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  1. Multiplayer [Known Issue] Multiplayer Disconnection
  2. Other [Known Issue]Teleportation
  3. Multiplayer [Known Issue] Splitscreen crafting menu stick.
  4. Other [Known Issue] Constant Rain
  5. Graphics [Known Issue] Terrain Rewriting (MD5 Issue)
  6. UI [KNOWN ISSUE] Freezing while looting
  7. Other [Known Issue] Player Reset / Wipe and Bugged Inventory
  8. Other [Known Issue] Character Freeze on Respawn
  9. Crash [Known Issue] Splitscreen Minibike - Duplication and Crash
  10. Other [Known Issue] Invisible Zombies / Zombies not hitting / being hit
  11. Mechanics [Known Issue] Time freezing after booting from rest mode (PS4)
  12. Crash [Known Issue] Regular Crashing
  13. Mechanics [Known Issue] Debuffs sticking
  14. Crash [Known Issue] Minibike Duplication / Wiping Toolbelt
  15. Other [Known Issue] Travelling beyond map limits