View Full Version : Mechanics Many cars = 1 inventory Bug

08-21-2014, 12:10 AM
On a multiplayer server, in a town 9 km away from the center of the map, i found a town that none looted yet.

Loot timer on, i loot the first car (blue) im searching for an Auger, there is 5 oil, i pick them but my inventory is full i replace them in the middle of the car inventory.
Next car i find is a white car, there is a battery, i cannot loot it so i replace it in the bottom corner of the car inventory....
I do the same with all other color cars, i replace the items i find in a different position in the inventory.

Then all other blue car i found was already looted and 5 oil in the middle, other white cars all was looted and all got the battery in the bottom corner.

--- In reallity all same color cars are linked as a single entity. ---

Sorry for my bad english i hope you understand the bug.