View Full Version : Mechanics "Character" Erased for the 3rd Time

07-21-2015, 06:24 PM
Hi folks.

I'll try to list as much information as I can.

Since A12, I've been exclusively playing Singleplayer. In a singular game. It is day 192.

I have been using the same Character profile and never made a change to it.

Three times now, my "Character" has been erased for no apparent reason.

What I mean is, I will be playing the game and log off for the night. I'll be level 60 with X amount of Zombie kills, deaths and my claimed Bed and so forth.

When I next log in, I will spawn into the same world I was just playing the night before, at level 0, with 0 zombie kills, back to 100 wellness and given the 'starting' loadout of water, torch and so forth. My claimed bed will be gone. All of my learned recipes are gone. Anything 'Locked' by my supposedly previous character I will be unable to open.

Yet the map is still explored as it had been before my character was somehow "reset". So I dont understand. Its like it is totally erasing my progress like I am connecting to a completely new game, but isnt, given that the map still remembers what I have explored and what I havent.

It is extremely frustrating. Sure I can just Creative-Menu spawn in all the recipes and my equipment again, but this shouldnt be happening in the first place. It never happened in A10 or A11, but has now happened 3 times in A12.