View Full Version : Crash Crash Logs

08-22-2014, 04:24 AM
I keep getting just totally random crashes. Some times I will be cooking, others I will be doing something in the inventory. It is just really difficult to pin down exactly what is causing this. I first did a file validation and had 4 come back as being invalid after I was having the game not save my progress. After the validation, it was fixed for a bit. Then the save issue crept back up and sure enough I had 4 files fail the validation. Now I checked the validation after it crashed moving some cloth pants into inventory after crafting and it said everything was OK.

So.. I grabbed a dxdiag and and am uploading it and the crash folder. I am on a 64 bit PC, but I believe I am running the 32 bit version (as I installed it after the save game issue and just have not gone back to the 64)