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11-17-2013, 05:37 PM
7 Days to Die: Forum News and Alpha 2 Review (7D2D Show)

Welcome! We've decided to do a news show based on the top threads that pop up on forum. So many people know that I play the game and this video is an easy way for me to share candid information about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world of 7 Days to Die (News, Forums, & Updates). It is our first attempt.

Here is the video description. Feel free to post corrections on the youtube page. Viewers need to know if we got something wrong.

This episode will discuss the upcoming Alpha 2 release of 7 Days to Die.

This show attempts to keep developers honest by providing feedback from the community. Make sure to check out our other news videos on our page.

On November 9, 2013, 7 Days to Die developer the Fun Pimps released their much anticipated Alpha 2. In this video, we’re going to give an overview of the most important changes in Alpha 2, discuss the impact of these changes, and give you an insider view of what’s going on in the 7 Days to Die forum.

These additions have added a great value to the game that makes this well worth the price of admission. However, there were a ton of small tweaks that may have broken the game in several ways.

Some of the general changes include barbed wire fences and wood spikes being nerffed, metal trussing are now easier to destroy, and mining stone results in broken stone so you have to go deep to get stone. Some of the improvements include better animations, new icons, rocks, torches, increased iron ingots in crates, blocks dropping from exploded items, and increased metal pipes from forging metal, zombies don’t attack meaningless blocks anymore, improved collision performance, and zombies run when there is a target.

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