View Full Version : Multiplayer Floating Rock chunks, invisible zombie, weird zombie spawn pattern, suspended corpses

08-18-2014, 04:55 AM
I found a few glitches after the Alpha 9 patch--rocks that floated after they were harvested, zombies spawning on rooftop instead of in building and bugging out when they died, and an invisible zombie stuck in the staircase floor. Here's a short video of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wga_hG_dGeE&feature=youtu.be

08-18-2014, 07:29 AM
I've seen the invisible zombie one, he gets stuck in the floor somehow. Type dm in the console then g to go into god mode and pressing c to descend will let you put an end to the miserable trapped zombie.

That looks like a horde not spawning correctly. Someone said that getting close enough to them makes them active.

Lots of bugs, at least the devs have stuff to do. :D

08-18-2014, 07:59 AM
Thanks for the tips. :) I agree, they'll be busy--but I'm just glad they're actively patching stuff and making good progress. Alpha 9 plays so much more fun than 8 did, in my opinion