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  1. Cheat mode on the PS4?
  2. Saved games
  3. Alpha 15 ps4
  4. No single player creative!
  5. Console version review collection
  6. PS4 Better Inventory Controls
  7. Greedy and Mislead Console Sales (Re-Post)
  8. Petition for Console Compensation
  9. XBOX ONE. Reference Map Question?
  10. A question to do with console bugs.
  11. Console version of the Game is NOT in Alpha
  12. PS4 Version
  13. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  14. So what happens as the days go on/ Console versions
  15. The console players should have their own forum to complain on
  16. to the ps4 console players and the new patch.
  17. Where can you find the version #? (XB1)
  18. New console patch notes.
  19. How to display hunger/thirst on UI? Console version
  20. 7 Days to die Ps4 Edition Gameplay
  21. PS4 Server - Newbie
  22. Has anyone thoroughly tested Clint and Miguel to see if they're usable now on consol?
  23. New "gamer" to 7D2D
  24. Random Gen Console Different
  25. Not loading
  26. Asian PS4 release date?
  27. Connection issues with new update?
  28. PS4 - This game is awesome
  29. Xbox/ps4 splitscreen pvp please!!!
  30. Stuck doing quest 7dtd console
  31. Console forums.... yay
  32. The real issue with this game
  33. Future DLC Fears
  34. Map for console version
  35. Console Suggestions
  36. Tips and Tricks Console Version Ps4
  37. why all this hate WHYYYYY
  38. (XB1)Anyone else having buildings not spawn in Navezgane, or buildings respawing when
  39. Multiplayer Random Disconection
  40. Draw Bridges?
  41. Really a Flunking "2"
  42. Supply drops
  43. Structural Integrity Article
  44. Locked doors: unlock when barricade is removed
  45. Pc 32 player cap.....let that sink in :(
  46. Ps4 fan kickin in with lots of torches around
  47. How I died today - console
  48. Endless Hordes Is it supposed to work that way?
  49. A friendly reminder
  50. xbox refund??????
  51. using animal fat ? help still learning
  52. Were not supposed to be overheating up this fast are we?
  53. Weather effects
  54. Graphic and physx
  55. Where are the calipers?
  56. Pressure plate mine
  57. Suggestions
  58. Suggestions for console users.
  59. A15 Feature request and suggestions thread?
  60. help on building roof ? everyone has been helpful!!!!
  61. Love this game!
  62. Temp Fix for "Building Enviroment" Bug. (Xbox)
  63. Telltale or The Funpimps questions about consoles
  64. Update sooner?
  65. Getting overhead from staying in a bunker
  66. [Future Update] - Getting a Rope
  67. Missing Pre Order DLC
  68. Love this Game but..
  69. Patch the lag and framerate drop
  70. Ideas for the game
  71. More coming soon!!!!
  72. I just have to ask
  73. Does game scale depending on players?
  74. Today I tried a ditch of death
  75. Does anyone know how to rotate the block?
  76. Thoughts and experiences so far
  77. How my friend got his 1st death ( day59 )
  78. Need more consequences.
  79. Recommendations for the console updates
  80. Creative Kills
  81. cross play xbox one/pc if bought on steam?
  82. Creative ideas
  83. [PS4] Question about minibike and zombie hordes
  84. Admin rites to other worlds
  85. Filling empty bottle glitch?
  86. Zombie numbers in 7 day Hordes?
  87. Digging/swimming for treasure
  88. Player updated "Known bug, and Wish list" Thread.
  89. Zombie hordes
  90. Splitscreen co-op and multiplayer?
  91. Problems with the Game on ps4
  92. Please give us a search option on console.
  93. where can we find the sniper schema ? and mini bike with the most chance
  94. Cheat Mode Options
  95. Nitrate respawn
  96. Are the square pillars in this video in console version?
  97. Nobody joining public mp game
  98. Has anyone found an auger? (ps4)
  99. Classic zombies
  100. Cobblestone
  101. Console Dedicated Servers
  102. Metal Letters
  103. Making cement is a catch 22
  104. Media for 7 days to die
  105. ps4 minibike limits?
  106. How to get items to respawn.
  107. Auger & cement
  108. [Xbone] Semi-noob questions
  109. Survival Multiplayer - where are the players?
  110. So. Fun Pimps. Please confirm with regards to console?
  111. 7th day horde attacks
  112. Headlights
  113. PS4: Forge, Chests, Campfires, Doors all are inaccessible. No longer able to use.
  114. SomeOne Please Read
  115. xbox one feed
  116. 7DTD Darwin Awards
  117. Come to my Twitch channel for verbal tips and gameplay! Subscribe and comment!
  118. Xbox Updating Questions
  119. Bridge construction blocks
  120. Please put MODS in the console version
  121. All the hate
  122. Where have you found Wrench Schematic?
  123. Loading suggestion
  124. My First Horde
  125. Zombie fall damage
  126. What is up with the weather in this game?
  127. Some advise please.
  128. Random sidestepping bug
  129. Whats with the speed for the minibike on ps4???
  130. Short Term Games
  131. Hoard Spawning
  132. Streaming 7 days to die - giveaway!!
  133. matter of A15 updates on console considering presence of dukes casino tokens?
  134. I'm new to 7d2d and forums (Next update)
  135. My thoughts
  136. Blunt vs blade
  137. 7 day hoards not showing up
  138. Alpha 15 Hopefully Coming To Console
  139. Flat map to build
  140. Us the craftable SUPPLY crate in the console version?
  141. Console edition needs love too.
  142. Telltalegames
  144. Product Unfit for Sale Enforce Your Consumer Rights
  145. Grocery Store Raid | What Has Been Your Best Raid??
  146. Went out to scavenge, came back to collapsed roof and loot destroyed
  147. Repair Kits
  148. xbox issues
  149. New Player Here
  150. Base Tour
  151. Crafting square fence posts. Possible?
  152. Underground bases
  153. @7daystodie
  154. is there a cheat menu for online play ?
  155. game improvements
  156. Gas mask?
  157. Kick, Boot, Disavow, Eject, Remove, Ax, Dismiss, Oust, Yank by the ear, Discharge...
  158. patch the game.........please
  159. Where do you find the small engine for minibike?
  160. This is B.S. and they know it All Bout $
  161. Please tell me this is just a late April fools prank?
  162. Refund
  163. Can we get a fix please! Building environment loading screen!
  164. zombies off
  165. Split screen character way points
  166. Too all who are pissed about the game...
  167. Any Artists Around?
  168. Easy way to kill a bear!
  169. When the bug is you!
  170. no airdrops on our hosted dedi server?
  171. The dancing zombies!
  172. I got a horde on the 9th day instead of the 7th/8th night
  173. Scrap cable
  174. Random gen map questions
  175. PS4 Mega Base
  176. I had a brain fart. Any way to move a partially assembly minibike?
  177. Water vortex of death! Griff should get a kick out of this lol
  178. Holy ♥♥♥♥ bears don't mess around
  179. Constantly crashing
  180. Zupah's Survival Guide For The First 7 Days!
  181. Cmon now...
  182. Leaping spider zombies
  183. Can you lan on console
  184. Is it just me or do the air drops land in the lakes/ponds alot
  185. The Fixer Skill
  186. Lesser known changes needed.
  187. The longer you play the more frustrating and unplayable the game gets
  188. Positive feedback
  189. Crafting gunpowder give me zero exp!
  190. This is a joke now!
  191. Best skills/perks
  192. How big can I dig a cave out before it collapses?
  193. Where is the mobile spotlight?
  194. Adding AI
  195. Alpha 15
  196. Content you'd like to see in the future
  197. Madmole's latest Video blog
  198. Bio outfit hard to find all parts
  199. Anyone else play with zombies always run ?
  200. 31 Hours of non stop hordes.
  201. Crossbow sugestion
  202. Loving the game - But I have some questions and thoughts
  203. How to best Survive a day 21st horde
  204. How Far Can a Zombie Fall?
  205. A15 update
  206. What is the longest you have gone without finding something essential?
  207. Random Gen Trolololol (ideas please)
  208. Review (read before buying)
  209. Small addition to defensive precautions
  210. Transfer Characters?
  211. Xbox Updates...or nah?
  212. Trading
  213. Day 124
  214. Blade Weapons?
  215. Crafting a Machete?
  216. Pyramid shelter?
  217. All building/decor blocks
  218. RP Server on Xbox One
  219. Filling in holes in ground
  220. What are some of the saddest deaths you've experienced?
  221. Max Frustraton
  222. Rock Sculpting
  223. PS4 Corrupted Save Data.
  224. Aiming reticle not visible enough
  225. get it together...
  226. If you dont want to lose your minibike
  227. Your first impression?
  228. Has anyone built a base on or in water/lake?
  229. Sick of people complaining about this game.
  230. Anyone else react this way in MP? lol
  231. With a side of OCD
  232. Hilarious 7DTD video
  233. Ideas for future additions to the game.
  234. Looking For Online Players (XB1)
  235. XB1 Looking for active players.
  236. XB1 Looking for active players.
  237. Overheating
  238. Minibikes and Maps
  239. PS4: Way to switch from public to private after creating the game?
  240. When this game is patched up.
  241. What a bunch of A Holes
  242. Fresh Prince of AAHHHHHHH
  243. Mega Base Video
  244. Question on minibikes
  245. Just bought the game...
  246. Oh boy! A Hazard Suit!
  247. The Breakfast Club
  248. A dispute over a can of Chili
  249. The Mysterious fate of the can of Chilli
  250. going too far? subway lol