View Full Version : Mechanics placing blocks and doors bug

11-23-2014, 01:16 PM
have not been able to figure out how to duplicate it however, i have noticed a repeated bug when placing reinforced concrete directly from quick bar ( using cheatmode )

When building a roof over the parking garage prefab structure, it allows for normal placement, however, at certain points, the blocks simply dont place. the pre-placement green outline shows, you can even rotate it ( the sound triggers anyway ) but placing it is near impossible.

After spamming rotate and place buttons repeatedly, i can usually get it to place... however it is an obviously annoying bug.

I have also noticed placing doors, specifically, the metal door that can be upgraded is difficult too. It will mimic the issue listed above. The only resolution is to spam the place block button until it accepts it and pray it accepts it while on the right location.