpha 11 and 11.1 No Loading of Start UI / Mac osx 10.6 & 10.10
  10. Mechanics Crawlers sometimes walk in distorted angles
  11. Mechanics Taking mold from forge destroys manufactured item
  12. Mechanics Rebar frame won't stick to house more than 1 block
  13. Mechanics Metal shacks Minor Bug
  14. Mechanics Water behaviour
  15. Mechanics delete all on death
  16. Graphics Reflection bug
  17. Crash Unknown Crash cause after paying for 4 hours approx
  18. Graphics Massive shadow flickering/jittering, Tried multiple settings to fix.
  19. Mechanics Cement Mold items.xml
  20. Crash Fix linux start script
  21. Mechanics Bonus Items when starting over
  22. Crash Linux Dedicated Exits Immediately w/ A11-hotfix
  23. Mechanics Massive Iron Ore deposits on surface
  24. Mechanics Breakdown Items Dupe Bug
  25. Graphics Moon Visible Underground While Foggy
  26. Mechanics Fireplace without fuel
  27. Mechanics A11 Water bugs
  28. Mechanics Campfire locks up and becomes unusable
  29. Graphics Torch light intensity.
  30. Multiplayer 20+ dogs on day 15, follow me everywhere
  31. Mechanics Game Breaking - Removing Blocks
  32. Mechanics Invisible Zombies
  33. Mechanics Missing backpacks
  34. Crash Game crashing with D3D9: failed to lock vertex buffer
  35. Multiplayer Ping on local server isn't zero
  36. Multiplayer Profile Editor issues
  37. AI Free the Pigs
  38. Graphics Cobblestone Invisible
  39. Mechanics My campfire is broken
  40. Graphics Sunset/Sunrise lights up underground cave.
  41. Mechanics Gun durability lies?
  42. Mechanics Save crafting when logging out/disconnect
  43. Mechanics Stags not dropping loot anymore
  44. Mechanics SPORTSBAG01MP makes wood crate sound
  45. UI Backpack/crafting plays sounds multiple times
  46. UI Mouse sensitivity setting freezing mouse/not changing when applied in game
  47. Crash Infinite "NullReferenceException"s
  48. Mechanics Campfire increasing ingredients in A11.1
  49. Crash Multiple local game woes (array index and broken save)
  50. Graphics Water in caves
  51. Mechanics seeds disappearing while growing
  52. UI Iron Leg Armor Schematic text hilariously wrong
  53. Mechanics Can build on top of water as though it is solid ground
  54. Mechanics Stamina melting too fast
  55. Multiplayer A11 bugs and experiences
  56. Mechanics Alpha 11.1 Flying Ladders and More Bug Report & Critique
  57. Multiplayer A11.1 BSOD, memory leaks, server issues and more.
  58. Mechanics save game WTF
  59. Mechanics [A11.1 DS] Leg breaking bug, fullness and hydration
  60. UI Bad Dupe Problem, Works On All Servers 100%
  61. Mechanics First day forever
  62. UI Forge makes bullet shells from anything.
  63. Mechanics Forge mold duplication
  64. Graphics POI graphical
  65. Mechanics Auger sounds in Alpha 11
  66. Mechanics Broken Legs
  67. Graphics animation bugs, player grip of weapon models, and others
  68. Graphics Cave appeared in river and broke water
  69. Mechanics Gaining 64 extra metal strips.
  70. Mechanics 11.1 - Looting pig cheat
  71. Mechanics Reflection of sun underground
  72. Mechanics Bug in Modular Weapon System
  73. Mechanics Bugs/Issues I've found in Alpha 11.1
  74. Mechanics Possible bug with SMG
  75. Mechanics Large sections of MISSING ground
  76. Graphics Invisible Cobblestone
  77. UI OS X - Text from clipboard gets pasted twice in server password box
  78. Mechanics sledgehammer
  79. Mechanics Couple of issues
  80. Mechanics Unlimited Iron through Trussing
  81. Multiplayer Massive ping problems (every 10 minutes)
  82. Mechanics Pipebomb throw sometimes falls at my feet
  83. Crash Game Crases on startup with alpha 11.1
  84. AI Hornets fly really high and or die in the sky
  85. Multiplayer Weird bug. A whole chunk of house collapsed
  86. Multiplayer Flying POI
  87. Multiplayer Appartment doors closed for a player but open for another.
  88. Mechanics ERR Could note create item with id 0
  89. Mechanics Performance killers, Game Breakers, etc. ~ ~ ~
  90. Mechanics Crouching sometimes making you immune to damage?
  91. Mechanics Climbed a ladder and shot into space
  92. Mechanics Hunting Rifle
  93. Mechanics MAp Random generation bug
  94. Mechanics Alpha 11 Bug Dupe from full inventory 1 bug per thread rule
  95. Mechanics Alpha 11 Bug Flashlight/mining helmet not working properly
  96. Mechanics Alpha 11 Bug Player launched into air. 1 bug per thread rule
  97. Graphics Sound when breaking down wooden door with an axe sounds clipped
  98. Graphics Underground cavern water missing half its surface
  99. Graphics Alpha 11 fog bug
  100. Mechanics Gore blocks disappear on asphalt after a short while
  101. Mechanics Players can pass through metal bars and can not walk on top.
  102. Mechanics Falling infinitely through floor after respawning on a bed in a house.
  103. Mechanics IF gravel cavein in kills you it deletes your backpack.
  104. Mechanics 11.1 issues I have found.
  105. Multiplayer Server performance way worse, lagg spikes even on LAN
  106. UI Recipe missing; Online server.
  107. Graphics Textures 261 & 262 in ta_opaque_s for Granite are solid white.
  108. Mechanics [Animation] A11 Mining helmet light not responding to mouselook
  109. Multiplayer [A11.1] Feral Horde Settings, possible Bug
  110. Mechanics loot.xml - pistol_grip is missing
  111. Mechanics A11.1(B67) Floating houses in Random Game
  112. Mechanics Bug- Repair clothing
  113. Multiplayer Infinite horde
  114. Mechanics Silent attacks
  115. Mechanics Weapon repair kit
  116. Crash [OS X] Crash at main menu - fatal error
  117. Crash Bug when starting..
  118. Mechanics Wooden Hatch (v1, v2, v3)
  119. Mechanics ******* Campfire duplication Bug please FIX GAME BREAKING********
  120. Mechanics ****Zeds walking through Hard metal Doors / Objects******
  121. Multiplayer Growing Bug's after a server restart. A11.1
  122. Mechanics Time and forge mold bug
  123. Graphics Building blocks and Video
  124. Mechanics Did SI change or is it because of a cave?
  125. Mechanics Crafting performance drop
  126. Mechanics Null Reference Error when press F for flashlight,
  127. Mechanics Jumping Wooden Fence = Death
  128. Graphics Missing Graphics
  129. EAC Application failed to start QT plugin windows?
  130. Graphics MAC frame rate drop in city
  131. UI Placing items on crafting grid - no mans land?
  132. Graphics Client side rendering Bug A11.1
  133. Multiplayer Ladder movement stutters
  134. Graphics dafog
  135. Mechanics I dont get Saplings from Chopped Trees
  136. Mechanics Madmole's New Cabin
  137. Mechanics Keyboard Unresponsive Problem
  138. Mechanics Unable to craft Shotgun Short Stock even after reading Urban combat book
  139. Mechanics Camp fire ate my Items
  140. Mechanics Blunderbuss Recycling - Doubles iron scrap and generates XP
  141. Mechanics Random Block Space Deterioration or Attachment Disconnection.
  142. Mechanics log spike damage coverage
  143. Mechanics closing door pushes you up into above block
  144. Graphics Wood windows don't show fog
  145. UI Bug - Map Zoom / Character Zoom are linked
  146. Multiplayer Tracked players missing from map
  147. Mechanics Mining bug
  148. Mechanics Weird death by ladder while standing on the ground
  149. Mechanics Ledges in water send you flying
  150. Mechanics Cant climb ladders with splinted leg
  151. UI Player camera in the chest?
  152. AI Wandering hordes
  153. Graphics Invisible plane?
  154. Multiplayer ATTN: Devs, Two Issues
  155. Mechanics Iron Hoe animation
  156. Mechanics Tools too powerful on blocks?
  157. Mechanics Coffee Duration
  158. Crash F5 at menu screen error
  159. UI Mouse not working during game
  160. Graphics FPS consistently low from min - max settings
  161. Mechanics 2 block crouch
  162. UI Cant craft gas from Bio/Ethanol - A11.1
  163. Mechanics Gaining free 64 metal pipes
  164. UI qualityinfo.xml not working as intended
  165. Mechanics Doors
  166. Mechanics Gaining 250 free small stones
  167. Mechanics Issues climbing ladders
  168. Mechanics [A11.1 DS] Antibiotics buff not saving
  169. Mechanics Confirmed Door open/noclip glitch
  170. AI Dog Timer not working
  171. Mechanics Various Bugs reported together from multiple 7gamers servers
  172. Mechanics a11.1 Self open doors
  173. Multiplayer Dropping backpack/ Dying when log out
  174. Mechanics [Animation] A11 Iron sights not usable
  175. Crash Loading Screen Crash
  176. Mechanics Campfire dup bug
  177. Mechanics Planting potato seeds is like playing lights out
  178. Mechanics house collapsed when I broke door
  179. Crash Slow 'Loading' screen
  180. Mechanics Planes don't drop crates
  181. Crash Character stuck between chests after relog
  182. Multiplayer Bug reports
  183. Mechanics Zomie Spawning in Base or same house
  184. UI Items Being Crafted Transferred Between Characters.
  185. AI 7th day Hordes Stopped Spawning
  186. Mechanics Jumping on Scrap Siding in Dumpsters gets you stuck, breaking Siding when stuck kills
  187. Multiplayer cooking bug
  188. Mechanics Uncontrolled Aim on Weapons - Alpha 11
  189. Crash Nvidia GX 750 Ti seems to crash - not sure if it's driver or game bug
  190. Mechanics Stuck in Crouch/Sneak Mode? - Alpha 11
  191. Mechanics another forge bug???
  192. Mechanics Fuel bug when cooking
  193. Graphics Long Distance rendegin issues
  194. Mechanics A11: Air drops break if player positioned high in the world
  195. Mechanics weird claim border
  196. Mechanics Coal ore vs coal lump burn time difference.
  197. Mechanics Campfire cookware - can't switch cookware in 1 step
  198. Mechanics Physics (ow my leg)
  199. Crash Chunk Memory
  200. AI Multiple Hordes in one night??
  201. Mechanics [A11.1] Bugs List
  202. Mechanics Forge Fuel Disappear
  203. Mechanics Alcohol +stamina effect disappear after log out, but "alcohol" effect and icon stays
  204. Multiplayer Doors just too easy to open
  205. Multiplayer Time Issues on dedicated server
  206. Mechanics no 7 day hordes
  207. Multiplayer Dupe
  208. Mechanics Forge quality change
  209. Mechanics count not working in recipes.xml
  210. Mechanics Created night stand bug
  211. Mechanics Mining Helmet Light Bug
  212. Mechanics Zombie Spawn Mechanics
  213. Mechanics Insta-grief potential with skill books.
  214. Mechanics What is wildcard_forge_category?
  215. Mechanics broken legs falling bug
  216. Mechanics You can deconstruct Bow Arrows into scrap metal
  217. Graphics Zombies go nuts when you kill them and pig collision mesh error.
  218. Mechanics can't walking out of the water
  219. Mechanics editing qualityinfo.xml not working
  220. Mechanics Crafted desk safe spawning loot
  221. Mechanics Mouse movement in FP is ultra sensitive
  222. Mechanics Quality Gun Dupe
  223. Multiplayer A 11.1 Bug Report
  224. Mechanics Invert Mouse Option
  225. Crash Linux: 11.2 core dump on Loading...0%
  226. Crash OS X crash on loading in A11.2
  227. Mechanics A11.2 - Scrap Metal Pile
  228. Graphics Light on mining helmet points in direction of movement, not head
  229. Mechanics A11.2 -> Droped Backpack gone :(
  230. Mechanics Zombies digging
  231. Mechanics Desk Safe Spawns Items
  232. Mechanics Mining helmet wont turn off and can't fill jars from lakes.
  233. Mechanics Can't black wood log spike where gore block used to be
  234. Mechanics Scrapping molds give scrap iron?
  235. Mechanics A11.2 Can't make Leather form Animal Hide
  236. Mechanics Crafting duplication bug with right click
  237. Mechanics Fix the mining helment
  238. Mechanics 11.2 Un upgraded spikes glitch
  239. Mechanics 11.2 Scrap Metal Piles won't go into forge
  240. Mechanics Floating Buildings as easy as one, two, three! Alpha 11.2
  241. Mechanics Flying to the moooooooooooooooon
  242. Mechanics Road error in RWG
  243. Crash Game Crashes after 5 to 10 min.
  244. Graphics Metal door has a visible gap
  245. Mechanics V 11.2 Can't fit through doorways + other bugs
  246. Crash Not able to play 11.2 - error on starting new game
  247. Graphics Dynamite
  248. Mechanics TEST. Zombies walking through walls / Hitting floor through solid object
  249. UI Mouse
  250. Mechanics Game suddenly broke my legs and killed me [alpha 11.2 b3]