View Full Version : Mechanics List of Bugs I've encountered since starting a new server in the random gen mode

08-22-2014, 11:58 PM
I will be listing all of the bugs that i've encountered throughout my time playing in the 9.0 release here. They are as follows:
(will be followed by brief explanation or when it occurred)

Drowning on land. (Sometimes occurs after walking through bodies of water)
Animals running into walls get stuck. (They will walk headfirst into any building blocks:brick, fences, metal. wont move afterward)
Animals also run into houses often. (always surprised by a couple elk in pigs in random houses)
Bullets cannot be broken down. (was trying to breakdown by putting in the output box and it wouldnt break down)
Supply crates float up and down above water sources. (Supply crates dropped from plane and wont land in water. only hover)
While drinking anything that raises stamina, sprinting before the item rewards you with the stamina boost results in the stamina gain cancelling.
Zombies pose in last recorded frame when killed by explosion, shotgun blasts, and sometimes pistols. (This always catches me off guard and end up wasting an extra bullet since they stay standing up after dying.)
Clicking on tabs while in Inventory, Character Menu is buggy. (Made some armor and wanted to move it from the output slot to the character menu by clicking on the item and clicking on the character tab. Always ends up in dropping the item.)
While digging up clay underwater, I would constantly move up and down to make sure I dont drown and this resulted in my compass disappearing because the text of "cant breathe" and "Can breathe" would not stop cycling.
While making goldenrod tea, I tried to boil some eggs at the same time. This resulted in the tea having the same cooking time as the boiled eggs but the eggs would be destroyed when the tea is made.)

Hopefully this catches some attention and will be dealt with soon! Really love the game. Trying to give back to the community since i've been playing every now and again since alpha 3 orz Good work guys. This game will be a marvel when its done!

08-23-2014, 12:02 AM
Some of your items are fixed in 9.1. Read the patch notes. Also, I believe you need a book to break down bullets. Is it reloading weekly?

08-31-2014, 02:54 AM
might want to re install your game, I nor anyone on my server has had these issues with 9 or 9.1, we started a fresh map with 9, we have has issues sure, just nothing listed here