View Full Version : Mechanics Purple Character models and armor as well as a zooming on map bug and some others.

11-24-2014, 03:55 PM

Here is a screenshot of what my character models changed to after putting on a leather hat I created. I took it off and put it back on and it seemed to partially go on me but took a while on others...? You have already stated the chrome boots are a bug but they look like space boots with the purple outfits... not bad lol.

Opening the map and scrolling the list of players to invite requires your reticle to be on a name rather than be in the box and it scrolls the main map at the same time.

Some doors open and reclose before completing the animation. A simple reopen works but if rushed it can keep a door closed.

Zombies reaching through doors to hit players.

Melee combat with zombies sometimes allows the player to be hit when no zombie swung at you. They begin to swing but you hit them disrupting them, however their attack goes through.

I have shot arrows through players countless times. Seems arrows do not work at the moment against players. Yes, I was on a pvp enabled server.

Extra items left in the crafting recipe box not needed in the recipe, vanish upon initiating the creation of the item. Example, water jars and goldenrod tea, 1:1. Add some extra of one or the other and produce them. The extra often disappears. This happens when personally crafting as well, not just in fireplaces/forges.

I have seen dogs jump single blocks and come through single block holes, leaving no way to have defensive windows. Crawlers sometimes do the same. If this was intended, allow us to shoot through iron bars with ease or a good defensive iron window of sorts.

If enough zombies overlap, crawlers sometimes pass through the door or wall... I couldn't tell which happened.

Sometimes on loadup, you hang before the push to enter command appears. The only way to exit from this is to alt+f4 out of the game. Not a good way to shut down any program ever. When you reload, it allows you to enter without issue. If any issue arises during map load for the client, alt+f4 is the only answer to get out. A proper time out command is needed.

If you place two golden rod seeds too close to each other, it destroys one. Shouldn't allow the second to be placed if it was intended or a tooltip mentioning this crop requires extra spacing.

Not all corpses seem to be destructible. There is no way to stop major heat buildup if we cant dispose of them or am I missing something? Must they be burned?

There is a small transition time from day to night that is actually really dark. Properly dark if you asked me. Then the moon gets high enough in the sky and everything gets too bright. I do enjoy the idea of the moon lighting up the night of course but it allows you to not need the use of a torch in some areas where you should be bat'shiz blind at night. Or maybe offer a true night mode where the moon doesn't do that. Just a server option?

Love everything you guys have come up with and pushed forward on. Tremendous work and really coming together.

Thank you