View Full Version : 7 Days to Die (Unofficial Trailer)

12-16-2013, 06:00 PM
What's up everyone? :D

I got boring that why I waste my time to make a Trailer.
I went over 10 Servers for recording. It's was very hard and little bit stressy:cower:, but I finally done!
Many Tapes are from Alpha 4.1 because I record this before Alpha 5 released.

What do you think?


I know, I do some little grammar mistakes in this 2 min video, sorry about that :P

12-16-2013, 06:21 PM
I think it's pretty cool actually. Few grammar mistakes but whatever not a finished thing. Good work

12-16-2013, 06:45 PM
Thank you! :D

I am not English or American...
Furthermore I have the video completed quickly without checking it afterwards.

Sorry about that ;)