View Full Version : 7 Days to Die Let's Play

01-02-2014, 01:14 AM
Hello! I just started a new YouTube channel, and to kick it off I'm doing a 7 Days to Die Let's Play. I don't like self-advertising, but this seemed like a good way to help get my channel off the ground. When I posted this, I had part 1 up and part 2 was close to uploaded. If you check it out, thanks for the help =)

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3RtoI2Ui0I&list=PLrj2sroAuc8c4nU8LcRh0MYUt-_YwVd6_&index=1

01-02-2014, 02:05 AM
Update: Part 2 is up, and I'll try to keep recording one or two episodes per day.