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  1. Problems with campfire and forge timers.
  2. Mechanics A9.0 Player start position is not remembered if you crash
  3. Mechanics Ability to place stuff VERY far away
  4. Multiplayer A9.0 Gamemode changed from Survival MP to creative
  5. Mechanics Pickaxe goes poof
  6. UI More green blips on compass than friends?
  7. Mechanics A9.0 Drowning
  8. UI shift right click causes item loss
  9. UI Menu not scrolling
  10. UI When alt tabbing into a windowed game, clicking back in gives a cursor by accident
  11. Mechanics A9.0 Randomgen putting cementstacks in mid air
  12. Mechanics Lost backpack upon death while on stairs is invisible
  13. UI No progression of damage
  14. Mechanics 2x damage while sneaking removed / no longer works
  15. Mechanics Can not climb a ladder comprised of different materials
  16. Mechanics Save Inside / Load on roof
  17. Crash Alpha 9 consistent crash
  18. Crash TDR crash after 5 minutes
  19. Mechanics Exploding Grass
  20. Crash Naming a random world Navezgane causes a infinity loop
  21. Mechanics Forge and Campfire Dupe
  22. Mechanics Strange vertical hole
  23. Mechanics Decayed Brick recipe broken (needs unobtainable dirt, fix change to fertileDirt).
  24. Mechanics A9.0 Random map bedrock gone.
  25. Mechanics [Minor] Cloth gloves have same stats as Leather Gloves
  26. AI Zombies ignore boarded up open doors
  27. UI new map bug (hidden behind my belt)
  28. UI A9.0 Items fall through inventory UI
  29. Mechanics (Minor, A9.0) Supply Crates seem to be hydrophobic.
  30. Mechanics A9.0 Animals spawning on rooftops
  31. Multiplayer alpha 9.0 no load into server after entering non loaded part of map
  32. Mechanics zombies stand infront of the base and hit the air
  33. Multiplayer LandClaim block exploit
  34. UI Can not open menus after closing inv with search box focused
  35. Mechanics Reloading weapon from multiple munition stacks
  36. Mechanics Auto-Locking Cars?
  37. Multiplayer [Alpha 9] Dedicated Server
  38. Multiplayer Cannot add friend in random gen
  39. Mechanics Alpha 9 bugs - Cooking
  40. UI Main menu problem (I'm not ENTIRELY sure this could be classified as a bug...
  41. Crash Random crashes
  42. UI Cant't open inventory or map - only after rejoin
  43. Mechanics Unable to read recipe books
  44. Crash Game starting on second monitor crashes (and workaround).
  45. Crash Mac Freeze and Crash
  46. Mechanics Empty Cans & Glass Jars Randomly Appearing In Backpack
  47. Multiplayer land claim blocks/keystone don't protect on MP
  48. Mechanics Walk on water
  49. Mechanics secure doors cannot be placed.
  50. Multiplayer A9 Bug - Pump Shotgun
  51. Crash A9 bug - opened inventory
  52. Mechanics dm God mode does not work
  53. Mechanics Everyone can see everyone's spawn point as a green house on the compass and map
  54. UI Tabbing out can't access inventory sometimes.
  55. Crash Multiplayer Host Crash
  56. Mechanics Bottled water
  57. Mechanics Stags don't respawn in a chunk unless it's reloaded
  58. Mechanics Alpha 9 - Auger Issue
  59. Mechanics building integrety crash bug is back again
  60. Mechanics Map Resett every X days
  61. Mechanics Bugs after 9th release
  62. Mechanics Barn on island in middle of lake
  63. Multiplayer Cannot access inventory after campfire
  64. AI Crawler Attack animation not insync with there hit timeing
  65. Graphics Odd street light bug (very minor)
  66. Mechanics Fall from sky
  67. Mechanics Fridge Bottem no top
  68. Mechanics Books don't remember what recipes you know after logging out.
  69. Mechanics List of bugs and weird stuff in alpha 9.
  70. Graphics Messed up terrain
  71. Mechanics alpha 9 animals, water, air drops
  72. Mechanics Lost wood planks while crafting
  73. Crash Document element did not appear
  74. Multiplayer No Air Drops
  75. Mechanics Building integrity and building materials.
  76. Mechanics POIs spawning messed up
  77. AI We only see new zombies when we explore new POI. No spawning in "old" regions.
  78. Mechanics Mining Hole and placing wood frame return dirt bug
  79. Mechanics Spawn on top level.
  80. Mechanics house(s) cut in half
  81. Multiplayer Two players opening a door at the same time bugs it
  82. Multiplayer Placing rock client side sometimes places additional blocks adjacent to it
  83. Mechanics You fall through floor into nirvana when placing stone or dirt near your feet
  84. Mechanics Random World Generator
  85. Mechanics Zombie standing on spike not dieing
  86. Graphics black ground
  87. Mechanics Sports bag exploded
  88. Mechanics Small list of bugs in A9.
  89. Mechanics Death by Drowning?
  90. Mechanics Being able to see other players spawn points, regardless of friend or not.
  91. Mechanics [Alpha 9]Loading Game not work correctly
  92. Mechanics Searching Stags from 10+ yards
  93. Mechanics Dirt "'crumbles'"
  94. UI A9.0 Method of moving quickly around the map like in a8
  95. Mechanics a9.0 cannot turn lights on and off
  96. Mechanics died from a pipe bomb explosion ended up flying and get get down.
  97. Mechanics A9 Crafting bug - tools disappear
  98. Mechanics Duplication Glitch and wakeup on roof?
  99. Multiplayer Track Player Bug
  100. Mechanics Campfire: Excess goldenrod will disappear once water is gone
  101. Mechanics Hopping cratebox
  102. Mechanics Dying and not resurecting in bed A9 random gen
  103. Mechanics Many items didn't get ported over to the new systems forging weights and are unusable
  104. Multiplayer Floating Rock chunks, invisible zombie, weird zombie spawn pattern, suspended corpses
  105. Mechanics Zombies not moving in A9
  106. Multiplayer Bug Report A9 after play some hours in Mulitplayer (Part 1)
  107. Graphics going 3rd person after death
  108. Mechanics [Bug] Splint use increases time to heal
  109. Mechanics 7 day "particularly nasty horde" doesn't spawn the correct numbers.
  110. Mechanics No more cobwebs?
  111. Mechanics I have drowned on the land
  112. Mechanics Decayed brick?
  113. Mechanics Double placement on Random gen
  114. Mechanics Food smell
  115. Multiplayer A9 Dedicated server - Random World. No Floor at rock Bottem.
  116. Mechanics Farming Bug
  117. Mechanics Bag delete option still doesnt work correctly
  118. Mechanics Found a duplication glitch
  119. Mechanics Cloth Gloves stats are those of Leather
  120. Mechanics Shared car inventory
  121. Graphics red barn prefab place ment is Wrong
  122. Multiplayer [A9] Bug Report and suggestions
  123. Graphics Torch light still lags like crazy.
  124. Mechanics Campfire - Source positions not saving inventory
  125. Mechanics terrain block filling bug
  126. UI Campfire cook button is off a bit.
  127. Multiplayer Bedroll/Sleeping Bag/Bed Glitch
  128. Multiplayer Mining Helm light viewable at great distance
  129. UI Sledge hammer position
  130. Mechanics Items on crafting mat lost when exit game
  131. Mechanics Placed dirt breaking, crops automatically breaking
  132. Mechanics Floating Objects
  133. Mechanics Drowning on land
  134. Mechanics Bacon and eggs
  135. Mechanics Duplication glitch with crafting
  136. Crash unable to open inventory
  137. Mechanics Suggestion: sound and smell
  138. Mechanics Something i noticed after the first 40 days in A9
  139. Mechanics Multiple bugs listed: Condensed versions.
  140. Mechanics half house
  141. Mechanics Placed a torch, quickly removed, building fall down go boom...
  142. Graphics buildings with dirt blocks in them
  143. Mechanics Burnt Forest Biom tiny burnt houses Double spawn
  144. Mechanics 24 hour cycle setting: 240 Mins
  145. UI Can't select higher resolutions
  146. Crash Freeze bug for mac
  147. Mechanics Farming is stupid hard to manage now...
  148. Crash Mac version and crashing
  149. AI Spider Zombies ducking when attacked
  150. Graphics Player 1st person standing perspective too low
  151. Mechanics Spawn near bedroll bug
  152. Mechanics Animal Jesus
  153. Mechanics Spawn Points
  154. Mechanics couple of bugs with bedrock
  155. Mechanics 1x1 holes and pillars
  156. Multiplayer can kill anyone in god mode.
  157. Crash Crash while standing on apartment building rooftop.
  158. Mechanics Loot respawn
  159. UI Cursor on map while in desert locations is hard to follow
  160. Mechanics Zone Boundary Spawn Rate
  161. Mechanics Fire crafting halts after retreiving finished product
  162. Crash Crash and report. Alpha 9
  163. Crash Crashing
  164. Floating Island?!?
  165. Mechanics probleme with crafting when i quit the game
  166. Mechanics when you continue a saved game, and are inside a building , you appear on top ?!
  167. Mechanics Leg break on log in
  168. Mechanics Iron Helmet Schematic abundance
  169. Mechanics Zombies use wood spikes like a block to climb on
  170. Mechanics Backpack is not there after death, but shows on map
  171. Mechanics Dirt digging by itself?
  172. Mechanics Mining Aim is off..Again
  173. Graphics Water reflection light source mismatch
  174. Mechanics Drowning on dry land bug
  175. AI Zombie AI and attacking blocks randomly or in the way
  176. Mechanics nerd poling bug
  177. Mechanics Dirt, camp fire, hunting, drowned without water, no zombies
  178. Mechanics Many cars = 1 inventory Bug
  179. Graphics A9 RWG: Asphalt spawning in odd places on on prefab POI
  180. Multiplayer A9 RWG: Starting with nothing
  181. UI UI colors
  182. Multiplayer Friend Invite Bug in A9
  183. Mechanics Placing object that modifies the ground causes Player to fall through ground and...
  184. AI Animal/Zombie AI on water (and overall)
  185. Mechanics Farming plants currently bugged.
  186. Mechanics Re-learning known recipes
  187. Mechanics Drowning on Land
  188. Mechanics Cooking eggs destroy your glass jar
  189. Mechanics Broken leg, speed bug.
  190. Mechanics four bugs i noticed tonight
  191. Mechanics R-Clicking on the Equipped Gear can make it duplicate
  192. Mechanics Alpha 9 - Windows 7 - Bug with logging back in I'm inside a prefab (or underneath it)
  193. Mechanics Water Bug
  194. Mechanics No more "Chemicals" tab?
  195. AI Hordes & Super Hordes bugs/glitches
  196. Crash Crash Logs
  197. Mechanics Scrap Metal Secure Door and Hard Metal Secure Door placing bugs.
  198. Graphics Dead Hornets not falling down
  199. Mechanics Permastunned
  200. Graphics Grass under the surface
  201. Multiplayer My personal bugs:
  202. Mechanics No bedrock under procedural generated seas
  203. Mechanics Can only open cars once
  204. Mechanics Chainsaw vs wood frames
  205. Mechanics Army Camps in 9.1 Code Fix
  206. Mechanics business_tan_brick_ 0x prefabs.xml in Random Gen Fix
  207. Mechanics 9.1 supply crate smoke, no crate, or smoke disappears
  208. Mechanics List of Bugs I've encountered since starting a new server in the random gen mode
  209. Mechanics 9.1 physics
  210. Military camps will not spawn due to error in code
  211. Mechanics 9.1: Insane Zombie Spawning
  212. Mechanics Wood Corner Frame Bugs
  213. Multiplayer Lan Server IP changes in browser
  214. Mechanics Storage Chest Bug
  215. Mechanics 9.1 : Gun safe timer reset
  216. Mechanics Crafting items vanish when crash. logoff, disconnect super old bug.
  217. Mechanics Epic gravity-defying parachutes over water
  218. Mechanics Crossbow vs windows
  219. Mechanics Map fog vs LOS seems way off...?
  220. Multiplayer Internet network IP reverts to external network IP when selected in server browser
  221. Mechanics Alpha 9.1 Spelling errors and bad filenames causing prefab not to load in random gen.
  222. Mechanics Camp Fire stealing my stuff...
  223. Mechanics Re-spawning on top of building
  224. Mechanics Aiming a weapon lets you stand and walk on water surface
  225. Mechanics Torches bug / oversight
  226. Graphics Broken fonts
  227. Mechanics 9.1 - Randomly Dropping Items
  228. Mechanics Items refusing to "fall"
  229. UI Unable To Save Manually Entered Favourite Server
  230. AI Infected Police Officer premature explosion
  231. Crash 9.1 Save game bug results in random gen world type being a 'navzone' world type
  232. Crash Some crashes while running around in the random generated world
  233. Multiplayer No Bedrock....
  234. Mechanics Nothing but stone below level 40 to bedrock.
  235. Mechanics 9.1 Barbed Wire Fence [Bug]
  236. Mechanics EntitySupplyCrate fell off the world
  237. Multiplayer Dedicated server on Mac OS X - In-game time resets after couple of seconds
  238. Mechanics Zombie grawl sound
  239. UI 9.1 server list /favorites list long load up time
  240. Mechanics Lost item cooking on stove
  241. Mechanics A9.1 spawning on bedroll
  242. Graphics Crossbow aiming looks behind me - 9.x
  243. Mechanics Its a trap!
  244. Mechanics Some inventory fixes needed
  245. Mechanics Infinite Pipebomb
  246. UI A9.1 Changed increased max zoom out on map
  247. Mechanics "Upgrading" of frames = backwards improvement?
  248. AI Zombies know your location and path right to you no matter what.
  249. Mechanics Compilation of Spelling Errors in 9.1
  250. AI 9.1 Hordes digging / not attacking