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08-17-2014, 11:33 AM
Building materials:

pretty much any wooden building material you place, and then try to remove leaves a frame behind. Even if the placed item was redwood, or shingles. So if you build a wall of shingles, then tear them down with an axe or chainsaw, you have a wall of wooden frames afterwards.
So you can use it to produce super cheap wooden frames. Especially as you get back the shingles. So you could build a complete super huge frame wall with a single shingle block. Place it.. chop it down.. place it again and so on, always leaving wooden frames behind.
Also very annoying if you misplaced a block, as it takes forever to remove the wooden frame.

Then i noticed a bug with the building integrity. Blocks start falling down, even when they are right next to a pillar or supporting structure. Things i could build in older versions, crumple down on my now.
It seems to be especially noticeable if this is close to blocks that hold ladders, or had ladders on it before (seems to persist, even when the ladder is removed).
Items placed next to a pillar that has a ladder going up on it, fall down instantly for example - even though they should have enough structural hold cause of the pillar.
A pillar standing alone without ladder can hold the blocks (most of the time, but also not always, even though it should), the pillar with the ladder can't.

Right now it is not really logical why some blocks stick and are stable, and some fall down either instantly, or while walking onto them, even though they should hold and have enough stability/structural hold.

My 7 days to die folder was completely deinstalled/deleted, and newly redownloaded on steam. So the files should all be fine and undamaged.

08-17-2014, 04:17 PM
Noted, and very displeased by this