View Full Version : Mechanics Crafting items vanish when crash. logoff, disconnect super old bug.

08-23-2014, 07:47 AM
Since ive been playing in 7. something this bug has never been cleaned up. When your say for instance making some concrete and you have 128 working in your crafting window and you disconnect, or crash or log out. when you login all your materials are not in your inventory they are gone. This is very frustrating as its very old still in 9.0 When you logout they should put the items into your inventory or drop them on the ground so when you log back in you can pick them up. Drop on ground only if there is a full inv. But seriously i have lost tons of mins,gravel,concrete dust and concrete its extremely frustrating if you dont know when your going to disconnect. This should be fixed asap please.

and yes the server is set to drop nothing on logout. So thats has nothing to do with it.