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  1. Posting Test
  2. Xbox one, staying stuck on the loading screen 'waiting for server'.
  3. XBOX one Dedicated Server
  4. Incorrectly submitted bug reports
  5. Loading times?
  6. Ps4 loading Freeze/laggy
  7. Heads up, looks like there are loading issues
  8. Periodic freeze
  9. Delete and re download
  10. Temp fix for loading times
  11. Can't get to select menu after rejoining
  12. Xbox One pre order not unlocking to play
  13. So many issues.
  14. [UPDATE-2][GUIDE] Reporting a Bug
  15. Game share isn't working on my gf xb1
  16. Fog / View Distance ( PS4 )
  17. Audio: 7.1 as headphone option
  18. Get error CE-34878-0
  19. [Xbox One] Game will not load
  20. (Xbox One) (load error) Can't load into game
  21. Xbox one kicked out of game on day 5
  22. Walking dead skins not appearing on xbox one
  23. Host kicked from game, now has ruined my game
  24. Numerous PS4 issues.
  25. Main menu and loading time
  26. Playstation 4- Pre order skin issue (I think)
  27. World view chopped off with floatin zombies
  28. Ce-34878 Crash
  29. PS4 Bow Sound Effects Not Playing When Aiming and Shooting
  30. PS4 Controls & Character Drift
  31. Xbox One "Building Enviroment" freeze
  32. Cant collect frames
  33. PS4 Preorder codes bugged?
  34. Freezing on load after crash!
  35. Console - PS4 - Multiplayer progress "lost"
  36. [XBOX and PS4] The KNOWN bug Thread.
  37. Framerate issues? (XB1)
  38. Blue Screen Bug
  39. [ps4] [UI issue] Getting stuck in crafting/inventory menus (spliecreen only)
  40. Xbox one multi
  41. Xbox Co-op server zombie spawn problems
  42. Waiting for server xbox one.
  43. Ps4 game crash
  44. It keeps crashing.. PS4
  45. Friends cannot reconnect to previous game and no new friend can join (Ps4)
  46. Game failure to load server on Xbox One
  47. Can't hit zombies as a client
  48. [Xbox One] STILL can not load my game
  49. Game Constantly Freezing During Online MP
  50. [PS4] [Crash/freezing]
  51. Multiplayer errors
  52. I can't play the game on ps4!
  53. [PS4] I can't play the game on ps4!
  54. [XBOX ONE] Texture - Map does not fully load, mining issues and game load.
  55. bugs i have seen watching console versions stream
  56. Ps4 waiting for server
  57. [PS4] I can't do anything in the world!
  58. Forge
  59. PS4.. 3 problem I found while playing
  60. Xbox one-private server-Can't hit/be hit by zombies
  61. Bugs I've Found
  62. Strange Glitches
  63. [PS4] game not responding when joining mp game
  64. Xbox One Corrupt Game
  65. Joining game with friend always fails.
  66. ps4 blue screen of death
  67. Cheat mode on the PS4?
  68. XBOX ONE - Multiplayer - Private Game - Errors
  69. [Xbox One] BUG Multiplayer "Failed to Connect"
  70. [PS4] [Sound effects issues] Too low, too high or non existent
  71. My Bug Report PLEASE READ
  72. Character Creation Option (PS4)
  73. No sound when eating or drinking
  74. PS4 SCEE 500gb: Game Issues
  75. Wont Load My Save file PS4 Single player
  76. PS 4- Game freezes for a split second every couple of minutes or so
  77. [PS4] [Splitscreen Player Menu Issue]
  78. [PS4] i can't do anything in the world!
  79. xbox multiplayer crashes and items duplicating
  80. Multiplayer observation
  81. -PS4- Game Crashing when loading in a previously played on world.
  82. Xbox One Health doesn't go down while bleeding you don't notice until you die
  83. Stuck on "Building Environment"
  84. Objects randomly falling
  85. Randomly not being able to craft things
  86. Heat Stroke = BUG?! PS4 ( US DIGITAL )
  87. [Ps4] Unable to load co-op saved game
  88. [Xbox One] Stuck on Building Environment
  89. Items dissapearing
  90. [Xbox One] Chunks not loading, Stuck on building Environment
  91. Water
  92. PS4 Glass Pane Unbreakable when placed.
  93. Load SP Map 7Hours Down The Drain
  94. Frezee and kick
  95. PS4 Join Multiplayer, Disconnect, cant rejoin.
  96. [XBOX and PS4] Digital DLC mega thread
  97. [XBOX ONE] Friendly fire
  98. 3 main bugs
  99. Schematics don't work (XBONE)
  100. [XBOX and PS4] Miguel and Clint and wearing hats.
  101. No POI's, towns, or citys in random gen on console.
  102. Xboxone mulitplayer connection server ect
  103. Saved games
  104. Crashing when loading into world PS4 Digital copy
  105. (PS4)Save files get corrupted
  106. Ps4 digital split screen crash
  107. Xbox one stuck on waiting for server screen
  108. Waiting for server, could not connect
  109. PS4
  110. Can't connect to xbox live services
  111. I can't play 7DTD ;(
  112. PS4 Split screen co-op stuttering frame rate and lag.
  113. can't load saves
  114. Stuck on building environment
  115. Ps4 Major Issue
  116. issue with voice chat
  117. Splitscreen + multiplayer?
  118. missing chunk data for joined player (voids in Map)
  119. (PS4-xboxone)
  120. PS4 controller lag
  121. My brother can't rejoin online private game
  122. [PS4] I can't do anything !
  123. Xbox one crash loading error
  124. "Waiting on Server"
  125. Can't rejoin previous server me and my friends made PLEASE READ
  126. Problem re-joining games
  127. Singleplayer game not loading on console
  128. Xbox One - Split Screen Becomes Semi-Unresponsive
  129. (PS4) Game Stutters/Freezes for a second every minute or so
  130. Xbox one Waiting for server
  131. Local split-screen on console
  132. Character for ps4
  133. Cant Play Different Character On Same Server (PS4)
  134. World wont load 30 days in.......grrrrrr
  135. Xbox - Can't join servers and people can't join mine
  136. Being in game, world dissapears
  137. It's hot in here 😅
  138. Multiple issues/bugs/mechanic issues; Xbox One digital download
  139. Xbox one private multiplayer waiting for server bug
  140. Alpha 15 ps4
  141. PS4 Digital, Private Server disconnect, Disconnect from friend's server upon joining
  142. [PS4] Multilayer game freezes on inventory
  143. Missing POIs and bodies of water. PS4 survival MP 3 player co op
  144. PS4 random death
  145. Sounds gradually begin disappearing. All modes all characters ps4
  146. Zombies zip back and fourth across the screen from your base then way out in field
  147. Can't stay connected- Disconnects every 10 minutes or less. PS4/Digital Copy
  148. Chests bug
  149. Bug in PS4
  150. no single player creative
  151. Building environment glitch
  152. having ps4 server problems
  153. Day 10 can't co op anymore
  154. Can't load saved worlds
  155. I can't load my saved worlds
  156. Random Gen world: no buildings
  157. Xbox One Stuck on Building Environment screen
  158. Pre-ordered bug xbox
  159. Data corrupted after ps4 error, whole world deleted
  160. READ if your stuck loading or can't join!
  161. [XBOX and PS4] Miguel and Clint causing crashes
  162. Can't Make Cement
  163. Xbox bug
  164. Split screen, building issue. (Xboxone)
  165. (PS4) the game is unplayable for me(cant do anything) pictures inside
  166. PS4 - glass bug
  167. PS4 Issue accessing Private/Multiplayer Game after leaving
  168. Ce-34878-0
  169. [PS4] I can't do anything !
  170. World load/ chunk glitch
  171. Zombies not spawning in world on PS4
  172. Crashed then can't reload game
  173. Zombies invincible and so am i. Unplayable...
  174. Server Problems
  175. After clearing areas, Zombies never respawn there again!!
  176. No Horde On DaY 7
  177. Buildings sorounded by water glitch
  178. Xbox one loading times
  179. [PS4] single player lag
  180. support
  181. split screen bug 7 days to die
  182. Xbox one: Building Enviorments
  183. Next tu
  184. [XBOX] Split Screen works, but a menu is missing
  185. Superloud Thunder
  186. Server issues
  187. [PS4] Game Bug - Constantly losing Oxygen
  188. XBOX ONE multiplayer disconnect
  189. Bugs ps4
  190. Can't Hit Zombies At All
  191. Connection issues
  192. [Xbox one] Game crashed and now nothing is loading
  193. [PS4] Flashlights and Mining helmets not working
  194. Stuck at Building Screen (PS4)
  195. Ps4 ce-34878-0
  196. Game crashes and corrupts save file Xbox one
  197. Xbox One Mini Bike Vanishing repeatedly
  198. PS4 Corrupted Saves. Will Refunds Be Offered?
  199. Game crashed, chunks unload & Friend can't join me
  200. Water Bottles Disappeared After Making Boiled Meat
  201. Scrambled saves on ps4?
  202. Massive Bug
  203. PLEASE RESPONS with approx ETA on patch!?
  204. No spawning.
  205. PS4 glitches/crash
  206. The weather is way too hot
  207. Hard crashes and others
  208. Xbox One - Regular frame drops and stuttering
  209. Can we not save the game?
  210. I can't play with my friends/they can't play with me Ps4
  211. No 7 day horde
  212. Crashing
  213. game freezing on multiplayer
  214. XB1 Split Screen Multiplayer 2nd player stuck on "Building Environment"
  215. [XBOX] 2 xboxes, same network, can't connect to each other
  216. If you stuck on landing to multiplayer world
  217. Xbox one
  218. [Xbox] Confirmed: POI's & Towns not spawning in Random Gen
  219. [Xbox] Bug or intended? Cannot access menus while on minibike
  220. [Xbox One, Multiplayer Private Game] Mini Bikes Disappearing on Crash for Host
  221. PS4 (digital copy) cannot play online with friends
  222. [Xbox One] Multiple Bug List
  223. Stuck on "Building Environment" Loading Screen (XBOXONE)
  224. Xbox One Crash/Server Problems
  225. Way to hot EVERYWHERE
  226. Never ending load screen
  227. Found Fix for "Waiting for Server" Glitch
  228. Corrupted maps
  229. Scavenging crash
  230. Xbox one console issue's
  231. [PS4] Loading in and soft freezing
  232. Game Crash
  233. Unable to make player-made water source (PS4)
  234. Ps4 private game problems
  235. PS4 GRAPHIC GLITCH Character models doing weird stuff
  236. Xbox one, private game
  237. [XBOX] few issues
  238. Xbox one stuck loading environment
  239. PS4 Sliding left while mining
  240. Xbox One. Game crashed. Stuck on building environment. (Not a character issue)
  241. Ps4 Forge Bug
  242. Xbox One Forever Building Envroment
  243. Xbox One "Building Environment"
  244. PS4(disconnections and non-moving character)
  245. Weird pausing issues
  246. Console: no POI (points of interest) at end of paths and side roads
  247. [PS4] Multiplayer World Corrupted and Deleted Itself After Crash
  248. Ps4 can't continue previous game
  249. no bloodmoon horde day 7 PS4
  250. Ps4 House falls apart and minibike disappeared