View Full Version : Mechanics "Upgrading" of frames = backwards improvement?

08-24-2014, 12:22 PM
Am I the only one that feels like the block upgrade system is WAYYYY backwards? Seems like the frames are tougher than the upgraded blocks! Noticed it in the 8.7 patch, and this new one seems to add fuel to the in game experience.

If the information on the game site's Crafting page is accurate, it seems to support this. For example:

The new Scrap Iron Wall frames (love it, by the way!) are listed as a Dura of 9, with a Pure-Dur of 134! That's just short of CONCRETE, and awesome...
However, looking at the 1x upgrade of Scrap Iron Wall, we find it DECREASES to Dura of 5 and Pure-Dur of 67??!!

I've noticed inconsistencies like this with most of the building materials since 8.7. Concrete upgraded to Reinforced concrete gets NO bump in Pur-Dura? Why bother? Wood frame "upgrades" to Old Wood with no change in stats, then again to Reinforced wood with a DROP in Dura?

Just wondered if this was an oversight by the devs, or am I just pissing up a rope?