View Full Version : Mechanics Small list of bugs in A9.

08-17-2014, 03:34 PM
-After going underwater I came up and was smacked by a zombie (this glitched the drowning effect and I drowned while walking on ground).

-There needs to be a way to know the difference between the different kinds of torches to craft. Each type just says "Torch". When trying to make a grass torch, accidentally clicking the cloth torch will place those items into the inventory and require user to clear inventory before clicking on grass torch to craft. Simple fix...change name in recipe list. Torch (grass) and Torch (cloth) and Torch (coal) etc. in the name list.

- Also in regards to above, you can dupe the items and if you click the grass torch first...keep items in inventory boxes to craft, then click cloth torch and keep clicking cloth torch it will convert your grass into cloth. The user can drag cloth off crafting box into inventory.

-Having the mini map gone is understandable and doable for game play. BUT, the biggest issue now is the fact of not having a radar for zombies right next to you. When building a base and hearing a zombie outside, it can take forever to walk around base trying to find one hidden zombie without a zed radar. Also many many many times I will have my backback open trying to learn the new recipe list or craft something and I get attacked by zombies, because I had no idea they were near me...due to lack of radar or alerts. I feel like I must constantly spin 360 every minute of gameplay to assure nothing has spawned near me and walked up. This will become very annoying very fast when trying to build or learn recipes.

-Can't search zombies that died and fell into water?

-Tools no longer show condition count...example 250/500 or 50/100 left. Would be nice to have the condition of item listed on the bottom right corner where ammo count shows for the bow and arrow.

-When learning to craft an item off the recipe list, the font color changes to show you have made that item before and it can be clicked to auto load ingredients. The font color changes very slightly to show you have made that item before, this is too much of a small font color change that it is hard to tell if item has been made yet before.

-Map icon pointer is white, which is hard to see when viewing map to tell where you are standing. Needs to be bigger icon and different color. I will add more bugs as I find them.

Still, CONGRATS on a good upgrade and nice changes to gameplay.