View Full Version : Mechanics 12.3 Crafting and new Scrap iron spikes

07-17-2015, 03:50 AM
If I place 4 wood logs to craft 64 planks, the timer says 16 seconds, but at the end of 4 seconds all 64 planks are done, versus 16 that should be.

And this...

<block id="1433" name="reinforcedScrapIronSpike">
<property name="Class" value="Damage" />
<property name="Damage" value="8" />
<property name="Damage_received" value="3" />
<property name="Material" value="metal_medium" />
<property name="Shape" value="Cone" />
<property name="Texture" value="352" />
<property name="Mesh" value="opaque2" />
<!--property name="DontDamageOnTouch" value="true" /-->
<!--property name="IsTerrainDecoration" value="true" DOES NOT WORK ON THIS SHAPE!!! -->
<property class="UpgradeBlock">
<property name="ToBlock" value="reinforcedScrapIronSpike" />
<property name="Item" value="scrapIron" />
<property name="ItemCount" value="4" />
<property name="UpgradeHitCount" value="4" />
<property name="DowngradeBlock" value="scrapIronSpike" />
<drop event="Destroy" name="scrapIron" count="1" />
<drop event="Fall" name="scrapIron" count="1" prob="1.0" stick_chance=".75" />

The final iteration keeps upgrading to itself. And never stops.

07-17-2015, 03:55 AM
Can confirm that the final stage upgrades to itself, I went hogwild with a nailgun and wasted a ton of scrap metal lol