View Full Version : Mechanics (Minor, A9.0) Supply Crates seem to be hydrophobic.

08-16-2014, 12:15 PM
Minor thing, but I fired up an A9 dedicated MP server for myself and a few buddies to fool around with the random gen. Played around for a bit, encountered the roof-spawn bug that's already been reported, then saw the strangest thing I've ever seen...

A supply crate drop that appeared to be afraid of water.

Through pure coincidence, a supply crate managed to drop directly onto a small river, but once it hit the water block it didn't drop and despawn the parachute as you'd expect, but instead bounced a block or two back into the air and tried falling again. This just kept happening until I dove into the river, held Space to stay near the surface, and managed to catch it and search it on its next descent.