View Full Version : Mechanics Dirt, camp fire, hunting, drowned without water, no zombies

08-20-2014, 10:22 PM
I am not sure if all of that were bugs or were intended.

Dirt: I put some dirt into a hole that has been dig by some zombies. Well.... One few seconds later the dirt began to dwindling.
And also at stone I can observe it but not so much often.

Camp fire: I put my hard picket golden rod and my last water I had into the cooking pot at the camp fire and press "cook". And all items where away....blowing In the wind and I died to thirst.

Hunting: On some places there are 2 deer + 1 pig + 5 rabbits and they spawn continuously. And on other places there where nothing to hunt for more than 10 server days. Often it is easier to survive in the desert with yuka than in the woodland with (no) animals.

Drowned without water: I emptied a bucked and the water is flowing downward a hill. If I go near to the water (no into) I begin to drowned. Does not matter were I am going after it does not stopped.

No zombies: I build a sweet house in the middle of a wood. There were a lot of zombies and I killed them. But after them there never spawned any zombies for 5 server days in a radius of 100 Blocks. Now I left the server because it was boring. Zombie spawning was by 200%!