View Full Version : Multiplayer Crafted desksafe lootable

04-13-2015, 10:42 PM
Hi, i was going down the recipe list ( for xp ) and I found desk safe (not sure if a server custom recipe or standard) anyway i made it to get he 20 xp for learning and of course placed it because I had made it :)
on placing it i saw it was untouched opened it and there was the enforcer magazine and a flawless hunting rifle part. so i made a few more (55) from there i managed to learn all the books and assembled several weapons of flawless grade hunting rifle shotgun and sniper rifle.

if its a server customer recipe then probably not much can be done. unless there a setting i can tell my admin's about to turn off the loot
if its a standard recipe then it needs to be addresses as i never have to go anywhere again all the ammo/ paper/ bullet tips bullet casing/ gun powder weapon parts i could ever want now spawn in my base every 4-7 game days

same is true with nightstand ( pistols/ 9mm ammo).