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11-06-2013, 02:44 PM
Here are some ideas for NPC's
friendly NPC's:
Other survivors: just basic characters with basic items and quests
Store Keepers and Bartering Caravans: these guys should just be able to trade, talk, and give quests. You should be able to kill/raid them for their supplies. Caravans should have armed guards. They should give quests that require you to fetch something for them.
Military Guys: These guys should be raoming around the map shooting down zombies and bandits. depending how friendly or hostile you are, they will shoot or help you, give you supplies, talk with you, and give harder quests like clearing out buildings or taking out a bandit hideout. they should also have a military base with extremely rare loot and it should be heavily guarded.
Scientists: I dont think that these guys are completely necessary, but it would add an entire new level of depth onto the game. You would obtain scientists by finding them somewhere in a building where it would make sense for them to be, like a lab or a school, and you would have suitable room for them to stay and work in in your house, kind of like in terraria but they don't just magically appear. scientist could have alot of flexibility as to what they could do, let me know what you want them to do in the comments, but here are my ideas: they should be able to research new weapons and gadgets, like a gun that does more damage or more lightweight axe that you can swing faster. They should also be able to decode artifacts that you find around the map, like a stained letter, you can give it to them and they unstain it for you and it can give the map coordinates to a rare loot site.

Unfriendly NPC's:
Bandits and Thiefs: I think this feature was confirmed already, but there should definitly be some bandits or heavily armed npcs that roam the map stealing your loot. Bandits should have little camp outs, like the military bases that i mentioned before but a little bit less professional (who knows there could be diffrent levels of bases, like level 1's have weak, lightly armoured bandits, and level 5 has kevlar bullet stopping armour and heavy MGs). The other thing that i would really like to see in this game is a thief, a bandit that wears no armour and has no weapons (maybe a knife) that runs up to you and steals the item that you currnetly have equipped. This would definitely make you think twice about walking into a cave or hideout with your best gun in hand.
ZAMBIES!: there needs to be a huge variation of zombies in this game, i dont just want a few variations of the same walker, I want to see suicide zombies, camouflage zombies, teleporting zombies like slenderman, zombies with stuck through their hands that they use as weapons, zombies that inject ♥♥♥♥ into you with spines coming out of their hands and you turn into one, toxic waste and goo zombies, zombies on fire, some boss zombies (eg a dragon or a huge hulk with a meat cleaver). just some ideas.
psychos: im talking almost borderlands psychos, but not as bat♥♥♥♥ crazy, insane, but not crazy. this would be a great excuse for a counter knife, these guys should just rush up to you and shank you, these are not zombies, so they run all the time. they can hang out with the bandits. these guys would make you scared to go out at night by yourself with no light.

Town mechanics: I think this game would be the best game i ever played if you could start your own community in-game, even in single player and build your own town. you would have to make it almost a minigame, but it would be awesome. Im thinking you first go gather a crap ton of building materials, then you go into a special mode like build mode where you can place prefabs in a certain area (gets bigger the more followers you have) and position guards and specialists (eg. blacksmith or farmer). This could get really awesome in multiplayer with town government and huge battles around forts and towns. Think about it.
HUGE RANDOM EVENTS: there needs to be mega hordes of zombies that come during the day or night and totally engulf the area, there needs to be some sort of unstoppable force of zombies that make this game a challange once you got your metal trussing and reinforced concrete base. there could also be a nuke or something that goes off in one of the cities and you have to figure out how to adapt to not having a huge amount of loot right next to your base. some of this might be overkill, but it would be awesome.

Please feel free to give your ideas in the comments, the more comments, the more likely this will be considered to be added into the game. Thanks for the awesome game Fun Pimps!:joyous:

11-06-2013, 02:57 PM
I think to some extent your ideas have already been thought of by the Fun Pimps and we should be able to see glimpses of it in the future. Overall id back this idea for the sake of giving the game more RPG aspects to it.
Keep up the good work!

11-06-2013, 03:21 PM
I like this a lot. So you most definitely have my vote.

I know that most people don't like the idea of human NPCs as they like the feeling of isolation however IMO I believe if a zombie epidemic had to hit the planet I highly doubt you would be the only human out of 7 billion to have survived the epidemic and you would have other survivors. The chance of you to be the only survivor is 7 billion to one, you have more chance of winning the lottery, get struck by lightning and get attacked by a shark on the same day rather than been the sole survive in the world.

I like the feeling of humans struggling to survive and in the chaos you have humans turning on each other just to survive which I believe will make it more believable and more compelling. Human NPCs is a + but I'm not too sure about the scientists.

However I definitely do not like and a HELL NO from me for teleporting zombies, dragons, goo zombies and slendermen. As I would like the game to remain realistic in a apocalypse sort of way. Dragons!?.... No not at all, If you want dragons play Skyrim or Spyro cause dragons would ruin the entire experience for me. Slenderman is a demon and not a zombie so a definite no from me as this is a zombie game and adding this will just end up with the game losing the plot entirely.

11-06-2013, 03:45 PM
I like your ideas but I really don't want the sci fi zombies implented ill probably quit if that happens.

11-06-2013, 04:44 PM
I agree with Plazmadawg's and Berkan's sentiments. I like the idea of other human NPCs, but I'd really want a significant length of game time to pass before they were even in the picture. I think really drilling isolation or lack of human interaction in would go a long way starting the gameplay off. And, for that matter, even after successfully getting a community setup (after all that time) and then suddenly having it torn from under you could make the loss feel really tangible emotionally, especially after having put that sort of time and effort into it.

That being said, I too am not a fan of the sci-fi / fantasy zombies suggested. Dragon zombie, would probably ruin the game for me too. The one zombie mentioned, that could... maybe could just pull it off for me, would be a zombie of demonic origin. I say this only because I've read books by an author which I particularly liked that explained the zombie phenomenon as demons possessing the corpses of humans and animals (even the animals would unnaturally force their voices into demonic speech and such,) but I can understand if a good number of players would prefer to keep the Zs limited to the more 'believable' variety of humans infected with a virus that has made them maniacal, unthinking, cannibalistic entities.
As always, just my 2 cents.

11-06-2013, 05:40 PM
i was just joking about the wierd sci fi zombies, just having some fun. i just want there to be more 2 or 3 really generic zombie types (i know there are more coming, but I really want it to look like a city has turned into zombies, not like they were cloned)

11-07-2013, 06:49 PM
Well it good to voice your ideas regardless of the content. I won't be surprised that more textures are later added to the game however ever I think that will be added much later to the game as I the zombies aesthetics are a low priority at the moment for TFP as they have so much more to worry about such as the stealth system and other game mechanics.

Also I'm sure modders will later add texture packages adding a whole lot of zombie textures making the models less repetitive. As that is quite an easy mod to develop.