View Full Version : Graphics ALPHA 13 zombie models causing severe fps drops

12-13-2015, 05:25 PM
As the title says since new patch A13 has hit fps has been dropping to between 1-3 when zombies starting gathering up around near me. I have full removed the game, saves and profile data and done a complete fresh install this helped with fps drops for normally running around.

I tested a few games one with zombies spawning in the second zombies get close its starts dropping dramatically one or two zombies get roughly 15 fps 10+ zombies 1-3 fps and becomes unplayable i changed settings to lowest possible from high settings still same result.

I started another new game with no zombie spawns at all running around everywhere in city's etc and get about 40-70 fps high settings and it doesn't seem to drop at all so new zombie models seem to be causing massive fps drops hopefully you can get round to a fix for it soon :)

12-13-2015, 06:15 PM
My boyfriend and I both have the same issue. It only happens when multiple zombies have spawned nearby and makes it impossible to play. We didn't have any issue before Alpha 13 and have lowered all settings to the lowest.

I have
Intel i5-2300 CPU
16gb RAM
GeForce GTS 550 Ti

12-13-2015, 06:24 PM
That is the biggest complaint from me aswell. Starting the game- 60 fps- easily. But when horde spawns the game is unplayable. During the streams to test out new features seems like most of the viewers had exactly the same issue.

12-17-2015, 10:34 AM
So issues i recently posted where all done on random gen after switching over to navezgane and see how it holds up on that big difference 100-120 fps standard no zombies on high settings zombies come in to view it will drop to 25-30 thats almost 100 fps drop but not as bad as the 3-8 fps on random gen that i get now even changing it to low fps still has the massive drop so no change no matter what settings are at

12-17-2015, 02:10 PM
I can confirm this bug as well, performanec drops too much I had to use shotguns blindly with stuttering screen.

12-18-2015, 05:37 PM
It's not playable like this :(