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  1. Crash [Known Issue] Minibikes Vanishing
  2. Other [Known Issue] Horde Night Lag
  3. Other [Known Issue] Prefabricated buildings
  4. Other [Known Issue] Weather
  5. Graphics [Known Issue] Lighting
  6. Graphics [Known Issue] Cobble stone
  7. Crash [Known Issue] Corrupted Save File
  8. Other [Known Issue] POIs Missing in Random Gen
  9. Mechanics [Known Issue] Hunger and Hydration
  10. UI [Known Issue] D-Pad Shotcuts missing
  11. Multiplayer [Known Issue] Splitscreen Maps
  12. Other [Known Issue] Looping Audio
  13. Other [Known Issue] "Wood Board Stairs" Collider
  14. Mechanics [Known Issue] Blood Moon Horde repeats
  15. Other [Known Issue] Yucca Juice
  16. UI [Known Issue] Meds / Schematics / Cooked food only working from the toolbelt