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12-20-2013, 07:37 AM
Ok this is Episode 1, Finding the Base of Operations for 7 Days to Die.

Finding a place to stay the first night is important, but in this video I show you where to quickly find and build a base of operations where you can be zombie free (so far for me after 15 days) The location is easy to find and the required materials needed to get into the hidden location are few and easy to get.

This base is in the Hidden attic of the City Hall building and the video shows how to get there with those easy to make parts. Watch the video and rejoice at your new base. make sure you grab a bed or make a sleeping bag to place up there for a spawn point.


I hope you enjoy the first episode. Feel free to suggest other video ideas, whether its for locations for bases, updates on this base, or anything 7 Days to Die related.

12-20-2013, 07:57 PM
The thing that Im trying to do with my video series is to show unique and good ways to go about playing the game. I see so many videos that are just some guy or a couple people playing with NO CLUE whatsoever on what they are doing. Hard to learn watching others make so many mistakes. So Im making these videos to show fun and new things to do to help survive. I wont be showing how to loot or craft. No 30 minutes of me running around scrounging around with no idea what Im doing.

Video quality for now is limited to screen shots, but once I fix my computer issues I will be back to making full on video of game play. I figure the point of what Im doing is show quite well in the images that I take and use. I would rather spend my time setting up the video so it actually flows thru with information. Why do we want to watch a video of someone playing a game when we could actually be playing the game.

New episode is being created that picks up after this one. This video it shows the base of operations which can be done with little to no effort in the first morning of the game. Using this as a guide you can have the base open and have a spawn point and torches done before lunchtime in game.

Episode 2 will cover the important things needed to be done with the rest of day 1. what foods and liquids are best, becoming organized by creating the storage chests to store all your items. what you really need to keep on you and in your belt. and a few more things.

12-24-2013, 10:15 AM
Good idea for a nice and secure base. Thanks for the vid, I look forward to more.


12-29-2013, 02:17 AM
Commented on your video. I am looking forward to your transition from images to video.

I would recommend "Fraps" for recording video, and "Audacity" for recording your commenting. CyberLink Powerdirector is an excellent program for editing as well. Although, only "Audacity" is free... The reason for using a different program for recording your microphone is to get a separate audio channel that allows for easier editing. Fraps, unfortunately, only merge in-game sound and voice chat into one, which means you will NOT be able to mute yourself or do small audio adjustment, such as turning up voice chat volume, and down in-game volume.

Hope this information was helpful! :)